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     Whitaker Online has included weekly articles over seven years. My current writing is featured in Bob's Blog.
     I want to thank my loyal readers for their support over these years, for both WOL and my book. The book will still be available although my team will be moving on to other projects. Those of you on the list may get a request from them from time to time if there is a need.
     Only I can fully understand how much we have accomplished. Bob W.

Bob's current writing is
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• Respectable conservatives.
• Wordism.
• Political Correctness is not like a religion, it IS a religion.
• Anti-racism is a code-word for genocide, liberals and respectable conservatives demand immigration and integration for ALL white countries and ONLY for white countries.
     The left is now recognized as so silly that only our refusal to laugh it out of existence keeps it alive. Its shadow, respectable conservatism, will go with it.
     These concepts are now firmly rooted in the minds of thousands of people, and they will take hold.
     So, please review the archives if your appetite for my writing is not whetted. My audio files will stay on the archive as well.
     Auf wieder sehen, "until we meet again."


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"The Political Cesspool"


Those of you who are in the Memphis area can listen to The Political Cesspool on WLRM 1380 AM from 4-7 PM CENTRAL (5-8 EASTERN) – Sunday afternoons. Be sure to visit their website and sign up for their email news, commentary and show information. See especially his blog!

More important to us, we can LISTEN to the program and its archives via Internet Streaming. Look up "The Political Cesspool" on then hit the link provided to their website. Or you can go directly to their website and use the Click Here to listen to the Political Cesspool live over the Internet! link box from his web page. Note: If you go to the program streaming link early - BE SURE TO REFRESH YOUR BROWSER TO SEE THE STREAMING SPEAKER ICON! Also, you must have the latest, updated copy of Windows Media Player and files to connect to this streaming file type. DIVE IN!!!

I was one of the first guests on that show, and we ran for a highly successful two-hour program.

The founder of program, whom I met, is James Edwards. James was a 24-year-old bundle of energy and dedication who is deeply concerned about the genocide against the white race which is going on and says so. He is also wiser than many of the older members of our movement.

His wisdom lies in the fact that he has gotten an FCC license and he knows how to keep it. I was a radio announcer myself, briefly, and have held an amateur radio license for fifty years or so. James is also shooting for a sizable audience, including minorities and he knows how to keep that, too.

Many older pro-whites insist that we live in a authoritarian society, but they don't know how to handle it. James does. He sticks with legitimate complaints that white gentiles have and our fear of the genocide of immigration and intermarriage that respectable conservatives all advocate. He does not need people trying to get him off on denouncing Jews or blacks or anybody else.

"The Political Cesspool" is one of the first major steps toward making our perfectly legitimate and generally felt concerns, the ones that are presently denounced as Heresy, Racism, and Hate, the mainstream. That is what the program needs help with.

WLRM 1380 AM has an FCC license. Keep that in mind when you call in.

My 1976 book, A Plague On Both Your Houses, was praised by the Publishers' Weekly, Kirkus, and even recommended for purchase by the Library Journal, though all of them hated my politics and said so. I specifically voiced my concern in that book about the disappearance of the white race, but I did it right.

My book was a description of populism as I saw it. That is the way it was described by National Review, the Conservative Digest and many other publications.

It turns out that "The Political Cesspool" describes itself as "The South's Foremost Populist Radio Program."

My book was published before James Edwards was born, but this is not a coincidence. James has seen what I saw, the simple fact that our concerns ARE mainline American concerns. They represent populism in an authoritarian society.

JOIN HIM on "The Political Cesspool" on WLRM 1380 AM from 4-7 PM CENTRAL (5-8 EASTERN) – Sunday afternoons.

With Edward James and Austin Farley
"The South's Foremost Populist Radio Program"

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Bob had trouble finding a publisher with the guts to publish his book, but Joe Sobran had the courage to endorse it. Joe has written an enthusiastic -- and humorous -- Foreword for Why Johnny Can't Think.

YOU CAN make a difference. It's past time to just read. We need you to ENLIST!

A must-read from Bob's Blog - July 21, 2004

In every army, the sergeants are the ones who make the rubber meet the road. Everything is just paperwork until the sergeants get hold of it.

I doubt that there has ever been a serious army that didn't have more generals than it needed.

Often there is not even a shortage of privates. At the beginning of the Civil War, so many men volunteered that most of them had to be turned away. This happens a lot, though usually there is a shortage of privates.

But every army always has a desperate lack of sergeants.

Sergeants are the backbone of every army, and not just the less important armies that wear uniforms. When you have to get the military into action, the more important armies have failed. War is hideously expensive in every way, and every war is a direct result of the failure of the thinkers and doers who should have prevented it. Those are the far more important armies.

Sergeants are the people who keep the forces in hand. Sergeants are the ones who make orders real. Nothing really happens until the orders get to the sergeants and they make it happen.

I desperately need sergeants for my book, Why Johnny Can't Think.

In the important armies, you say, "We need to get the book out." You do not have to tell the sergeants that they need to read the book, then put quotes for it news groups, contact their friends, find contacts.

I keep begging whitakeronline readers: "Please look at"

People keep asking me what they can do. I say, "Please look at"

They then ask me, "What can I do?"

I repeat: in the important armies, you say, "We need to get the book out." You do not have to tell the sergeants that they need to read the book, then put quotes for it news groups, contact their friends, find contacts.

We are trying to reach millions of young people, private schoolers, home schoolers, the millions of young people who are paying off their college debts and know they have been cheated. We could win over millions of young people rather than waiting for a bloody revolution in the future. We could be the important army.

But we need sergeants!

No officer tells the sergeant, "Now you go out and get your men together and you tell them to get their guns." That is what they do. They know how to do that better than I do.

Are there any sergeants out there?


We have archived WOL weekly articles dating back to the beginning of WOL (some were lost), to this site, where they will permanently reside.

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Political Correctness

a religion.



Robert Whitaker grants full and free use of his ideas and writings especially as they pertain to aiding others in stating the facts about white race genocide and its agenda of forced non-white immigration and integration into ALL white countries and ONLY white countries.

Bob's first book - 1976 A Plague On Both Your Houses

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