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August 19


Outgoing Senator Fritz Hollings, with emphasis on the "outgoing," said that America's invasion of Iraq was for Israel.  He said everybody in Washington knows that.

Well, I think every reasonably intelligent person knows he is telling the exact truth, but somebody else who was a Washington insider needs to say so.

 As far as Capitol Hill is concerned, Bob Whitaker is not just "outgoing," he is outgone, bit I WAS big stuff.

I was small potatoes compared to Fritz Hollings when I as at my most powerful, and I am barely burnt out fritters by now, but Fritz is dead right, and he is also right that everybody up there knows it.

Fritz Hollings is showing some courage nobody will give him credit for.

When David Beasley sold out the Confederate flag and lost reelection for it, Harvard gave him the Hero of the Soviet Union, sorry I mean the John F Kennedy Award for Profiles in Courage Award for it.  Then the John F. Kennedy Foundation gave him a job at Harvard until it came time to go back down to South Carolina and run for Senate.

If a one-term governor can get stuff like that for saying what the establishment wants said, what could a forty-year senator from South Carolina get for saying what Political Correctness wants said?

Fritz could have gotten three professorships, six Board of Directors jobs and nineteen honorary degrees for Incredible Courage if he had just kept his mouth shut.

Screw it, said Hollings, I am going to commit the worst heresy I can.  I am going to jump on the Sacredest of the Sacred Cows, Israel Itself.

Let me repeat this: absolutely no one in Washington has the slightest doubt that what Hollings said is dead accurate.  But nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has the guts to say it.

This is from an old political enemy:  Thank you, Senator.  I am honored that you are from my home state.

I would be deeply grateful if any reader would convey this from me to the Senator:

Earnest "Fritz" Hollings, I have been your opponent since I supported you for governor in 1958.  But in the end, we are both patriots.  In the end we are both devoted to the truth.  We are both old fashioned South Carolinians who have this crazy to urge to tell the truth.

Senator Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, I honor you.




August 18


I have sat through many a military strategy session or a spy training session or an interrogator's session where the Hero In Charge told us about how to Pursue the Objective.

Be ruthless, they say. Use emotional appeals, they say.

I have also spent my entire life trying to point out what to me is obvious.  I am told that that is what makes me a genius.

I can live with being called a genius.

Someone once said, "The thing about you is that stuff leaps out at you that other people don't notice."

In all the sessions I had about Pursuing the Objective, it always occurred to me that the guy delivering the talk was an amateur.  There are several million pros who could teach him what he was trying to say.

If you want to know what ruthless and unashamed use of emotion, subterfuge and ruthlessness are, any woman who loves somebody can teach the course.  She doesn't care what she looks like.  She doesn't care how she tricks people.  She will cry, she will beg, she will blow your head off.

Colleen McCullough said once, in passing, that women have no mercy.  She said that women have love, but that is a different thing.   Her point was that women don't have what a man would understand as mercy.

Yes, that is an overstatement.  But there is so much truth there that it is worth repeating.



I complain about people forwarding me articles about the Latest Thing in politics.  But I am delighted when people send me ideas or disagreements about my writing that:

1) THEY wrote;

2) They WORKED on

I don't even mind getting a forward if someone writes me an explanation of what they think I should see in it.  Nobody likes to plow through a thousand words wondering what the hell this is about.

But much of my best thinking comes from e-mails from people who really thought something over that I wrote about and WORKED on a reply.

Once again, I don't want to plow through a thousand words of whatever is on your mind at the moment in your train-of-thought mode.

Write it, rewrite it, and make it short and make it clear.  That's what I do for you.  That's what I expect you to do for me.




August 17


Yesterday I told you about the Caricature Jew I met in Johannesburg.  That article ended with this line:

"I enjoyed the hell out of him, and I think he got a kick out of it too."

"I am willing to bet that he is still saying to people, 'You think Goldfarb is hard to deal with?   Well, let me tell you about this American goy ...'"

That makes it sound like I outbargained him.

No way.  He got his money, he just felt like he had done a bad job of one deal, and The Deal is his big game in life.

But I am willing to bet he is telling cousin Irving that this American goy walked into his store and left him naked and poor.  Let me tell you why he says that.

One thing Americans who are going to "exotic places" simply cannot understand is that we are exotic to them.  When I see a University of California tee shirt on a Russian in Moscow, it is routine home stuff to me, but to him it is written in that funny alphabet Americans use and it is from the other side of the world.

I remember a line from a Russian novel, "I will go ANYWHERE.  I will go to AMERICA if I have to!"

In Africa I was very often the first American the person I was talking to had ever met.  They had heard about us, seen our movies, read our books, but here was an actual American, up front and personal.

I am not just talking about Africans in the bush.  I am talking about educated city people who had been to Europe.

So I was the only American this Caricature Jew had ever met.  I believe he told me that.  So many people told me that I have forgotten.

Now if you meet the only Mongolian you ever saw in your life and you tell somebody about it, which would you prefer to say, "He was just like anybody else" or "You could see how Inscrutable and Oriental he was"?

The big reputation of Americans is go-getters and money-makers.   I think the old gent would rather tell his cousin Irving that this American goy took him for everything he had.  By now, he probably believes it.




August 16


The only Caricature Jew I ever met was in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A Caricature Jew is the one American Jews love to mimic.  They sort of scrunch up to be a little old man, they take on a Yiddish accent, and say things that a Jewish stereotype would say.  An American Jew will say this is his grandfather or something, but when I met their families, there was not a Caricature Jew in the bunch.

I think the Caricature Jew is just something Jews love to mimic.  They heard it and from their parents and they do it.  It's fun.

But some Jews do it so well that, when I met this guy, I thought I had seen him before.

I am willing to bet that, with all the Jews I have talked to, this goy is the only one who ever actually met a real, live Caricature Jew.  To start with, how many Jews still have a YIDDISH accent?  Lots of American Jews have a Russian accent.  Israeli Jews might have a Hebrew accent. But how many Jews today are raised with Yiddish as their native tongue?

Hollywood missed a major bet with this old gent.   He was an echte, as they say in Yiddish, the real thing.  He looked and acted elderly, though it was hard to tell how old he really was.   He was bent, he was thin.

We talked about Yiddish.  Yiddish is basically seventeenth century German but it is written in the Hebrew alphabet.   In South Africa, where I met him, Afrikaans was one of the two official languages, along with English.   A lot of people there spoke only Afrikaans.

Afrikaans is seventeenth century Dutch.   This man told me that his customers would often speak to him in Afrikaans and he would speak to them in Yiddish, and they understood each other very well.   I tried it, and it worked.  The only limitation was that my Afrikaans wasn't all that fluent.

But I never knew before how well I could understand Yiddish!

One episode occurred that was too good to be true.  I never mention it to Jews because they probably would think I was just trying to one-up them. 

This was the incident: I bought a few things from this gent and we were dealing, of course, in South African Rand.

Maybe he had gotten a little too relaxed bargaining with me.  At the end of our little deal, he handed me my change.   Then he said, "I think I may have sold you (something, I forget what) too cheap.  You should give me a few Rand back."

He meant it.  He actually tried to pick some of the Rand out of my hand!  Never in my life, before or since, has anybody actually tried to take money out of my hand!  Now that is what a Caricature Jew might do in one's wildest dreams.

No, he didn't get the money from me.   But who would believe it when I say a Caricature Jew did such a caricature thing!  He didn't mind that I wouldn't give him the money back, and I don't think he was all that greedy.

I just think that, to him, The Deal was the big thing, the thing he lived for.  One line from the Caricature Jew routine Jews will give is, "Such a DEAL!  Such a deal I'm givink you as you never saw before!"

His game was The Deal, and he had landed on Boardwalk with a hotel on it.

I enjoyed the hell out of him, and I think he got a kick out of it too.

I am willing to bet that he is still saying to people, "You think Goldfarb is hard to deal with?   Well, let me tell you about this American goy ..."




August 15


The German word "Schwarz" means "black."   The German word for "Negro" is "Neger." As an adjective, "Schwarz" becomes "schwarze."  So "schwarze Neger" means "black Negro."



August 14


The story goes this way:

A bill on equal pay for men and women was being debated in French Parliament.  One of the members was making a speech in favor of it.  In the course of that speech he said,  "There is really very little difference between men and women."

At this point the entire French Parliament, left and and right, stood up and shouted,


I despise liberals and respectable conservatives.  I would be deeply worried about myself if they didn't call me a racist.   I would also be worried if they didn't call me a sexist.

When I was appointed Director of an Oversight staff on Capitol Hill, my first hire was a woman who had previously held high positions as my Assistant Director.   Back then none of the antidiscrimination laws Congress had applied to everybody else applied to Congress itself.  A congressman could openly hire only white males to higher positions, and many did.

Nobody congratulated me on my socially progressive hiring of a woman to the number two spot.  Everybody knew damned well that I was not socially progressive.

In fact, my male staff had a problem reporting to a woman as their superior.

I hired her because I needed a woman in that slot.

If you go to any successful political event, you will see the men walking around as the leadership and you will see women doing the work.  This is sexism in action.

It also works.

If I want something done, I turn it over to a woman.  There is nothing more realistic than a woman.  Men have the attention span of a fly on LSD.  Women do it.

I have heard endless legions of men say, "Women just don't get it."

They are perfectly right.  There are many things that women just don't "get."  That is what men are for.

Vive le difference!

When you say, "Women just don't get it" you are complaining about the thing that justifies the existence of men in any organization.

When the Great Man makes his Great Decision, he turns it over to his female Office Manager, what amateurs call his "secretary," to "handle the details."

When the Great Hunter came back from the hunt with the meat, he turned it over "to the women."  When he sired a child, he left it to "the women" to make the new generation survive, which happens to be the whole point of human existence.

This is something women's libbers just don't get.  They take the male view that what women are reduced to doing is just the details.  To a real woman, raising the new generation is the point.  While men think they are using her for that, a real woman thinks she is using men for that.

My Assistant Director was never satisfied until the job was done.  She didn't sit around and talk theory like the men did.  She stayed with the project, as the total realist she was, and got things done.

I hired her because I am a sexist.

It worked.




August 12, 2004


During World War II the United States had a top secret operation, now a matter of public record, called "Operation Underworld."  It worked with the Mafia.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was, of course, very much in on it.

In the 1950s and 1960s J. Edgar Hoover insisted publicly that "The Mafia is a myth."  He did that because he couldn't do anything about organized crime, so he declared it wasn't there.

New York City paid more than double for its garbage collection because it had to deal with the Mafia.  Everybody knew that.  This went on for decades, until Mayor Giuliani took over.



You may wonder about how people in Washington get their extra money.  You can't do all that they do and live the way they live on a government salary and no expenses.

So almost every major political activist has some kind of group that raises money and pays him a salary and expenses.  Staffers in congress do this routinely.

The left says it represents "the middle class."  Meanwhile, back in the real world, liberal staffers set up some kind of "Save the Spotted Owl" group that gets its money from government and big foundation grants.

On the right, they set up groups that use direct mail to raise money.   They find some issue that will excite the grass roots folks right now and set up a group on that issue.

Someone sent me a forward called "Will they draft your daughters?"  It talks about women being moved into combat roles and the pressure today (mostly from conservatives, though the article doesn't mention THAT) to renew the draft.

I smell gold.  A "National Committee to Prevent the Drafting of Women" might just be a money-maker.

The person who sent this also asked me if this subject might be discussed in Whitaker Online.   They could have sent me a forward on pornography and asked if that will be discussed in Whitaker Online.

Not bloody likely.  I talked about things like that when there was still time to do something about it.  

Being outraged too late is what respectable conservatives are for.  That is the sort of thing people who give them money obsess over.  

Whitaker Online says the things respectable conservatives do not say, the sort of things that the conservatives grassroots do not contribute for.

You know, stuff that's in the paper right now.

I was warning about the path that led to women in combat long ago, when conservatives were raising money on whatever it is that excited them at the time.   I warned about offending people with the promotion of interracial sex.  But all the conservatives said it was fine to offend people who did not want to see black-white coupling at the movies or on TV.   The precedents they approved of then are now used to justify offending parents who do not want their children to see homosexual sex now.

So conservatives are making lots of money being shocked and astonished at the promotion of homosexual sex.   They can raise money on this belated campaign against drafting women.

Meanwhile, Whitaker Online has serious work to do.



August 10


An old right-winger wrote me that the big question in politics is Socialism.   A lot of old-timers are still stuck in that time warp.

This was my reply:

Maybe it is because I was an economics professor, but I don't take economics as seriously as other people do.

I think white people tend towards capitalism for the same reason the Chinese invent things and do nothing with them while we make revolutions from gunpowder and the printing press.  

We make the printing press work.  We get gunpowder and we end up on the moon.   The free market is just something else that we make work.

You are pointing at economic ideas while America is turning brown.  It doesn't matter what economic or political theory a brown country says it believes in, a brown country will be a tyranny and it will live in poverty the minute there are not enough white countries and white people to pull it out.

Simplistic isn't it?  Simplistic like supply and demand.





Someone else wrote me that the Bible was the key to America's salvation.  This often goes with quotes from the Old Testament about saving the People of Israel.

That use of God gives me the chills.

This was my reply:


I believe in God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, His Only begotten Son, who was born of the Virgin Mary, suffered unto Pontius Pilate, was crucified dead and buried. 

On the third day He arose from the grave and ascended into heaven whence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead.

I believe in the holy spirit, the catholic church, the communion of saints and the life everlasting.


The Amen means that that and that ALONE, is what I must try to believe in.  It is the ONLY religion I believe in, and mostly I don't believe in that.  I try to have faith the size of a mustard seed, and it is not easy for me.

CS Lewis warned against "Christianity AND ..."  The second you begin to use God for a political theory, the Senior Demon Screwtape told his nephew Wormwood in letters straight from Hell, you have diverted it, done away with it. 

He also pointed out to Wormwood that it made not the slightest bit of difference what the "AND" referred to.  It can be an obsession with fighting poverty, but it can also be an obsession with fighting evolution.

God is not a politician.  Satan is not a politician.

Screwtape, the practicing professional in damning souls, said that all that mattered was getting people off of concentrating on Christ and salvation and making them think about "the Crisis" (He specifically mentioned on great line, "Christianity and the Crisis").  Get them thinking that True Religion is about social policies like abortion or evolution or the poor.

To damn souls, said the successful old professional Screwtape, you just need to get people off of seeing Christ as a means to Salvation, and as a means to something else that they think is Good.

Anything else will do.

Screwtape told Wormwood that in order to damn people, you need to make them think they have mastered salvation, and can now go on to more relevant stuff

What the "relevant" stuff is makes no difference at all.

Screwtape pointed out that the sin of gluttony has nothing to do with overeating.  Jesus Christ was not a dietitian.  As an example, Screwtape pointed to a very thin woman who was on the path to damnation through gluttony.  She was obsessed with eating very little, and made unreasonable demands on people, especially overworked waitresses, to cater to her exact diet.

Today's vegetarian fanatics will fit very nicely into the place Screwtape has prepared for them.  Gluttony is OBSESSION with food.  It doesn't matter what form the obsession takes.

An obsession with using God in politics is a fine wide road to seeing Screwtape up front and personal.  He doesn't care what the politics happen to be, and the damned won't either when the time comes.  The obsessive pro-lifers and the socialists will be right there together.

The only thing I use God for is salvation.  Jesus said stick to the Golden Rule and worry about your own soul.  If the High Priest demands more, I will let the High Priest follow his Law and his scriptures where they lead him.

I am the grandson of a Methodist circuit rider.   My first ancestor in America was the Reverend Alexander Whitaker, the son of a Cambridge professor.  He was the first Anglican clergyman in America, arriving at Jamestown in 1609 "to convert the savage Indians."   He baptized Pocahontas and wrote the first book in English in America.

His book, Whitaker's Good Newes From Virginia, is online and it is twenty thousand words long.    It contains long quotes in Latin, Greek and Hebrew, all of which he had mastered.  He was a very literate man, which becomes relevant below.

The Reverend Alexander Whitaker died in Jamestown before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

But as soon as the Methodist Church arrived in America, my literate ancestors left the Anglican Church and became Methodists.

John Wesley, the founder of the real Methodist Church, lived and died a High Church Anglican.  In his Anglican church, the Nicene Creed was what adults use.  The Apostles' Creed, which I recite above, is what children recite in the Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican churches. 

My literate ancestors knew that, and they chose to be Methodists.

Most Methodists were the coal miners, the frontiersmen, the people the Established Church ignored.  Many of them never heard of Christ until Wesley came to them.  My VERY literate ancestors joined his church.  We are the children's church, the catholic church.

We knew that, too.

Wesley went out to the people the High Priests would not touch.  So did Jesus.

And when Jesus spoke of the Kingdom, He never pointed to the High Priest.  He pointed to the children.

All  this religion stuff embarrasses the mainline preachers.  So they got together recently and declared that Christianity is all about helping poor people.  This is a line that was old two thousand years ago.

Some people tried that line out on Jesus.  He replied,  "The poor we have always with us." He then explained that He was on this earth about salvation.  His concern was not about Liberation or abolishing poverty.  He was more worried about what greed did to the rich man's soul than about social conditions.

Jesus did not just minister to the poor.  He ate with the rich tax-gatherers.

That embarrasses the High Priests of today exactly the same way it embarrassed the High Priests who spoke to Jesus.   For today's leftists clergy the rich to  are The Enemy.  Today's mainline clergy wants to be "relevant" to THIS world and stop talking about a theoretical Other World they don't believe in anyway.  The High Priests love the Old Testament because it talks about history and social conditions and other "relevant" things a lot.

For the old High Priests, Jesus was monomaniacal and just plain silly.  For the new High Priests, Jesus IS monomaniacal and just plain silly.

What Jesus did not say was "read the scriptures to attain salvation."    What Jesus did not say was "Praise God" in the old heathen way.  He said LOVE God.  The God of Jesus knows who He is.  He needs no reminders from down here.

God is not a dietitian.  God is not a cosmologist.  God is not obsessed with THIS life.  A person who thinks God is about the six-day creation or taking care of one's body or changing social conditions make great fuel for Screwtape.

Jews kept reminding Jesus that the Old Testament Messiah would come to save the Jewish nation.  Every time they brought that up Jesus said, in every way he could, that "My Kingdom is not of this earth."

For those who want to show how "relevant" Christianity is, the Old Testament Messiah is very useful.  He came to save Family Values.  He came to save America.

And Screwtape says, "That will do just fine."





An old friend of mine from our graduate days in economics at the University of Virginia wrote me some old quotes of mine he had used.  He was the one who started teaching me how to write understandably.   We were teacher and pupil to each other.

Back then the University of Virginia graduate economic department was a refuge for right-wingers who were too smart for academia to find any excuse to completely exclude.  The liberals soon "cleaned out that nest of right-wingers"  as they openly swore to do.   But  it was great while it lasted.  We were known world-wide as one of the best graduate programs on earth until the leftists cleared us out

This was my reply to him, with the parts that might identify him cut out:


I was useful to you because there were two of you.  One tended to drift off into the psychotic never-never land of libertarian theory, and the other was a brilliant mind from (his home state).  The last one kept asking you, "Does what I am thinking about make any sense?"

What I kept telling you in different ways was,

"One test is worth more than a hundred expert opinions."

The god Odin gave an eye for KNOWLEDGE, not for WISDOM.  He wanted truth, not Truth.  He was the only god like that in any religion.  That where WE come from.

Without me, you could have joined the Xs in their chase after some sort of theoretical Objectivism that Ayn Rand twisted Western thought into.  Rand was a Russian Jew, her theories were just Marxism in a mirror, like Marx's "objective labor time."  They both looked at our Odinist minds from the outside.

Marxism is a combination of Christianity and the Western quest for knowledge and science looked at through a set of crazy glasses.

Everybody else looks into their navels or to an omniscient god or to History to give them Wisdom, to give them the Truth.   We look straight at the world.  At the University of Virginia I was a hard-minded redneck who watched people drift away in their little bubbles.   They kept trying to make a theoretical system out of what to Bob and (you as the brilliant mind from your home state) was common sense.

And they drifted away.



The official doctrine of the Catholic Church is that life begins at conception.  That means the life of fertilized egg is as important as the life of any young person.

The official doctrine of the Catholic Church, emphatically restated by the current pope, is that for a married couple to have sex for any purpose but procreation is a sin.

In the real world, if a married Catholic man says to the priest in confession, "I have sinned because I had sex with my wife four times this week without any intent to procreate" the priest would reply, "Stop bragging and let's back to your confession."

As I have said before, no one could have been a Catholic bishop and not been aware of the wholesale rapes of little boys unless he was not an idiot, and no Catholic bishop is an idiot.  You don't get to that job if you are not bright.

When the scandal finally became public, not one single Catholic bishop was even reprimanded, no matter how many little boys he helped to get raped.

But the pope is worried to death about a fertilized egg.



August 8


People are always talking about Hitler's book-burning.

Today the only people who actually burn books are on the left.  For example, if someone here sends a copy of David Duke's Jewish Supremacism to Canada, the government BURNS, yes I said BURNS, the book.   Not only that, but the Canadian government sends a bill for the costs of burning the book to the intended Canadian recipient!

But to a liberal or a respectable conservative the burning of a book labeled "racist" is not "book burning," so no one is going to mention this to you but Ole Bob.



I wish to hell people would stop bitching TO ME about how bad things are.

A couple of middle-aged guys were bitching to me about how affirmative action had ruined their lives and careers.  I warned about all that forty years ago.  Everybody back said "Oh" and then went on about how busy they were.

Today I try to tell people what they should be doing and they tell me how busy they are.  These guys are busy bitching. 

Moan, sob, cry!  God, I get sick of listening to it.  

You asked for this for fifty years.  You wanted to give away your country, you had no interest in politics.  Now you get mugged in the street.

Who cares?

Those whining guys today are the exact copies of the generation that caused all the disasters they whine about.   They are busy.   They got other things to think about, like crying about their fate.   They are preparing the disaster for the next generation.

Don't blubber in my ear, buddy.   There are still a few things I can do, and I don't want to waste the little time I have left with you clowns.



The white man has never committed a sin other races have not committed.  It is the good things he has done that are unique.



August 5, 2004


In a courtroom, who is human?

The judge says to a repeat felon, "Willy, you have been before me five times."   Willy knows the judge, his defense attorney knows the judge even better.

How about the prosecutor?  He knows Willy, he works with the judge and the defense attorney all the time.  He is trying to get something on his record to get him or his boss reelected.

What looks good?  Well, a ninety percent conviction rate looks good.  All the prosecutor needs to do is get Willy convicted of something.   And he has very little time to do it.  He needs to clear the docket.  The judge needs to clear the docket.  The defense attorney is in a hurry if Willy is pro bono and can't pay him.  If Willy is pro bono he wants a quick deal, too.

But if the defendant has money the defense attorney is the one person in the court who has time.   He will appeal until Judgment Day.  So he can make a deal with the prosecutor that gets another conviction on the record and gets Willy back on the streets as soon as possible so the judge can say, "Willy you have been before me six times."

So what about the "members of he public" Willy may have killed and the ones he terrorizes?

They are "members of the public."  They are not human.

A person who is wrongfully executed is a Victim of the System.  The hundred "members of the public" who are innocent and get killed today by the Willys are not considered human by the judge.  His job is Justice, and he believes it.  To the judge, it is Willy who is human, not the people who pay his salary.

So you have just spent one clock minute seeing how American Justice works.  That's all the time you've got.  You've got other things to think about.  The prosecutor knows that.  The judge knows that.  The entire legal system is based on the assumption that Willy and his defense attorney have all the time in the world, while "members of the public" have one minute.

That is why, to a judge, you are not human.

Woody Allen said, "Ninety percent of life is showing up."  Willy shows up.  The judge shows up.  The prosecutor shows up as little as he can.  He's a busy man.  "Members of the public" have thirty seconds to listen to a television sound bite where the guy running for Attorney General says he got ninety percent convictions.

That's why, to the legal system, you are not human.





August 2, 2004


What does God want?

The minute you ask that question you answer it.  God whatever the Imam or the pope or the Chief Priest says he wants.

That is why every Christian theologian would give his right arm if Jesus had not swept aside the Ten Commandments and the Law and all that lovely complexity of contradictory statements in the Old Testament and said forget those and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The Golden Rule is simplistic and it opens the door to what every theologian calls anarchy.  The Golden Rule threatens to make a man's conscience his theologian.  It took the Church centuries to get back to a good old Orthodoxy of the Jewish High Priest kind.

Jesus had also condemned the good old stonings and crucifixions, so the Church had to go to burning alive.

Another serious troublemaker for the theologians was Saul Of Tarsus, a.k.a., St. Paul.  Every theologian, from the Temple priest who condemned Jesus to todayís Politically Correct priesthood at the universities, says that the only way to avoid anarchy is to have a rigid orthodoxy.  Paul said if your Christian Brother wants to have his service his way, go along with him.  That was a tough nut to crack, too, but all the Established Churches managed to crack it. 

Cross yourself the wrong way and itís to the stake with you.  Say black instead of African-American and youíre ruined.

Theologians have the sense of humor of snake on ice.  There is a reason for that.  A sense of humor is a sense of proportion, and no one who tries to impose a rigid theology on fallible human beings can tolerate a sense of proportion.

Jesus was strict, Jesus was rigid, but He demanded that the righteous be without sin if they wanted to be rigid about the Law.

The campus theologians have to insist that minorities have no sense of humor.  The insist that every Indian goes to pieces when he sees a team named the Braves.   They say that every black man wakes up at night worrying that somebody is using the N word or that some white man doesnít want him to date his daughter.  If minorities are really like that, they donít need Political Correctness, they need Prozac.

Theologians cannot tolerate the idea that Jesus not only demanded The Golden Rule, but that, to add insult to injury, He even had a sense of humor.  That idea does indeed make theologians wake up at night in a cold sweat.

When they read the New Testament, anti-Christians hate Christ and Christians love Christ.

But it is hard for any student of the Bible not to LIKE Peter. Peter was so human, so bumbling. To a fallible human being like me, Peter is the most sympathetic character in the scriptures .

When Jesus handed St. Peter the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, he did it with something you never expect to see in the Bible, a JOKE!

Peter, of course, is Petra, the Greek word for "rock." Peter was anything but a rock. When he said he would stand by Jesus like a rock when Jesus was arrested, Jesus said, "Before the cock crows twice, you will have betrayed me thrice."

When Jesus went out to pray and wrestle with Satan in the Garden of Gethsemane, He took Peter with him. Poor old Peter kept falling asleep, and Jesus scolded him. But it is important to remember that Jesus knew that, of all his disciples, poor old Peter was most likely to be the one who would fall asleep, but it was still Peter Jesus wanted with Him in his hour of desperation. Peter asleep was a greater comfort to Him than anyone else awake.

And this was the man to whom Jesus said, "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church." If there was one thing Peter was not, it was a rock. It was ironic, it was funny, and it was so profoundly true: this was the "rock" upon which the church was built. We hopelessly fallible humans are the "rock" on which the church is built. And the church, with all its denominations and its failings, is still here.

We totally jellylike humans with all our failings turned out to be a firm foundation, God knows how.

I repeat, God knows how.




July 30, 2004

One reason the past seems so nice is because you know how it came out.  
You think, "I arrived in the new city, and it thrilled me!  I saw so many interesting things."
Actually what you had on your mind at the time was how irritated you were about something, you were worrying about where you would stay that night and how you would find the place and would the taxi driver cheat you.  In a new town, nothing looks the same was it does once you are used to it.
I sure don't miss my youth because I remember so much of it.
Ah, the old Christmas songs!   They remind me of comfort and home!  But they also remind me that I was counting the hours of my Christmas vacation until I had to go back and wander around at recess to avoid the white trash bully I was scared of at school.
When you think of youth, you don't remember that each and every tooth had to pulled out as the new ones came in.  Do you remember walking around trying to decide to pull it out? 
Do you remember the measles?  Mumps?  Just lying there with nothing at all to do but feel bad?
Do you remember boredom, boredom, and more boredom?
And the DECISIONS!  It's cute now to laugh at what you were afraid of and how little you knew.  It wasn't funny then.
There is a very important point here that relates your own personal history to history in general.  It is contained in one very wise saying:
"You are not studying history.  You are studying other people's PRESENT."
You see that guy looking at you from an 1880 photograph?  To you, he is in the time of Garfield and Arthur, when the telephone was brand new.  You see the past behind him and the future in front of him.   You are seeing him as a part of history.
Actually that guy is sitting there in a time as modern as today.  He is not a part of history.  He is Modern Man, just like you are.  The only difference is that you have the cheat sheet.  You know what is coming next.  You have tomorrow's newspaper.

When you were young you didn't have the cheat sheet.  What drove you nuts then is cute today.

It's the cheat sheet that makes all the difference.




July 29, 2004


Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be reelected who was not a slaveholder.  Until Lincoln only the two Adamses, Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore, Pierce and Buchanan did not own slaves, and none of them were reelected.

Until 1851, the presidency was pretty much a monopoly of slaveholders.  Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Jackson owners of slaves who served two terms as president. Harrison, Tyler, Polk and Taylor were owners of slaves who were not reelected, and Harrison and Taylor died in their first term.

When Lincoln was reelected in 1864, Union commander Ulysses S. Grant owned slaves while General Lee had freed his many years before the Civil War.  Grant kept his slaves until slavery was outlawed by the Thirteenth Amendment in December of 1865.  Grant served two terms as president, and he was the last slaveholder president.



July 23, 2004

It has become fashionable for one man to say to another, "I love you, man."
That takes some getting used to for us old-timers, but not because we didn't always tell our male friends that we loved them.  We just did it in a different way.
At our recovery club, we had an old guy who died recently, and everybody misses him enormously.  He would rather have died than say, "I love you, man."  But he said it all the time in his own way.
In fact, he had separate-but-equal way of saying it.
When an old white buddy of his would come in, he would get around to looking at him a minute and then say, "You know, you are the ugliest white man I ever saw in my life."
On the other hand, when an old black buddy came in he would usually look at him a minute and say, "You are the ugliest man of color that was ever born."
And what this meant was, "You don't mind me saying that because you know I think the world of you."
And he didn't discriminate against women either.  He referred to them as "You old bag."
My brother will say, "Bob, comb your damned hair."  I'm 63 years old and he is older, and he is the only person who has the right to say that.  He's my brother.
It all means, "I love you, man."

I just like the old way better.



July 21, 2004


In every army, the sergeants are the ones who make the rubber meet the road.  Everything is just paperwork until the sergeants get hold of it.

I doubt that there has ever been a serious army that didn't have more generals than it needed.  

Often there is not even a shortage of privates.  At the beginning of the Civil War, so many men volunteered that most of them had to be turned away.  This happens a lot, though usually there is a shortage of privates.

But every army always has a desperate lack of sergeants.  

Sergeants are the backbone of every army, and not just the less important armies that wear uniforms.  When you have to get the military into action, the more important armies have failed.  War is hideously expensive in every way, and every war is a direct result of the failure of the thinkers and doers who should have prevented it.  Those are the far more important armies.

Sergeants are the people who keep the forces in hand.  Sergeants are the ones who make orders real.  Nothing really happens until the orders get to the sergeants and they make it happen.

I desperately need sergeants for my book, Why Johnny Can't Think.

In the important armies, you say, "We need to get the book out."   You do not have to tell the sergeants that they need to read the book, then put quotes for it news groups, contact their friends, find contacts. 

I keep begging whitakeronline readers: "Please look at"

People keep asking me what they can do.  I say, "Please look at"

They then ask me, "What can I do?"

I repeat: in the important armies, you say, "We need to get the book out."   You do not have to tell the sergeants that they need to read the book, then put quotes for it news groups, contact their friends, find contacts. 

We are trying to reach millions of young people, private schoolers, home schoolers, the millions of young people who are paying off their college debts and know they have been cheated.  We could win over millions of young people rather than waiting for a bloody revolution in the future.  We could be the important army.

But we need sergeants!

No officer tells the sergeant, "Now you go out and get your men together and you tell them to get their guns"   That is what they do.  They know how to do that better than I do.

Are there any sergeants out there?




July 20, 2004


This will sound like a cliché.  But for me it has been basic to survival:
There is one friend you need in the world, and that is the one who looks back at you in your mirror.  That is the person you are going to have 99% of your conversations with.
Level with him.
Everybody else is going to present a front to you.  When you are about to do something dangerous, all the people around you are going to look brave compared to the quivering mass of jelly you know you are.  But this macho crap is the least of it.
I have known war heroes who died  because they could not live with themselves, many of them.  After they won their medals they died of drugs or alcohol or suicided or killed themselves in other ways.  It is a very common thing among war heroes.  They have the kind of physical courage it takes to win medals but their weak point was moral courage.
There was a German who wrote, "If we treated anyone else the way we treat ourselves, we would be sadists."  That is very Germanic trait, and there is a lot that kind of German in people like those who read this blog.  There is a hell of lot of it in me.
The reason psychopaths have such a huge advantage in our society is because a psychopath never blames himself for anything.  You and I are the exact opposite, we blame ourselves for everything, no matter how hard we try to believe the "excuses" we make up.
They aren't "excuses."  You don't have anything like the power and wisdom you demand of yourself.  You are being cruel to a person who screws life up in exactly the same way anybody else does.  But since that person is you, you can't excuse him.
You are surrounded by people who can explain to you how, though they like to make modest jokes about how they are merely human and are sometimes ridiculous, they are never really cruel or really wrong.  You see me do it all the time.  I know it is a form of self-defense, and the only difference is that I know I am being self-defensive.
One of my many psychiatric diagnoses is that I have a lot of "offensive" worries.  This means exactly the opposite of what it sounds like. An "offensive" worry means that you are overly concerned about having hurt someone else.  It would be better for me if I were more of a psychopath.  A psychopath is incapable of "offensive" concerns.
Obviously if I had the answer to this problem I wouldn't be writing this.  Some things are incurable.  But if you have something that is incurable you are going to have to live with it for the rest of your life, so you damned well better be aware, ALL the time, that you have it.
Forgive yourself, over and over and over and over.
You will be told that this is a license for you to let yourself go.   I wish it were.   The real fact is that no matter how hard people like you and me try, we will never forgive ourselves enough.



July 19, 2004


I have been away from  Bob's Blog because I've been ill.  I cannot imagine anything less interesting than listening to an old man talk about his latest illness, but some people have been worried, which makes me know my work is worthwhile, so I'll put the whole thing here so they can read it.

The last thing I want to do when I've already lost a lot of time and effort being flat on my ass is to have to describe what I went through over and over.

So, once and for all, here goes.

I overdo my exercising, like I overdo everything else.  I hate the obligatory time in the gym, so I run and power walk as hard as I can.  Inevitably it hit me.  On Thursday night my right leg was in agony, and the hip got worse and worse.  My left leg just cramped.

By Friday I could only lie on my face on my bed in one position.  I also had nausea and diarrhea and shortness of breath and all the fun stuff that goes with great pain.

Let me stop here.  I was raised around the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation.  They would say that that kind of pain never bothered them, I am just not man enough to deal with it.

This pain did all that to Ole Bob.  I am 63 and I don't do competitive macho.  It knocked the hell out of ME.

My sister and my nephew, who just came back for a while as a medical student in Moscow, came over and took care of me when they could.  I thought I was down for the count because I have bad arthritis in my spine but it is where it shows no symptoms.  A lot of people have that.  But I thought that pain couldn't come from anything less than a spinal problem and that would have been permanent.

So I laid there face down, got up in agony when I had to, and just generally had a wonderful time.  I called my doctor and finally got enough antinflammatories to get the hip and leg pain down to where I could get around again    I can sit up and write a while before I go and throw up or lie down, but compared to being flat on my face, it's wonderful.

Basically I am as healthy as a horse and almost as smart.  I am coming along fine now.  Could we talk about something else?




July 16, 2004 is a white nationalist website that has grown from 20,000 members to over 30,000 members in the past three months.  Most of the members seem to be young.
Each member who wants to has his own logo.  Most of the ones posted by young people have a swastika in it.
And there's not a Nazi in the bunch.
Every respectable conservative repeats the mantra "I denounce extremism on the left and on the right."
For those of you who have not yet guessed it yet, I will let you on the secret:
I am not respectable.
Since I have no ambition to be become respectable I can tell you that there is not the slightest comparison between extremism on the left and extremism on the right.
To explain this, let's start with basics: There Are no Nazi dictatorships.   When you put up a swastika you are expressing opinions a lot of people don't like.  That is what freedom of speech is all about.  If you only have the right to say things that don't upset people, you have no freedom of speech at all.
When you sign a "Dear Commandante" letter to Fidel Castro or hang out a hammer and sickle, you are supporting tyrannies that EXIST, right now.  Over a billion people live and die under tyrannies leftists are expressing sympathy for.  When Teddy Kennedy demands that America have face-to-face negotiations with North Korea, he is giving aid and comfort to a regime that is RIGHT NOW systematically starving 200,000 children to death.
Ten thousand young people waving swastikas are nothing compared to the crime that Teddy Kennedy engages in every day.  There is no comparison between extremism on the left and extremism on the right.
If there were a totalitarian dictatorship in this country, left or right, I am willing to bet that those young people with the swastika logos would be out fighting it.  I am also willing to bet that Ted Kennedy would in the Cabinet.   All the congressmen who signed the "Dear Commandante" letter would be signing a "Beloved Fuhrer" letter.
Nobody who waves a swastika wants a dictatorship here.  Nobody who waves a Confederate flag wants to own slaves.  They are signs of rebellion.
I wish they wouldn't put up the swastikas because they are bad propaganda.  But when I was young and the United States Army invaded Little Rock and shot people on University of Mississippi campus, I had a swastika on my wall.   It said, "Damn you, if only Nazis will fight you, then I'm a Nazi!'
There is no Nazi Germany.  Sadly, there is no Confederate States of America.  Those flags are signs of rebellion against Political Correctness, against the ongoing and openly announced program of genocide against the white race.
That program of genocide against white people is as important to the young people on Stormfront as a program of genocide against Jews or blacks would be to everybody who is respectable today.
If the only symbol of defiance against that genocide is the swastika, then by God they'll fly it.



July 14, 2004

Have you heard the one about the man who shot the tiger?

One of the tigers owned by Steve Sipek, the Tarzan actor, escaped.  When he lunged at a game warden he was shot.  Sipek has been screaming about how that tiger was his brother and he is at war with man who shot him.

Good publicity, BAD move.

You see, if you have a dog that gets off its leash or runs away, you are legally responsible, even if the dog is a tiny one.  If you have a snake or a lion, this puts you in much greater legal, not to say moral, danger.

If I had a tiger, even if I had been vicious enough to declaw it (that is a horrendous procedure, you are taking off a part a cat's foot.  It is never really a cat again), your legal danger is MUCH greater.

If you ever have such an animal escape, let me tell you what you DON'T Do,  You don't get on national television and announce, "That tiger was my brother.  That tiger was my responsibility.  There is no way I can confuse anybody by blaming this on the keeper or somebody else.  This was my brother."

Nobody can tell if a tiger is declawed when it lunges at you.  The man who has the lawsuit is the man who was terrified and had to shoot the tiger.  That man is also a public official, which could mean jail time for the person responsible for the animal.

Sipek should go to jail.




July 14 is the French equivalent of our July 4.

Today is Bastille Day, the beginning of the bloody, disastrous French Revolution that led to tyranny and the Reign of Terror and twenty years of bloodshed in Europe.

Let me remind you once again that when Jefferson wrote the absurd words "all men are created equal," he was writing a document in WARTIME.  The city in which he was writing the Declaration of Independence would be in enemy hands within months.

Most of the Declaration of Independence is based on a good, sound resounding lie.  It blames everything on the King.  Every man at the convention, including Jefferson, had been raised under British Law.  Every man who signed the Declaration knew that the King could not have done any of those things without the support of Parliament.

So why did they just blame the King and leave Parliament out of it?   Because this was a WAR document, written in the desperation of WARTIME.  The colonies had many  supporters in Parliament and they did not want to alienate them.  Every historian knows that.  No historian dares to mention that.

So why did Jefferson say, "all men are created equal?"   Why did he refer to "Nature and Nature's God?'   Because that was the way Rousseau had talked, and Rousseau was the philosopher French liberals followed.  French liberals were Deists, and "Nature's God" was what they believed in.

Britain abandoned the American war when Parliament deserted the King. It was French liberals who eventually got France into the war on America's side.  The wartime propaganda document called the Declaration of Independence was well targeted.

As for "all men are created equal" and "Nature and Nature's God,"  if you have any historical sense at all, those words look insane in an American declaration.  No Founding Father of America ever believed that all men were created or that fairies were dancing on the end of his nose.   But all war propaganda looks absurd to those outside of the war.  What is really absurd is to think that all this crap represented anything Americans actually believed.

This is proved by the fact that when peace came and Americans had to adopt a real Constitution to be adopted by Americans, not one word of this "all mankind" crap was in it.  There is no overlap whatsoever between the Declaration of Independence and he United States Constitution.

The French thinking that Jefferson appealed to led to the tyranny, invasions and massacres of the French Revolution, to the total defeat of a devastated France, and a restoration of the monarchy that revolution overthrew.  That ` "all men are created equal" crap is insane and insane ideas lead to insane results.

That French nonsense became the motto of the abolitionists.  And when Lincoln celebrated the slaughter at the Gettysburg address, he said that America was founded on the French idea that "all men are created equal," not on the Constitution.

Whenever Americans want a slaughter, they hark back to the French idea of revolution, and they get the massacres they want.

And that is what Bastille Day means to me.




July 13, 2004


All my life I have been a great advisor.  I made a good living at it, but I was also good at it on a personal level.

I can't tell you how many times people have quoted things I said to them that helped them enormously and my immediate reaction was "Damn, that was great stuff.  Why didn't **I** listen to me?"

My life has been a mess, and I cannot deny that I knew better.

About 1950 Walt Disney made a movie called "Alice in Wonderland."   One song from that movie has haunted me ever since.

The refrain of that song was:

"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it."

And that, ladies and gentleman, is Bob's biography in a nutshell.




If anyone says that homosexual teachers and scoutmasters try to influence children to be homosexuals, a thousand professors line up to declare that that is not true.

On the other hand, those same professors and the entire gay establishment declares that homosexuality is as legitimate a "life style" a heterosexuality.  So what is to keep gays from influencing young people to accept their "lifestyle."  From the declared homosexual viewpoint, there is nothing morally wrong with their doing that.

My business is politics, ALL politics, and the ballot-box variety is only one part of the study of real politics.   I know church politics, I know academic politics.  Every time a thousand professors line up to testify to anything Political Correctness wants to be true, they are ALWAYS not only wrong, but absurdly wrong.

When professors line up to declare almost unanimously that gay teaches and scoutmasters do not convert young people to their "legitimate gay lifestyle," I would guarantee you that is not true, because professors who line up to back a Politically Correct position are ALWAYS proven wrong later.

On the television show "Married With Children," Amanda Blake was openly lesbian.  She worked with Christina Applegate when Christina was just reaching puberty.  Like Rock Hudson, Christina keeps talking about affairs she has with the opposite sex, but I would bet money she is a lesbian due to the influence of Amanda Blake.   Amanda considers her lifestyle as legitimate, so there is no moral reason she would not have influenced Christina in that direction.

And if you want your children to end up in a sterile homosexual "lifestyle," all you have to do is believe that thousand professors who line up to declare that things like that just don't happen.



On the Science Channel, I saw a documentary which tried to make the Neanderthals white and the "modern humans" who replaced them black.  It's the good old "out of Africa" bit.  This is, of course, bullshit.
Until the white man found out about vitamin D, blacks died out in the Northern United States in drives.  Their black skin killed them because the sun could not pierce their black skins to give them the vitamin D they needed.  Everyone with the slightest acquaintance with history knows this.  It was a major reason slavery died out up North.
The Neanderthals lived in Europe in the Ice Age.  They lived in the same climate Eskimos live today.  They lived in the same climate that produced the Mongoloid race, which is why Mongoloid peoples have eye folds.  Those eye folds were developed to keep their eyes from becoming frozen when they slept in the freezing night.
Mongoloids are not white.  Eskimos are not white.  It is unlikely that the Neanderthals who lived in the same conditions were white.

Very dark-skinned "modern men" coming out of Africa would have promptly died out in the Ice Age climate of central, let along northern, Europe.  But Political Correctness love this idea that the :modern men" who took over Northern Europe were black.  So the "scientists" who push this nonsense will get their grants, their publications, all the goodies they live for.  They will be the "experts," and the sillier they get the better for their careers.

The out-of-Africa theory just happens to be what Political Correctness wants to believe.  Lo and Behold!  By a glorious coincidence a thousand anthropologists and geneticists line up to swear that man evolved in Africa.
Let me tell you how academia works.  if you say what Political Correctness wants said you get published and promoted.   Truth does not enter into it.

Those who prove that man came out of Africa get grants and promotions and tenure.   Their articles get published.  The professors who produce what the academic establishment wants to hear then become the "recognized experts."  They give each other's article that impressive sounding "peer review."   The trouble is that all the peers became peers by having an acceptable outlook.   This is not a conspiracy, this is just how any inbred system works.

It would be a miracle if academia did NOT work this way.  In fact, it would be unique in human history if academia did not work this way.
Historians and archeologists fought heroically for the idea that all civilization began in the Middle East.  Anyone my age remembers when the idea that Vikings landed in America was a "discredited" idea.  Northern Europe never accomplished anything until Middle Eastern culture reached it.
Carbon dating and new discoveries blew the hell out of all that.
Every year there is another theory of the origin of man.  The ones that say all men came from Africans get front page news and every article that says that is sure to be published.
I would hope that the old idea that churches and universities are not political institutions has disappeared from the mind of any intelligent person.  My business is politics, ALL kinds of politics, so when I see a thousand "scientists" lining up to testify to anything Politically Correct, I don't believe a word of it.

 I am invariably right.

I explain all this in detail in "Why Johnny Can't Think, America's Professor-Priesthood."  Every time liberals need something to be true, a thousand professors line up to declare it is true.  The few professors who dissent are openly denounced.  As I said in that book, "If liberals need for frogs to have hooves, a thousand professors will stand in line to testify that frogs have hooves."
Every time a thousand professors have stood in line to testify to the latest liberal assertion, they have been shown to be totally, inexcusably wrong.  And every one got his grants and promotions.



July 12, 2004


A lady wrote me about my optimistic ideas about white survival, but she was still discouraged.

Here was a sentence in what she wrote me and my reply:

Whenever I see an infant carrier I steel myself before I look  inside because so many times it is a mixed race child.
I certainly relate to that!
This is a war, x (her first name), and there are losses.  When you look in that baby carriage, you are looking for the casualty list.
You are not the only person who sees this.  Like everybody else, you only dare say it to me.
I remember when people in Eastern Europe would honestly say that a certain proportion of the people were with the Communists and so many others were with the system.  Then the Soviets stumbled and the whole system collapsed almost overnight.
Just a few years back anyone who mentioned race was met with the cry "anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews!"  I haven't heard that in a long time.   Race is here.  Race is now.
I can't make you feel encouraged.  Just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it looked as strong as it ever had.  In 1853 the Whig Party held  the White House.  By 1856 it had ceased to exist. 
In thirty years, today's political landscape will look totally alien.  You could not imagine today the political alliances that are coming. 
And politics is the least of it.
In thirty years, there will not be anyone who cannot have children.  How will that change things?  Multiply that by a hundred.
Frankly, my dear, you don't know enough about the future to be discouraged.




July 11, 2004


Last night I attended a little meeting, six people, which was about decent treatment for prisoners.  This seems odd, given that I am a raging right-winger.  We are supposed to HATE all prison inmates.
My reason for being at that meeting can be summed up in three words:
I hate cruelty.
When I say I hate cruelty, this does not fall into a general Christian philosophy of Respect for Life or something.  I just hate the idea of anyone being hurt if there is not a damned good reason for it.
I am not a generally nice person when it comes to punishment.
I do not value life all that much, if by "life" you just mean a beating heart and the ability to experience pain.  That is for preachers to rave about.  They make their living on stuff like that.
I do not have A Respect for All Life. I would cheerfully kill a Ted Bundy with my own hands.  But I am not capable of hating him.
There is an old saying, "A man should shoot his own dog."  So if someone says, "You believe in the death penalty, but could you do the killing yourself," I reply "Yes."  I know myself very well by now and I would do it myself.
I do not even believe in Justice, if that means hurting people just for the sake of getting them back because they have done bad things.  
 I do believe in PREVENTIVE cruelty.  Preventive cruelty is the only thing that will scare bad people into not hurting others.  And yes, I will do it myself.
I know a lot about the nastier sides of life.   Most of what I know is better left unsaid. 
But I can say this on the record: I have worked in prisons and many of my sponsees in alcohol and drug recovery were ex-cons and I have conducted recovery meetings in prisons and so forth.  I have been there, I have done that.
The fact is that bad people need to be frightened into line.  This is not abstract justice, this is a matter of protecting people.
There is inexcusable sadism in the prison system.  Yet the term "prison reform" sticks in the craw of decent people for a very good reason.
"Prison reform" has been used as a cover by those who hate white gentiles and want to help anyone who is a criminal in our society.  In his trilogy, "The Gulag Archipelago" Aleksander Solzhenitsyn described the Soviet concentration camps he was in, but he did more than that.  Solzhenitsyn went back and did an entire history of those camps and the tens of millions who died in them.  They were agonizing deaths, not as merciful as gas chambers.
In one chapter Solzhenitsyn describes "the thieves," career criminals who lorded it over all the political prisoners in those camps.  The career criminals were given the right to beat up other prisoners, to steal from other prisoners, to torture political prisoners, to kill other prisoners.
Since the book was written for Russians, the chapter on these career criminals in the camps had a title Solzhenitsyn never explained.  It was called "The Socially Friendly."
Here is why he used that title.  It is an explanation every person familiar with Marxist theory already knows:
To a Marxist, the people of a country are the enemy.  The enemy of the people, the career criminal, is described in Marxist ideology as "the socially friendly."   To a leftist, the enemy of society, the murderer, rapist or thief, is "socially friendly."
Leftists use "prison reform" for their own purposes.  They have given it a bad name.  They are the friends of our enemies, the bad guys, the career criminals and psychopaths.
On the right, the reaction against this leftist type of "prison reform" has been used just as cynically.
In prisons, the easiest way to prevent hardened criminals from making trouble is to make sure each hardened criminal inside the prison has his own young sex slave.  This is standard practice and anybody who objects to it is said to be "soft on criminals."
So dedicated people try hard to get this sort of inexcusable abuse into the public eye.  They keep trying to get people to pay attention to it and are ignored.  The minute they succeed in finally getting this sort of outrage into the public eye, professional "prison reformers" grab hold of it for their own purposes.  The people who fought so long to get attention on the real abuses are then pushed aside by those who make their living on his sort of thing. 
The professional leftists make it a part of their political agenda and "prison reform" is discredited once again.
Then the professional rightists take back over and prison authorities are given free reign once again.
I told you before that the Council of Conservative Citizens is being taken away from the inarticulate people who fought so hard to make it successful.  Now that it has some potential due to their hard work, the screaming preachers are taking it over.  The same thing happens to "prison reform."
The same thing happens to environmentalism.   When hard-working grassroots people defied the industrialists and got the runaway pollution of America into the public eye, they were shoved aside by the leftists who wanted "protecting the environment" to be their battle-cry for turning the entire economy over to the bureaucrats.
So "environmentalism" got discredited for people on the right and the polluters get a free ride under Bush.
Anyway, that's the way I see it.




July 9, 2004

In the great extinctions, the dominant species disappears.   This happened to the dinosaurs, and this happened to the "big bugs" in the Cambrian Extinction.
The reason for this is pretty obvious, so the science bureaucracy will grind it out eventually.  The dominant species concentrates on competing with itself.  Different parts of this ruling species, like the dinosaurs, rule in each environment and they compete with other dinosaurs.
Meanwhile other species are at the edges, adapting to whatever is left over.  Then comes the extinction, the time when every normal environment becomes uninhabitable.     The animals at the edges survive in some special environments.  The species which dominated all the old regular areas disappears.
While historians talk about the power of Great Civilizations, they have always been sitting ducks.  The ruins of one Native American city after another can be found in the dense jungle.   What happened was that they destroyed the soil and cut all the trees in a century or so, collapsed, and moved on.
Very primitive.  People who destroy the soil and move on are not admirable, but since they built some buildings, that makes them Great Civilizations.
The Sahara Desert was once a Garden of Eden.  Apparently men did help destroy that the same the Native American Great Civilizations did.   In the Nile Valley, the Nile kept bringing in fresh mud, so they couldn't destroy the soil there.  So they had a long-term Great Civilization.
But if anything catastrophic happened, the Nile could be blocked and that Great Civilization would be turned off like a switch.   The same thing would have happened to the Great Civilization of China if the Hwang Ho or Tang Tzu Rivers had been blocked up.
It would have taken a catastrophe far smaller than the Cambrian Extinction or the one that destroyed the dinosaurs to take out any of the so-called Great Civilization of history.
Every time a documentary describes one of those Native American Great Civilizations, it always says they were "remarkably sophisticated."   They say that about everybody.  But the fact is that as the Great Civilization deforested and destroyed the soil and the inevitable disasters occurred, they just had more and more human sacrifices.
In the Sahara, as the environments collapsed the shamans probably took more loco weed and said whatever sillyass thing occurred to them.   If the Nile got blocked up in Egypt the Pharaoh and the priests would have done some more blubbering to their gods .
Great Civilizations before ours had exactly the same problem the dinosaurs did.   All the competition was inside the protected environments they took over.  The priests built a society they could dominate.  They did this by declaring themselves masters of all knowledge.   This blocked all real advance of knowledge, but Egypt didn't need it as long as the Nile continued its regular floods.
The Nile kept Egyptian society going, so all you had to do was secure a rank inside the society.  But if the Nile went, the terrifically wildly sophisticated society would have been helpless because they knew nothing worth knowing.  Like the dinosaurs, it had long since ceased to be able to deal with changes in its world.  All its time has been devoted to battles for supremacy inside that world.
It used to be thought that white men would be going into space by now, just as we went across Europe and into America.  We would go into space because it was there.  But all our priorities are now dedicated to buying votes down here on earth.  We call it "taking care of people."  Everything has a code word.
The drive into pure science has been replaced by spending money and effort in political competition here inside our society.  Why waste money on abstract research when millions of voters want all the research to be on AIDS?
Like the dinosaur and the dead Native American societies, we are turning inward.




July 7, 2004


When George Washington got pneumonia in 1799 his university-trained doctors of medicine bled him. They took out a quart and half of his blood and he died.   Today when the population is in physical danger from criminals, the university-trained doctors of philosophy demand that every honest endangered citizen be stripped of any means of self-defense.

Medicine was a primitive study in 1799.  Social science admits it is a primitive study today.  But the fact that thousands like Washington died from bleeding made no difference to MDs back then, and the fact that defenseless people are being killed on the streets right now makes no difference at all to today's PhDs.

I explain this in my latest book, Why Johnny Can't Think.  I give example after example of statements that pass for truth in academia and in the liberal media they talk to, statements that are not only false, but are silly on their face.

My favorite is the 43-1 myth.  For years professors said that for every person who defends his home with his gun, 43 people who try it have their gun taken away from them and are shot by the brave, cool, professional burglar.

Usually no one ever questions insane statements like that when professors make them.  But finally career policemen started writing letters to the editor pointing out that they had known many cases of people defending their property with guns, but they had never even heard of an incident where the brave, cool, professional criminal had taken the gun away from an armed citizen, much less shot him with it.

Everything about today's social sciences stinks of the fallacies of all primitive fields of study.  It is time for a wholesale firing of those professors, a revolution against them which is demanded in Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor-Priesthood.

This book is not another whine about leftist bias on campus.  It is a demand for revolution.




July 6, 2004


There is an art to ignorance.
No society before white civilization ever admitted ignorance.  If they needed an explanation, somebody made up one.  There were various ways of doing this.  Some societies would have Wise Old Men come up with "the stars were put there by Googumbus in his pursuit of Cululi."  Others would have a shaman take some crazy weed so he could get "Out There" and come back with Revelations.
Odin, the Father-God of the Germans and Scandinavians, was the first god to admit he didn't know.  He hung on the World Tree and lost one eye, not for capitalized Truth, not for Wisdom, but just so he could know a few more facts. 
When Christianity came along, it dragged the Old Testament with it from Middle Eastern civilization, so all the facts about everything were right there.  There was no ignorance.

This idea that every preacher knows True Science is an alien idea, a throwback.  The word "modern" is a throwback, too.   It says that we now KNOW because we are modern.  Political Correctness is a throwback.  It says we KNOW because what we say is proper.  The 60s hippies were throwbacks when they tried to learn the truth by going "Out There" with LSD.  The New Agers are a throwback when they sit on their butts and find Truth inside their own skulls.

Albert Einstein spent the last part of his life trying to refute Heisenberg's quantum theory, not because it wasn't true, but because it didn't FIT.   Einstein said, "God does not play dice with the universe."  Now there's some real scientific objectivism in action!

You can only learn what you do not think you already know.  That is why every other society stagnates, but the West has kept advancing.  You have to clean out the crap first, you have o learn ignorance, and then you can advance into the empty areas.

As the Old Testament was pushed slowly and painfully out of the way, we began to learn ignorance again, slowly, painfully.  A lot of people got burned alive for denying the Old Testament told us all we needed to know about the earth in the center of the universe and so forth.
We are the first society that not only do we just flat not know, but that we are going to find out.
But what do you do BEFORE you find out?  How do you make decisions when there is so much you just don't know?  What do you do when there is no university professor and no screaming preacher and no Wise Man or Pope dressed up in the right outfit or a Talmud or a Koran to tell you all the Final Truths you need to know?

What do you do when you don't know all the facts yet but you still have to make decisions?

That is the art of ignorance.



When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in the early morning of December 7, 1941, it was afternoon in England.  Winston Churchill said that he went to bed that night assured that the United States would enter the war in Europe.  Roosevelt had probably told him so.
At this fever-pitch of hysterical hatred against the Axis, Roosevelt was going to ask Congress to declare war not only on Japan, but on Germany and Italy as well.  During the night, he found he didn't have anything like the votes he needed to do that.
Congress knew Roosevelt would try to use Pearl Harbor as a pretext to get America into the war in Europe, and it wouldn't let him.  It was his one big chance, and he didn't have a prayer.  He was opposed by most Republicans and by a majority of Democrats as well, Democrats like Joseph Kennedy.
So on December 8, 1941, the United States declared war on Japan alone.   There was a solid block resistance to getting into the European war.  Both Roosevelt and Churchill despaired.
Then on December 11, 1941, Adolf Hitler gave Churchill and Roosevelt the greatest gift they had ever received.  He completely discredited all those American who opposed war in Europe by declaring war on the United States.
Hitler said he was "going to war by the side of heroic Japan."  In other words, he was joining non-whites in a war against a white nation!
I have seen pictures of Hitler walking through the rubble of Berlin.  He was asking himself, "WHY did I bring all this destruction down on the heads of my people?"
And only then did the internment of all European Jews begin in earnest.
No true racist would have declared war on America for the sake of "heroic Japan.".




July 5, 2004



People say that "being let go" is a euphemism for "being fired" and "he isn't working out" really means "he's screwing up."  Maybe that's not the case.  Maybe "being let go" and "not working out" just reflects the new reality of employment.

The group that calls itself "The Greatest Generation" went on endlessly about how hard they had it, but they had it much easier than young people going into the job market today.  Back then you got a job and kept it for years and decades, being promoted if you could.  You only got fired if you screwed up royally.

Today you get a job for exactly as long as you are useful, then they let you go.  There is no job security, so you don't get "fired" from a job that is your lifelong property, you are "let go" the moment your usefulness ceases, whether you screw up or not.

Today very few people get let go because they screw up.  They are let go because they are really "not working out."   When you go in to see your boss he wonders why you are bothering him when you could do the thing yourself.  If he has do it himself he may as well let you go.

It always astonished me when I made the most inexcusable mistakes and the boss took them in stride.  I never got fired or let go, and I couldn't understand it.  Now I think I do.

The boss wanted ME to DO things.  I screwed up because I DID things, usually on my own or with a quick BRIEF note to him.  I seldom saw my bosses.  

Making appointments with my boss took time and attention he needed elsewhere, and that was exactly what he hired me to avoid.  Naturally when someone takes on that kind of responsibility they will screw it up a lot.  Back then one would say in today's parlance that "Whitaker is working out" because I was doing something for him NOW, not lying there inert until he told me what to do.

The group that calls itself The Greatest Generation got through life by just following orders.   We have computers to do that now.  Young people now have to show initiative or be let go.




At the New Orleans convention, David Duke must have it in for me, because he put my speech right after that of John Tyndal, head of the British National Party.

John Tyndal gave a rip-roaring speech that brought the crowd to its feet.

The I had to follow him.

Gee, thanks, David. Did I forget to pay my share for the drinks in Moscow or what?

I began my speech with a left-handed tribute to David Duke and John Tyndal and other speakers. I pointed out that the podium had been full of speakers who had been innocent but bravely gone to prison for their beliefs.

I then pointed out that I had been in politics all my life and on Capitol Hill and in the Administration, and I deserved the chair for it. But, I reminded them, I hadn't even been arrested yet.

But Tyndal made a point that made it crystal clear to me WHY I had avoided that kind of martyrdom for our cause. It was a complete revelation to me about my whole political life.

John Tyndal has been to prison twice. He has been beaten repeatedly. Those Brave Heroes of the Left even beat up his WIFE, too!

Tyndal referred to David Duke's first election to the Louisiana state legislature. He said too many of us talk about congress or the Senate and we turn up our noses at those "trvial" little electoral offices. Then he told us a story.

In one town, the British National Party was treated like dogs, and John Tyndal knows up front and personal what that feels like. But the next year they were treated like princes. Why? Because they had elected a member of the town council in the meantime.

Tyndal kept saying, "A LITTLE power, just a LITTLE power, transforms the entire situation."

It hit me then. The reason I had avoided the staggering costs that David Duke and Tyndal and others had paid was because I had always had a LITTLE power!

When I got the highest security clearance you can get in the United States Government -- I would be at the top of security clearances myself -- my Adjudicator was the top lawyer in the entire government in charge of civil service clearances. He had every bit of information there was about me, all stacked up in a pile of notebooks behind him.

He's Jewish, but anyone would have asked me this question:

"Are you anti-Semitic?"

I replied, "Yes." I then went on to explain that every Jew who said
"I am am Jewish and.." always followed that "and" with a vicious remarks about the white race, the South or both, and I appreciated that as much as any Jew would who heard endless numbers of gentiles say, "Well, I am a gentile so I have a right to hate Jews."

That subject ended right there and I got my clearance.

If I had said anything but "Yes" I would have been in deep trouble, since everything about me was sitting right there behind my Adjudicator.

If I not been appointed by President Reagan to the job I was being cleared for, if I had not been on Capitol working as a staffer for the ranking Republican member of the House Select Intelligence Committee, I would probably have been toast.

But I had a LITTLE power. Big as the above titles sound, the fact is that I was just one of thousands of Reagan appointees. I was just one of thousands of Capitol Hill staffers.

A LITTLE power.

If I had a been regular joe, I could have been turned down for saying "Yes" about anti-Semitism. But I had a LITTLE power. Turning me down would have caused waves. I would have been able to explain my "anti-Semitism" in an appeal, and it would have made my Adjudicator look like the bigot.

I have played on the knife edge of the little power I had all my life, but I had never thought of it that way.




There are some things that are true and some things that are not true.  There are some things that are good and some things that are bad.
A lot of people tell me that I think that way because of my "Christian upbringing." I doubt it.
I think that way because of the huge dollop of German blood I have in me.  My family got out of England when it was still racially Anglo-Saxon, so both sides of my family are Germanic.
People laugh at Germans because they take truth so seriously.
Africans are mystified by how seriously white people take the truth.   Native Africans are much more pleasant.  They tell you whatever makes you smile.

In the polite traditional conversation of Japan, when the dialogue gets around to a man's wife, it goes something like this:

"How is the Flower of Your Household?"

"That pig is fine."

Obviously this is not supposed to reflect objective truth.

No society before white society ever made a distinction between religion and science.  There is Accepted Belief, and that Accepted Belief has a purpose.  The idea of truth for its own sake reflects a sort of monomaniacal fanaticism that is alien to any other civilization.

Odin or Woden, the old god of the Germans, gave an eye for truth.  Not for Truth, the capitalized word, and not for Wisdom, but for simple truth, for some extra facts.  The Father-God, Woden, was the one-eyed god because he gave one eye to know more FACTS.

Very unromantic, very German.

Meanwhile all the historians are trying to find the origins of Western science in something written in the Middle East, or at least something more romantic and exotic than the one-eyed Odin's fanatical pursuit of more facts.

But we are back where we started: the real origins of science and everything decent are based on the fact that there are some things that are true and some things that are not true.  There are some things that are good and some things that are bad.

Very unromantic.  Very German.




July 4, 2004


July 4, 1776 was WARTIME.

One thing historians never mention abut the Declaration of Independence is that it was written in the midst of a war in a city that would soon be occupied by enemy troops.

The Declaration of Independence was not an honest statement of what Jefferson or anybody in America else believed.  It was a war document written for war purposes.

To start with, the Declaration blamed all of the colonists problems on "The King."  Every Signer of the Declaration had been raised under English law.  No intelligent colonist, and certainly no Founding Father, thought the King could have done any of those things without the support of Parliament.

Why didn't they mention Parliament?  Because the Declaration of Independence was a WAR document, not an abstract statement of truth.  The colonists' best friends and their best hope was the pro-American minority in the British Parliament.  So they did not blame Parliament.

No sane human being ever believed that "all men are created equal."  So why does the Declaration say that?  Because it was a WAR document.  "All men are created equal" and "Nature and Nature's God" were appeals to French liberals who supported French intervention on the side of the colonists in the WAR that was going on.

French liberals were Rousseau fans and deists, hence the reference to "Nature and Nature's God" and the statement that "all men are created equal."

While our Founding Fathers created a free country, those French liberals led their country into the bloody disaster and tyranny of the French Revolution.  Crap like "all men are created equal" and "Nature and Nature's God" led to that disaster.

When the WAR was over and independence was won, Americans wrote an objective document for THEMSELVES.  It was called the Constitution of the United States of America.  The Constitution did not say a word about "all mankind."  The Constitution of the United States declares what the only purpose of the United States of America was to be.

The Constitution of the United States did not say one word about "all mankind."  The Constitution of the United States did not say one word about freeing Iraq or saving Israel or the rights of illegal aliens.  In fact, the Constitution said exactly the opposite.  It declared that the only people for whom the United States would exist would be:

"We the People of the United States...for OURSELVES and OUR Posterity,...."

The French Revolution was a bloody disaster.  The crap about all mankind on which the French Revolution was based led France to conquer Europe in the name Equality.  It had nothing to do with American thought.

But New England abolitionists thought like French liberals.  In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln substituted "all men are created equal" for the Preamble of the real Constitution.  Leftists today love that "all mankind" crap.  They used it to give a third of the world to Stalin and his allies after World War II.  They use it today to legalize illegal aliens and fight Israel's wars in Iraq today.

This is not a quibble over words.  This is a debate about the purpose of America.



July 3, 2004   


Someone posted the following on Stormfront.  He is right:

"Sales of Why Johnny Can't Think ( Sales Rank: 794) has zoomed past some of our enemies' books such as:"

A long list follows, including one book by Alan Dershowitz

From nowhere, we're making a start!

At the end of his list, he adds:

"Bob's book wasn't touched by any major publisher yet is outselling books loved by the left. Can't you picture them squirming? Make them squirm some more and have a good laugh at the same time."

He's right about that, too.

Please go to and help me out.



When I was in Africa, the English immigrants explained to me that one of the main staples of the native African diet was called "mealie-meal."

I gave them my Serious, Lecture Look and said. "Yes, mealie-meal is produced by putting corn kernels into a machine that removes the husk of the corn kernel and puts out the white interior. This white interior is then pulverized to make mealie-meal."

Each time I said this, they were impressed. One Englishman said, "You've really done your homework, haven't you?"

I managed to keep a straight face.

"Mealie-meal" is grits.




July 2, 2004


The largest desert on earth is not the Sahara.  The largest desert on earth is Antarctica, where ninety percent of the fresh water on this planet is.  It has a desert level of rainfall, but all the water that falls remains there as ice.


Today would have been Independence Day, but they had to wait until July 4 to proclaim Independence because they had trouble with the South Carolina delegation.

Everybody always has trouble with the South Carolina delegation.



Marlon Brando just died.  He was a fanatical enemy of the white race. That is because he was from Minnesota.

Everybody is sobbing and crying because the third world is invading all the white enclaves.  All my life the white enclaves like Minnesota and New England and Sweden were the worst enemies the white race had.

If people would stop sobbing "All is LOST!" and look around them some, they might find that a threatened white minority has a better chance of survival than a place where white enclaves are our screaming enemies.




July 1, 2004


I am a lousy diplomat.  That's why I was a staffer and ghosted books.

My forte is plain talk.  People say they like that, but in the real world they hate it and they don't care what a politician does as long as he remembers their name and says what they want to hear.

Then they bitch about the politicians they elect.

The e-mail I sent out below is an example of what one should not do if he has spent a lifetime fighting side by side with people and doing things for their cause and finally needs help he has earned.

I have X in the place of each name.  Two of them are national columnists and you would recognize at least one of the other names immediately.  But I have been on the road for a month, and gotten nothing for it.  I am exhausted and pissed, and that is what my Blog is for.

My WOL readers have been just as bad.

X and X, 
I begged you for addresses to send FREE books to you in Stormfront and you ignored me.  But you are not alone.
I begged two people I have worked with for years, X and  X for help.  I put X in my 1982 anthology for St. Martin's Press and he uses my columns in every issue of X.  I put X in that anthology when he was a private school teacher here in South Carolina.
You can see what right-wing "contacts" are worth in the letter I sent to X and X below:
X and X,
I have a great team of young people working on the book and a young genius for a webmaster.  But they keep asking me about my "contacts."
I want to send him X's e-mails to show them what my "contacts" are worth.  But X is the best.  He at least bothers to reply to me.
X, can I do that?
(Another) X hasn't mentioned me or even contacted me on the book.
I don't know if I am up to "begging" X, as X recommended.
I can't even get their own addresses out of people I have done favors for and who asked me for book copies.
I am now starting an op-ed factory with some excellent young writers.  Meanwhile the old farts talk to each other abut "reaching young people."
It's a bit embarrassing for me, but it is a good lesson for the young people who are coming to me for leadership.  One asked me if there was a support network for young people on the right.  My answer was simple: "No."  They're busy talking to each other and being Big Guys and being busy, busy, busy.
 Bob (Whitaker)





June 30, 2004


A lady from out west has been assigned to the Deep South in her job.  She doesn't like it.   She says we are a different country.

I thanked her for saying that, which was not the response she expected.

She's nice, so I didn't say to her what I usually tell Yankees who criticize the South:

"Keep in mind that WE didn't fight a war to keep YOU."

She also said I should stop calling myself old.   She was being nice.  Here is my reply:

"In the Youth Culture outside my Southern Nation, old is terrible.  But we Southerners got a feeling that we were part of a long, long tradition, a nation of the South, from out older people."
"Your older people are the World War II generation, the one that calls itself The Greatest Generation.  They make young people feel like outsiders.  You didn't Sacrifice, you didn't Suffer like they did."
"Our old people told us about the family, the South, and made us part of it.  Believe it or not, when I say I am old, I am bragging.  I am now part of those who is carrying the tradition and I earned it."
"I don't want to be young.  By my years and my loyalty, I earned the right to call myself one of the Old Southerners.  Young people respond to it very, very well."




June 29, 2004




I worked myself into two nervous breakdowns, but I was never busy, busy, busy.
Chris Matthews was number one staff member to the Speaker of the House.  Nobody is more swamped than that.  He was never busy, busy, busy.
Chris would go back to his office, pick up his sheaf of call slips, and call each person back.  He would say to me, “Can´t deal with that now.’ or “Call X..’
That was all I needed, because I was a professional, too.
If you can´t delegate, you´ll always be minor league.
I met with George Wallace twice.  The first time was in 1968 when he was on his feet.   Maurice Bessinger wanted to take over the Wallace presidential campaign in South Carolina.  Maurice had hundreds of campaign workers.  He could get any literature from one end of the state to the other in one day, and right into the mills and on the farms.  He already had a party on the ballot.
There was another group which consisted of “the best people’ led by Tom Turnipseed.  They never did anything, but they wanted to run the campaign.  Tom Turnipseed was their spokesman and he reported tot he Republican Executive Committee every week.
George Wallace, the Great Man Himself, consented to speak with us briefly and then he turned us over to his Country Boy in charge of Soothing the Good Old Boys.  He then talked to Tom Turnipseed at length and turned the campaign over to Turnipseed and the Very Best People.  South Carolina was the only Deep South state he lost.
Turnipseed is now a hard-core liberal.
In 1972, Wallace was in his wheel chair but he was kind enough to sign a letter praising my first book.  So I flew to Alabama to give him a signed copy.  He spent quite a while with me that time.  Jimmy Carter was arriving in town for his presidential campaign which Wallace was hosting.  Wallace´s wife kept calling him but he wanted to talk to me.  He kept saying, “If I had had you with me when I was on my feet, we would have won the presidency.’
No doubt about it.  But he had me right there in front of me when it counted, and he was busy, busy, busy.  Too busy to notice talent and too busy to take advantage of it.
That´s happened to me all my life.





A leader in the Confederate flag battle wrote me for advice.

Here is my first piece of advice:

Use the Vietnam analogy.  America lost the Vietnam War and the left and their pet media declared it an Evil War.  As a result the men who had fought it were treated like lepers.

We all recognize that now as a national disgrace.  Southerners never even thought of doing such a thing to our Confederate soldiers.  The Civil War ruined us, but we treated our soldiers like the heroes they were and we treated the flags they carried with reverence.

If New Southers had their way, not only would Confederate flags be relegated to museums and labeled as a sign of shame, but the Confederate Monuments would be destroyed.

If you lose a war, history always says you were Evil.  So Hitler was Evil and Stalin was a War Hero.  If you lose a war, you are supposed to live in shame and spit on the men who fought your war.

We are not like that.  We despise that attitude.  We will honor our fighters as publicly as possible and damn the people who want us to treat our heroes the way the liberals treated those who fought in Vietnam.




June 28, 2004


The Modular Man is coming.  By the middle of this century human parts will be developed in labs.  If person has bad lungs, it will be easier just to put in new ones than to try to repair the old.  

Parts of the brain will also be replaced.   So where will the "Christians" and the sociologists who call themselves  "bioethicists" going to be when that happens? Their propaganda campaign against cloning and embryo research is based on the idea that science is "crossing the line" into making new humans.

That is good fodder to make idiots put money in the collection plate or give a professor a good living right now, and that is all t6he preachers and professors care about.

But the simple fact is that the "line" they are talking about is not just going to be crossed, it is going to be stomped on and totally destroyed by the footprints of people who are not going to live with brain damage or heart disease or spend their lives in a wheel chair just to satisfy the preachers.




I just got back from a reunion with the mountaineer half of my family, the Snyders.

The Bible-thumpers have taken it over.

When I was at the Council of Conservative Citizens, I watched the dedicated and inarticulate people who had founded CCC being steadily replaced by the preachers.  The attendance at the conference was, of course, way down.

In both Pigeon Forge and at the Snyder family reunion, I rode around the Tennessee and North Carolina mountain area and watched the handiwork of these self-styled "Christians."   There is a big building in Hendersonville, North Carolina, set up by these "Christians" and dedicated to interracial adoptions. 

The anti-white left could not penetrate those mountains, but these "Christians" can, so the Christians are pushing third world adoptions to penetrate white enclaves.  I saw many a white woman pushing her little black or Oriental child around.  This gives the Bible-thumpers big brownie points with the liberals who control the media.

I was talking to one of the South Carolina Bible-thumpers who have taken over the Snyder reunions and asked him about Beasley's blaspheme and the Baptist lack of reaction to it.  He got a look on his face that I have seen before many, many times on the faces of Communist Party members and Catholic and Presbyterian theologues.  It said, "This man has stepped over the Party Line."

He acted like I hadn't said it.





June 27, 2004


On the night before He was arrested, Jesus spent the night praying to be released from the terror of crucifixion that he faced.  He needed a friend to share His burden, so he took Peter with Him.

Peter fell asleep.  Jesus was terribly disappointed.  He was hurt that in the time when He had to wrestle with Satan and his final commitment, not even His most faithful follower would stay with Him.

But Jesus did not even consider wavering because He was disappointed in Peter.

We are all hurt by how stupid and slavish our people are.   Why can't they stand up and fight back while our borders are violated, our women are violated, all decency is violated?

It is inexcusable.  It is cowardly.  These people are not worth our concern.

All of this is true.  None of this matters.

We will fight the fight and we will win for our people, despite our people.

Not because they have earned it, but because it is right.




June 25,2004


Supply and demand is the basis of modern economics.
There is another simple rule that is just as basic to our society as supply and demand:
Punishment is cheaper than rewards.   Any idiot can hurt somebody.  It takes talent and work to make people happy.  That is why Gangstah Rap is so popular with incompetent young people.  They can only get what they want by simple-mindedly hurting people.
This is why Hell is so much more realistic to people than Heaven is.   Everybody can imagine Hell.  Nobody can imagine Heaven.  You can visualize a hundred forms of agony.  But how about permanent ecstasy?
In Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift talked about a society that did not so much punish people for crimes as it rewarded them for honesty.  Nice idea.  Why didn't anyone try it?
Because it would be too expensive.  Rewarding honest people would be costly to say the least.  Hanging the bad ones was cheap.  America has two million people in its enormously expensive prisons.  But that is cheaper than rewarding the other two hundred and seventy million or so other Americans for not committing crimes.




I haven't changed a tire in decades.   About forty years ago my tire went down and the temperature was about 104 degrees.  I pulled over and started to jack the car up.  It didn't go up.  I suddenly realized the jack was sinking into the tar the road was paved with.
But I understand that changing a tire is a real pain because you have to empty the trunk and take out the "donut" tire that will substitute until you get a real change.
Considering how seldom one has to change a tire these days, this idea may be useless, but it seems to me that one could put a rim inside or outside of each tire that is made of one of those superstrong materials they use to make roller skates these days.  It would extend far down enough so that if the tire went down almost completely, you would be able to limp along on it to the nearest highway exit.
There are probably better ideas, in fact, I'm sure of it.  But a car suddenly blowing a tire and having to stop  is out of date, so maybe somebody should think about this.




June 24, 2004


In case you are ever tempted to take celebrity brain power seriously, let me quote one.
On a talk show, this guy said, "I'm not afraid of AIDS.  I use condoms. They block AIDS 98% of the time."
The host responded, "So that means if you use a condom and have sex fifty times, you'll get a fatal disease."
The celebrity replied, "Oh.  I didn't think of it that way."



One of the cutest things on television is a line from many infomercials:
"Run your own business.  Be your own boss."

Now there's an oxymoron if I ever saw one.

Long after his workers have gone home, the small businessman is still slaving away to please the hardest bosses of all: his customers.



During the decades of the Cold War, I was a minor but definite enemy of the USSR.  I was never mentioned in any Russian-language publication except maybe one that said, "Kill this bastard and we'll give you a case of vodka."
But not long ago, PRAVDA reprinted at least one whitakeronline.ORG article.  Now that was something I never expected to see in my lifetime, and I got a real kick out of it.
I found out by chance that whitakeronline.ORG has also been discussed in the Australian Parliament.    My informant told me that both the Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition know who I am, but he kindly refrained from saying what they think of me. 
I don't know who else around the world has been using my name in vain, but I LOVE it!





If a reader writes me, I reply fast.  It is such a relief to get something somebody wrote personally to me instead of that endless stream of forwards of articles somebody else wrote that I am supposed to read.

And it is especially fine to get a comment by someone who has actually read my stuff.   I put a lot of work into this, and if I didn't think it was worth reading, I wouldn't write it.

Sine I do answer so promptly and I keep up the dialogue, one reader asked if he had offended me somehow.  He also wrote about Beasley's defeat inthe South Carolina Republican primary and Bush's chances on in 2004.  This gave me a chance to vent on a couple of things, so I quote my reply below:

"You haven't offended me."
"One thing I guarantee you.  If you offend me, I'll let you know.  I have had so many people suddenly go into a pout when they felt offended and just go silent.   I HATE that!"
"Grown men don't pout."
"And you did not offend me by asking that.  I know what you mean, as I said, it happened to me many times, so I understand your concern.  You have apparently had to deal with it, too.  Isn't it sickening?"
  "I was glad to see Beasley lose, though it if he had won it would have given me a chance to talk about those fake Christians some more."
"I did not think it was possible for even a Bush to be dumb enough to lose to a Massachusetts Democrat, but Republicans are experts at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  The Clintons tried to hand him victory in 2004 on a silver platter, so it is a race between Clinton's political genius and Republican stupidity."
"Republican stupidity is about the only thing that could overcome Clinton's genius at electoral strategy.  This is truly the case of an irresistible force meeting n immovable object."




June 23, 2004


Those of us who will admit it have watched lots of horror movies and mystery movies.  In those movies, we sit in the audience and wonder when the people in the movie are going to realize that everybody who goes into that particular house or movie studio or whatever gets killed.  But people keep going in.

As a ridiculously overeducated redneck from Pontiac, South Carolina, I have exactly the same feeling when I watch science documentaries or political debates:  "When are those clowns going to realize the obvious?"

I was just watching a documentary on Raymond Dart's theory that man evolved as a "killer ape."  Dart said that man began to use weapons to kill animals, and the more intelligent weapons-makers survived.

This offended the Ghandi School of Political Correctness which says that man is a peaceful animal.  So they found that men had used their tools as scavengers, which proved men were just scavengers, not predators.  Those tools allowed men to get the brain of dead animals, which were left because animals couldn't use their teeth to get through the skull.  Also those tools allowed men to get to the nutritious bone marrow which animals couldn't get to.

Whew!  That took care of the killer ape bit!

The I watched other documentaries which exposed the old idea that hyenas were only scavengers, not hunters.   Scientists discovered that hyenas do hunt, but they also scavenge.  In fact, the scientists explained, ALL hunters are also scavengers.

So, like someone waiting for the horror movie characters to add two and two, I wait for the documentaries to add two and two.   The killer ape was also a scavenger.

This doesn't end the puzzle of man's origins, but when the documentaries miss obvious stuff like this, it sure makes the movie seem longer.




One time I was suddenly informed of a Brilliant Strategy I had been working on for years.   It turned out that the only person who didn't know I had planned and executed this Brilliant Strategy was me.
I discovered this Brilliant Strategy one time when we were having a session on whom we needed to contact.  One guy was particularly hard to reach, so somebody said, "Bob can get in touch with him.  All the secretaries LOVE Bob!"
Everybody agreed.  It turned out that I had been "cultivating" these secretaries and receptionists for years.
Actually, I had always been friendly with receptionists and secretaries.  I like smart, competent people, and these women didn't get where they were by magic.

By the way, in Washington the top "secretary" is not a secretary.  She is Office Manager and she has a salary to match the title.

An office is not The Great Man Himself.  An office is a team.  While other people waxed apoplectic about "having to talk to the secretary" I spent the time I got talking to her filling her in on the situation and finding out the best way to deal with it.  Often she would take care of it for me, including a quick check with The Great Man Himself.  That was easier than me getting to the Great Man Himself and then having him instruct her on it.
And let me tell you something else.  If I get to the Great Man Himself and he promises something, he might forget before he tells his "secretary."  If the Office Manager herself asks him, the result is not forgotten.

All the time, it turns out I was "cultivating" this office manager.  Like any competent person, she liked to be treated like one of the team.  So she liked me for it.

I just didn't realize I was being so shrewd!

That "little receptionist" up front can tell you plenty  that you need to know.  Whatever you have in hand will be handed over to a staff member, and she knows who that staff member will be.

And she likes being treated like a human, too.

I knew all this going in.   I didn't plan it.  But it turns out that everybody knew it was a brilliant strategy I came up with.

I can live with that.




June 22, 2004


I believe this is the anniversary of the day that Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.  By a strange coincidence, it is also the anniversary of the day that the entire political left in America switched from demanding American neutrality to demanding that America get into World War II.

Within a few days of Hitler's attack on the USSR, the United States broke off diplomatic relations with Germany.

KGB files that were opened when the USSR collapsed showed that Communist infiltration into the Roosevelt State Department went deeper than even Senator McCarthy suspected.   But, as Joe Sobran pointed out, even the parts of the Roosevelt State Department who were not Communists never made single statement that Stalin would not have approved of.

One of the unsung heroes of the American left was the daughter of the American ambassador to Berlin in the early 1930s.  She was a fanatical Stalinist and her letters on the subject are a matter of record.

In the early 1930s, the only major power that Hitler threatened was the USSR.  It was a major accomplishment to change the situation so that the West destroyed Hitler and gave a third of the world to Stalin and Mao.

The daughter of the American ambassador had a role in that process.  She gave sex to German officers for information and planted information where needed.

When you are worshipping The Greatest Generation for this wonderful achievement, don't forget this woman, who had more to do with Saving the World than any hundred Medal of Honor winners in World War II.



Someone was telling me about flying helicopters in Nam and I, as usual, thought of something funny.
I thought I might say, "HELICOPTERS?   Yea, you spoiled brats had HELICOPTERS in Nam.  But in Africa, we had no damn helicopters!  One unit had an old defunct ‘copter we used to call ‘Wishful thinking with a propeller on top.'"
In Africa you went in on foot or by parachute.  They offered me parachute training and I said, "You ain't seen hand-to-hand (combat) until you try to get me out of a plane at five thousand feet!"
If I had said what spoiled brats they were in Nam to have helicopters, I could have been one of the paper-hat brigade, one of the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation, the one that talks about its Sacrifices, and how everybody needs to show them Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude and how about some Gratitude for a change?
Gratitude is the main lyric of The Song of the Greatest Generation.  It gets them money.  But the refrain is how easy everybody else has it.  "We were raised in the great Depression, we fought The Great Big War," they sing, tears in their eyes.
I have all the money I want, but I sure would enjoy doing some of that "You have it easy!" bit.  It sounds like a lot of fun.
The paper hat crowd wears paper army hats.   What kind of hat would an ex-spook wear?   He could have on a paper Casper-the-Ghost hat.  The trouble is that that looks just like a Ku Klux Klan hood.




June 21, 2004


Socialism is defined as "government ownership of the means of production and distribution."  But that is not what people debate when they discuss the merits of socialism

The whole point of socialism is to turn the economy over to bureaucrats.  It doesn't matter who owns the shares, what socialists want is for professors to run the economy.  So what we really argue about when the word "socialism" comes up is not who OWNS industry but who RUNS it.

It doesn't really matter if government owns shares on the New York Stock Exchange as long as the government doesn't use those shares to run it.   Switzerland used to get a lot of its government revenue from Swissair, but it left the running of that airline to the managers and only judged the managers by how much money they made, like any other stockholder.

But if the professors are to tell everybody what to do, that means that the market can't.  Either supply and demand runs things or professors run things.  That is why liberals are always denouncing "commercialism."  They want professors to decide what audiences watch, not the audiences themselves.

So the real argument over socialism is not about "the ownership of the means of means of production and distribution."  If a system is run by the market, professors have as little use for it if it is government-owned Swissair as if it is privately owned.

Professors no longer insist on socialism because they have discovered they can run thing through bureaucrats and lawyers no matter who owns things.

Socialism is just like all forms of leftism.  It is a means by which professors could rule the world, and professors teach it in college.  Leftists are people who never outgrew their college education, or people who have an inferiority complex because they didn't get one (See my latest book, "Why Johnny Can't Think." which is subtly advertised in the flashing red letters at the top of this page).





June 20, 2004


A belated Happy Solstice.  I thought it was on the 21st or 22d.



The people who do the thinking and the people who get published are two different groups.   Those who do things and those who take credit are two different groups.

I HATE to say this, because it sounds like  something some Cynical Tough Guy would say, and there is nothing dumber than a Cynical Real Man type. 

This is a big world, and getting published is a business and thinking is a full time job.  They are separate professions, like writing and being a writer's agent.

When a writer publishes a book, other people get most of the profits.  This does not take a Cynical Real Man to figure out, it is a simple matter of economics in a large society.

I am after power and I always have been.   That means that I formulate my ideas and I let other people publish them and get credit for them.  You can have power or fame or money, but not all three.  I chose power.

The president has very little power.  He carries out policies that were determined long before he ran for office.  Lincoln could have been Seward.  Roosevelt could have been shot in 1932 and things would have changed little.

I want something done and I find a way to get that idea out in public.  I find an agent, which means I put the idea in such a way that somebody can make use of it.  When the time comes, they do.  That is power.

When you send me an article that "says something like what I said," you are sending me a long-winded tenth repeat of something I planted twenty years ago.  It is not an inspiring thing for me to read.



              – Only the Government Can Stop Space Exploration
A tiny private group is sending a little rocket into space.   They are doing it to win a prize.
Before long, space exploration will be done privately at far less expense than the giant government projects.   Technology is moving fast and satellites have proved there is big money out there.
Only the government can get in the way.  If the government can make regulations to protect anyone who takes a rocket into space, they can make it enormously expensive.  Today's government would never have allowed Lindbergh to cross the Atlantic.  Several men had already died trying it, and he was in an overloaded craft.
The government would have stopped Lindbergh for his own good.
The government can set up requirements to make sure that only very expensive craft can be sent up, for the pilots' own good.
And what happens when it comes back down?   When governments sent up thousands of space craft, no one said they couldn't do it because they could kill somebody when they came down, but private people sending up such craft is an entirely different matter.
This will be a lawyer's bonanza.   Soon there will be lawsuits requiring hugely expensive precautions to be sure those craft come down in predictable places.  Even dropping them in the sea might not do it.  What about endangered animals?
Does this sound like a joke?  I remember when the idea that California was considering denying benefits to illegal aliens was looked upon a  joke.  Before then it never occurred to anybody that illegal aliens had a right to public benefits.
The government and the lawyers can force anyone going into space to spend huge sums on pilot safety, affirmative action, flight paths for re-entry, and a long list of other things.  By piling up regulations, government and lawyer can make space exploration prohibitively expensive for small businesses.
For their own good, of course.

                      – Why Big Business Loves Big Government

If you read the above article, and then THINK about it, you will see why Big Business loves Big Government.  Unfortunately most people won't THINK about it.   They will either forget it, or they will grab the nearest article they can find and forward it to me with the note, "This says something like what you are saying."
So while I have your attention, let's concentrate on what I AM saying.
I have been a ham radio operator on and off for fifty years, and I tell you there is nothing complicated about providing that cable service you pay a fortune for.  You need a big dish and some electronics.   What makes it so expensive is the city rules, the FCC rules, the state rules, the reams of paperwork and lawyer hours to get the monopoly each city gives out to cable service providers.
Then there is affirmative action and a bunch of other regulations it makes me tired to think about, much less list.
And you pay for all of that.
And the last thing a cable company has to worry about is you.
And you never question that.  You would have to fight the cable company, the lawyers, the city, the FCC, the state, and all the rest.

So your cable company is a big business just because of the lawyers, the city, the FCC, the state, and all the rest.  So that big business, the cable company, just LOVES the lawyers, the city, the FCC, the state, and all the rest.
Please don't send me an article that says "the same sort of thing you said" in 5,000 words or more.
I just SAID what I said.




St. Francis Xavier (Xavier College), heir to Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, went to India and had most of his ministry there and died there.
Xavier would not take Mass from Indian priests because they were colored.

Xavier had the same problem with brown priests that American Catholics will have with female priests after their church backs down on that, too.



I have been attacking preachers a lot lately, and this gives me the fear that some Catholics might think I'm a good guy.  I am NOBODY'S good guy.
So let me take a blast at the Pope here.  Everybody loves him, like everybody loves Winston Churchill and the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation.
The Roman catholic Church has Eastern Rite Churches.  These are churches whose entire ritual is Eastern Orthodox, with a single exception. That exception is that in their Nicene Creed they says that the Holy Spirit proceeds from "the Father and the Son" while Eastern Orthodoxy says the Holy Spirit proceeds only from the Father.
Both churches have murdered and demand a lot of people over that.
Jesus said "of such is the Kingdom of Heaven," referring to children.  Those must have been some extraordinary children if they stayed awake at night worrying about whether the Holy proceeds from the Father and the Son or just from the Father.
Anyway, this is called the filioque, and having the right filioque is what God is all about, say the theologians.
I think I already pointed out that all theologians are psychopaths.
Anyway, Eastern Rite churches are interesting.  The Ukrainian Eastern Rite Church has millions of members.  The Melkite and Marionite Churches, both Lebanese Eastern Rite, make up most of the Christian population of Lebanon, which used to be the only Arab country with a Christian majority.
Eastern Rite priests are Roman Catholic priests, but they are married.   In the Orthodox Church a priest can be married if he marries before ordination.  A lot of Orthodox priests finish seminary and put off their ordination until they are married.  Eastern Rite priests do the same thing.
I said, "Eastern Rite priests are Roman Catholic priests, but they are married. " An Eastern Rite priest would not like that sentence.  They insist that they are Orthodox.   The local Greek Orthodox priest told me that part of their regular  reading is Melkite writings.
The Catholic Church recognizes an Orthodox priest and an Orthodox service to be as valid as a Catholic one, and vice-versa.
So recently the Melkite Church asked that their members be allowed to go to either Orthodox or Roman Catholic services, as they chose, in the many places where there is no Melkite Church.  It was the Pope who refused, for all his talk about Church Unity.



I wrote this to a retired Methodist minister.

Fashionable preachers must tell Buddhists and others that Jesus wasn't all that special, but the Jews are.  After all, they must demand that America kill an awfully lot of people and spend a lot of money to help Israel keep the land it took from the Arabs.
You are in the position the Church was in when Galileo proved that earth is not the center of the universe.  The idea that Jews invented monotheism and were God's special pets was OK in the Middle Ages, but it's silly now.
It will take a long time before the churches stop justifying all those killings in the name of The Chosen People, just as it too the church until the early 1800s to let Galileo back in the Roman Church.
I understand Pope John Paul recently forgave Galileo once and for all for  his crime of being persecuted.
It will be a while before theologians stop demanding killing and billions of dollars for God's Chosen Country in Israel, just as it took a long time after Galileo for the church to stop killing people who said the earth wasn't the center of the universe.
If you admit Israel is not God's central concern, you might lose your pension.
Anyway, all that will be needed is a change of fashion for Israel to go out of style, and, once Europe has a Moslem majority, that change of fashion will be right along.
As you said,  it takes two hundred pages to justify this nonsense now, and it's getting longer every day.




A military man was telling me about an enlisted man who had Tourette's Syndrome.  Tourette's Syndrome is a DISEASE that makes a person suddenly spout out obscenities and other things he wants to suppress.  He will be talking and suddenly will spout out the very words he wants to say least.
This poor guy tried hard, but they had to kick him out of the military.  They were able to overlook his obscenities and his comments about white peoples' mothers, but he started using RACIAL epithets and the blacks kept beating him up.    The kept disciplining him and finally had to let him go.
I asked the military man if they disciplined the blacks for beating up somebody they knew had Tourette's Syndrome.  He looked startled and replied, "No."
I asked him if they would have discipline a WHITE man who beat yup this man for saying something bad abut his mother.  The military man replied, indignantly, "Of course!"  He then gave me a short lecture about how a man in uniform is supposed to show DISCIPLINE.
If he's white.  Now please don't think the lesson here is that poor little white guys are being discriminated against, like everybody lese does.  Whites are always getting kicked around and I'm glad of it.  Whites are wimps and race traitors and they deserve everything they get and more.
Notice that no white came to this sick white man's aid.
No, the lesson here is what all white people know about blacks.  
Note I said "know," not "assume."     If Africa were threatened by massive non-black immigration, whites would be expected to lead to the defense of the existence of the black race.  When every leader demands massive third world immigration into ALL white countries and ONLY into white countries, we all know it's silly to ask a black person to help us fight it.  They are incapable of that, and we all know it.
This racist goes so deep that nobody but Bob Whitaker would ever notice it.




When Winston Churchill was born, the British Empire rule a major portion of the world.  The English were the richest people on earth with the exception of the Americans.
When Churchill took power in Britain and led the country into war in 1939, Britain had lost much of its wealth and a generation of its best in World War I.  But its workers were still the best-paid in Europe and it still had an Empire on which the sun never set.
When Churchill died in 1965 Britain was just one cold, wet little island.  Economically Britain was the sick man of Europe.  Hundreds of thousands of British workers went to Germany, where the pay was twice as high as in England and the taxes much, much lower, even on workers.
In 1965 about the only thing Britain had left was tens of thousands of statues of its Great Hero, Winston Churchill.  By then, even the Soviet Union had taken down the statues of Churchill's Friend and Ally, Joseph Stalin.
Lenin Worship has ended now, even in Russia.  But the poor little dimwitted Brits still worship Winston.



Please, have mercy on an a old man! My latest book, "Why Johnny Can't Think, America's Professor-Priesthood," does NOT "show there is leftist bias on campus."

I recently got some clippings from two different female relatives that "say what you said," that there is a leftist bias on college campuses."

No, I did NOT "say that there is a leftist bias on campus." No, Einstein did NOT "say that the speed of light is real fast," No, Isaac Newton did NOT "say there is something called gravity."

What would Einstein have done if someone had said "I think light moves real slow. You got to prove light moves fast." He would have called the loony bin. What would Isaac Newton have done if somebody said, "There ain't no such thing as gravity." He would have acted like the guy didn't exist and then hit him in the face if the fellow got in his way.

I do not try to prove that light moves real fast, or that gravity exists or that college campuses have a fanatical leftist bias. If you actually open the pages of "Why Johnny Can't Think," you will find that I say that that is the kind of thing dumbass respectable conservatives dedicate books to, not intelligent people.

Every sane person knows that light moves fast. Every sane person knows there is such a thing as gravity. Every sane person know that colleges are fanatically biased to the left.

PLEASE don't insult me by saying I am trying to prove any of those things. Please don't send me forwards and news paper clippings to show how morons are trying to prove these things.

No intelligent person will spend one minute "saying what you said, that there is a leftist bias on college campuses."

If you waste time debating that, you are too much of a fool to get any real point made.

If you want to see how to cover that whole argument in two minutes, you will want to READ "Why Johnny Can't Think."




June 19, 2004


Russia has all the oil we can buy.  If we spent half the money revving up Russian oil production that we spend in the Middle East, we would have plenty of oil in just a few years.    America doesn't need to be in the Middle East. 

Bu Israel does.



Nobody wants to make a decision about getting our troops out of Iraq, so they are pointing at the date when the new interim Iraqi government takes charge as some kind of Hallelujah Day.

Throughout the Vietnam War South Vietnam had a government of its own.  American troops got out when they ran.  Throughout the Korean War South Korea had a government of its own.  The fighting stopped when Eisenhower threatened to use the atomic bomb on China.   That was in 1953.

Nobody had the guts to make a decision about American troops in Korea, so they're still there.   The Soviet Union collapsed many years, but American troops are still in Germany.

There will never be a Hallelujah Day that will save Americans from having to have the moral courage to make a decision.




Somebody in California wrote me about how they didn't care about race.  Then they whined about how blacks were taking all their money and jobs, poor baby!

Here is my reply:

"You get booted around because you deserve to.  You have no feeling for whites, but blacks care about blacks, so they get it all.  They deserve to."
"I am all for affirmative action.  Whites are wimps and race traitors, so they get stomped on.  That's great by me."
"When Hispanics take over, it will just mean there will be no Rio Grande to escape across.  A colored country is the third world.  All the world will be the third world except our racist enclaves, and people like you made it that way.  What do you think you deserve for this?"



I gave examples below of how hate kills the hater.  After Hitler, Jews hated white gentiles in Europe so much that they threw themselves into the task of taking Europe away from white gentiles. 

They succeeded.  By the middle of this century Western Europe will have a Moslem majority that hates Jews as much as Hitler did.

Hate kills the hater.  The first time a New Englander talked to a Southern audience was about 1660, when a Massachusetts preacher spoke in Jamestown, Virginia.  He denounced ever leader Jamestown ever had, including my own ancestor, the Reverend Alexander Whitaker.

Puritans hated themselves and everybody else.  Very few Puritans were not going to Hell, and everybody else was.  Every infant who died went straight to the Pit.

New England hated the South when New Englanders were making fortunes in the slave trade.  Then they said they hated the South because they loved the poor little black folks.  New England hated the West.  Every New England state opposed the admission of Western states to the Union, and New England fought every step of America's expansion west.

Today, there is no New England.  The hatred is still there in leftism and Political Correctness, but it is spoken out by Kennedys and Barney Franks, Irishmen and Jews old New Englanders hated (surprise! surprise!) and banned from their stores and their workplaces ("Irish Need Not Apply").

Tom Fleming wrote a front page article for National Review years ago called "What Killed the Yankee Culture?"  New England's hate killed old New England.  They shriveled up and died while the South populated the West.  They died in a wave of sour old maids of both sexes.

The British Empire could have still been a great world power if Churchill had not hated Germany so much.  Churchill took Stalin's side to destroy Germany ("I would join with the Devil Himself to defeat Hitler") and destroyed Britain's economy and manpower to defeat Germany.   After the two great European powers were destroyed by Churchill's hatred of Germany, only Stalin and Roosevelt were left to rule the world and dismantle Europe's Empires, including the one that belonged to that damp, impoverished little island Churchill lived on.




If voting is a right and the fourteenth amendment guaranteed equal rights to black people, there would be no fifteenth amendment.  Ask yourself, why is there a fifteenth amendment?

Then ask others why there is a fifteenth amendment.




June 18, 2004



I wrote this in the "science" newsgroup in Stormfront.ORG, a white racist web location:


A True Aristocrat
I am sure that everyone in this science newsgroup is familiar with Louis Andrews and his website, "Stalking the Wild Taboo."

There is nothing Louis Andrews does not know about biology and psychology that relates to race. The information on his website is vast and exhaustive, and if you need to know anything that can be of benefit to the white race, you can e-mail him personally. I am proud to say I have been working with Louis for decades.

But there is something else about Louis which makes me proud and that he never mentions. Louis is a true aristocrat, the kind of aristocrat who is respected by South Carolinians like me. He is the kind of man I would follow up any hill into any battle.

I told my brother once that Louis Andrews is a direct descendant of the Rutledge who was made Dictator of South Carolina after the British took Charleston in 1780. His family has been at the top of the Charleston aristocracy from the first.

My brother replied that that impressed him, but the fact that Louis never told anybody that impressed him even more.

Louis Rutledge Andrews could have sold out to the left and profited from it enormously. He did just the opposite, as so many of real Charleston Battery aristocrats have done. They don't get mentioned anywhere.

Our folks are so busy whining and crying about betrayals that they don't have time to notice the ones who do NOT betray us, because they are not mentioned in the media.

That is the strategy the leftist media depend on, and the whiners on our side are their best allies.

In his book, "Who Killed Society," the leftist Cleveland Amory (from New York) declared that the only aristocracy left in America is that of the Charleston Battery.

The only Charleston Battery aristocrats anyone hears about are the ones who go over to the liberals, like so many whites with something to sell do.

But Louis is in there, fighting for us.

Other South Carolinians make jokes about Charleston:

"How many Charlestonians does it take to change a light bulb?"

"It takes three, one to screw it in and two to talk about how great the OLD light bulb was."

But we South Carolinians are proud of our Battery aristocracy and we will follow them because, through it all, they have stood by our people, our race, the South, and liberal favor be damned.

I have bragged that, in fifty years of reading about people's Confederate ancestors, I have concluded that my forefathers were the only PRIVATES in the entire Southern armed forces.

I would rather be a private following a Louis Andrews into battle than a general in any other army.

Bob Whitaker of whitakeronline.ORG





One reader asked me how I could be so optimistic about a future in which whites are a threatened minority when the Afrikaners have made no resistance at all to black violence when they lost power in and are now a whiny subject people.

Here is my reply:

To start with, we South Carolinians DID toss out the black majority backed by Federal troops under Reconstruction after we lost power in he Civil War.

We South Carolinians did not follow our leaders like lambs to the slaughter.  Afrikaners VOTED to turn their country over to the blacks!  I was there, warning them.  They are followers.  Their Calvinist Leaders told them to give in, so they did.  Now their Calvinist Leaders are getting Nobel Prizes, Board of Directors jobs, and getting the hell out of South Africa.  Their followers are getting what all blind followers get in the end.

Preachers and politicians will always sell you out the minute they smell a profit in it.

Afrikaners now see themselves as Damsels in Distress, pure as the driven snow types who trusted in promises and were betrayed.

You can either learn from this that All Is Lost, or you can learn that we must dump our trust in leaders right now.

And, to be frank, they sound a lot like you, "Oh, God, it's all HOPELESS!  You can't prove to me there's any hope.  All us tough, practical types can do is surrender!"

For me, the Boers (even the ones who live in Johannesburg call themselves that) present white optimists like me the same problem that the Chernobyl disaster did for the American nuclear power industry.  It is simply not the same thing, but that is very hard to explain.

 I am optimistic about the prospects of white racists becoming spokesmen for white people  in America.  That is because, in the next generation, non-whites leaders are going to become more and more restive in their role as Tonto to the liberal Lone Ranger, the faithful nonwhite companions of Kennedy and Company.

As long as non-whites are just automatic votes for Democrats, no one will pay them much attention except dumbass conservatives who think they can "appeal" to minorities.

So in a generation we will have accepted the idea that the rules are made by Hispanic spokesmen, Oriental spokesmen, and spokesmen for the relatively diminishing black minority.  In that reality, there will be no place for "non-racial" spokesmen, whether they call themselves conservatives or liberals or vegetarians.

We will be forced to think racially.  Mixed populations will be out in the cold.  White enclaves will be white RACIST enclaves.

If you are after white supremacy, this outlook is awful.  If you want white survival, this outlook is excellent.





I say Michael Moore is straight out of the 60s because of his baseball-cap image.  He tries to look like "one of the folks" while his only friends are the media and Hollywood elite.

Jane Fonda, the darling of the 60s, shouted that she loved Communists and was "a friend of the working class."  She never had a serious talk with a working person in her life.   Real working people despised Jane Fonda, but that never caused Hollywood or the media to ask her about all that "working class" crap.

Moore has his baseball cap and is a fat, unshaven slob, which is the media's idea of a working man.   All  this is straight 60s crap, and as out of date as a dinosaur.



I don't like looking at Michael Moore because he is so goddam UGLY!

He is trying to look like Just Folks with his beard growth and his baseball hat.  He is straight out of the 60s.



The TV series **MASH** is repeated endlessly.  But you never see the original movie version of **MASH**.

That is because the movie is so horribly dated,  It is pure 1960s stuff.  Let me give you an example.

Eliot Gould was one of the big stars of the original movie version of **MASH**.  Remember Eliot Gould?

Neither does anybody else.

Gould was Barbra Streisand first husband.  He was big stuff in the 1960s.

In the movie, Gould comes in as the new doctor in the **MASH** unit.  The other doctors ask him his name.  He won't answer them.

So the other doctors are very upset.  They keep worrying about his name, the way a Jewish Mother would worry if a boy wouldn't talk to her.  Gould sits there smiling mysteriously while the other doctors are very worried about his name.

This was big stuff for the spoiled children of the 1960s.  He really had those army officers who were doctors going.

I told you this was dated.  Can you imagine anybody but a 60s spoiled child really believing that a group of doctors dealing in combat medicine would waste two minutes worrying about a clown who wouldn't tell them his name?

The 60s believed it.  They thought Gould was great. they thought he was Realistic.  They imagined it was how they would put those silly doctors in their place. 




June 17, 2004


I wrote this in Stormfront.ORG, a racialist group:

Swastikas are a sign of desperation and frustration and defiance. I don't believe that one single member of Stormfront is a serious Nazi. If he is, spending a little time in a totalitarian state, as I have done, would cure him fast.

But when I was young and the Glorious Union was sending troops into Little Rock and Mississippi to enforce integration, I had swastikas all over the place:

"Damn you, if only Nazis will fight you, them I'm a Nazi!"

I understand that, I just wish our folks wouldn't do it.

Bob Whitaker of whitakeronline.ORG



June 16, 2004


A black reader wrote me bitching about special subsidies and tax breaks for big corporations.

This was my reply:


Here is the entire story of hard, cold politics, from one who has been on the "giving" end of government money:
1) Big corporations have full-time lobbies and work politics and give money in the right places,
2)  the average person just gets bored when we try to get them to defend their interests.
And until that changes, the guys who are in there after the money will get it, and the public will get screwed.
politics ain't charity, it's a life and death battle.
It's exactly like blacks.  As long as they depend on Massah Kennedy and Massah Bill Clinton to take care of them, they will be ignored.
Politics is as real as you get.  If you take bullshit and frantic denunciations of the Confederate flag, the real world will give you that instead of real money and real power every time.

The same rules holds when it comes to the public versus big business or big liberal lobbies.

As long as the biggest thing on your mind is whether a politician remembers your name or has a nice image, that is all you will get.

"Democracy is a system of government where people get what they deserve."




Let me tell you a little secret about how you learn things.  You can formulate the best question in the world for an expert, and you get a canned answer.  He is diplomatic about it.  He won't tell you that you are just wrong and why you are not only wrong, you are being asinine and he has heard that crap a thousand times.
But if you make a flat statement which is totally undiplomatic and kicks him in the teeth, he unloads on you, he tells you everything you want to hear.  He drops all  the facts on you, he tells you you are just plain wrong.  He tries to make a fool of you.
I am a professional village idiot.  I get embarrassed a LOT.  But I get everything the experts have to offer, and I get it fast, and I get it blunt.  And when I have to face a hostile audience and I have to be able to make flat statements, I am a weapon loaded by experts.
That takes the kind of moral courage most people simply do not have.




When I hit age 40 in 1982, two men, separately, sat me down and gave me advice.

One was my doctor brother, the other was my friend, the Republican Chief Counsel for Republicans on a House Committee my boss sat on.

How many men turning 40 do you know who older men would sit down with and give advice to on their fortieth birthday?

They did it because they knew I would LISTEN.

The House Counsel said to me, "Bob, you are a fighter, and I admire that.  But remember, everybody understands and sympathizes with an Angry Young Man, but nobody has any respect for an Angry Middle Aged Man."

I modified my behavior accordingly.

Andrew Young was one of the up-and-coming Angry Young Black Men of the 1960s.  But he never got beyond a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives.  His hair is white, his face is lined, and he is STILL The Angry Young Black Man.

Charlie Rangel (?) is just as radical as Young, but he laughs all the time.  Young's face would crack if he smiled.  He is always Outraged.  And he is going nowhere.

Rangel is moving from black spokesman to national leadership in the Democratic Party.  Democrats want him to stay black.  Liberals love black folks, but they want them to stay in their place.

Al Sharpton is as radical as you can get.  But he laughs and jokes between his bursts of anger and calls to revolution.

Whites are exactly the same way.  Nobody has any use for the white haired old men who still think they're Hippies and Yippies from the 1960s.

If you're going to get ahead, you damned well learn to laugh as well as show your righteous resentment.



June 15, 2004


There are blacks who wake up in the middle of the night worrying that somebody somewhere is using the N word and that a lot of whites don't want them to marry their daughters.

Those people need help, but it isn't political help they need.

Maybe Prozac and a nice rest home would do them good.



In the Crown versus Joseph Pierce, 1986, a British court sentenced Pierce to a year in prison for "inciting racial violence."  The court admitted what Pierce said was true, and that it was the blacks who reacted by committing violence. 

But, said the court, Pierce was to blame because:

 "The truth is no excuse."

The whole point of free speech is to let people speak unpleasant truths.  If you punish people for that, free speech is a joke.



I often compliment large black women on the bright colors they are wearing.

This makes them feel good, which is gives me pleasure,  but that is not why I do it.  I am constitutionally incapable of lying to someone to make them feel good. 

Well-chosen bright colors look great against a background of very, very dark and especially black skin.  The women I compliment have carefully chosen the bright color best suited for them and others to enjoy.

I appreciate that, and I say so.

Yuppies and Women's Libbers would consider those bright colors large black women wear as a sign that those women are "veddy, veddy lower clahss" or " violating of the Dignity of Black Women" or whatever the latest bitch is that they got from the Yuppie Independent Thought Factory this week.

So where bright colors are most needed, they are absent.

Working in an office is boring enough.  Some bright colors would help a LOT there.  But women there wear the uniform prescribed by the Yuppie Independent Thought Factory.  They all wear the same dark, severely cut business outfits that make them look like monks doing penance.



The only similarity between me and Jesus Christ is that I will probably end up getting lynched too.

But I try to be good Christian, and one reason I think I am succeeding is because I am the exact opposite of professional preachers.

I don't think there is anybody any more who thinks liberal professional preachers regard their religious pretense as anything more than a useful pose for pushing their political agenda.

But a lot of people think professional conservative preachers actually believe.

When conservative preachers find something their congregations want to believe, or when they need to say something to pacify liberals, they drag a quote out of the Old Testament to back up whatever they need to say.

If a conservative preacher is desperate enough, he will even quote Jesus, though they hate to do that and conservative preachers almost never quote Jesus.

My situation is entirely different.  I will work something out, boil my belief down to its essence, and then suddenly remember that Jesus said the same thing better two thousand years ago.

For example, I denounce the professors, who are almost universally evil people.

And yes, Virginia, I DO know the difference between "evil" and "honestly mistaken."   I meant evil.

Then I realize that Jesus said the was thing, but better, about the Learned Doctors of His own time, the priests and scribes and Pharisees. They were almost all evil men.  I meant evil, and Jesus called them that.



June 14, 2004


In the June 13 Blog I mentioned the fact that I got a lot of satisfaction out of buying that fan for the workers at Krystals.   As usual with me, I got a good laugh out of it, too.

I just walked in with the fan still in the case and handed that and the receipt to the lady there, told her about it, and walked out.  One young guy there, sweating and SO grateful he would be getting cool again, said the first thing that entered his mind.  He said, "You are man's best friend!"

I grinned as I walked to my car.  It sounds like the sort of thing I would accidentally say when trying to be nice in a hurry.

I hope he knew I had a sense of humor and laughed at it too instead of being embarrassed when he realized what he had said.. 

He had called me a dog.




June 13, 2004

Like anybody else, my favorite subject is me.  But unlike most people, my favorite subject of HUMOR is also me.
I do silly things that I laugh about over and over.  It may be that I am such a genius that I pull a lot of dumb tricks because my mind is always on Higher Things.  Or it could be I'm just stupid.
I prefer the Genius Explanation.
There is a lovely young lady in the apartment building here with whom I have had short talks for a couple of years as we walk by each other or wait for the elevator.   She is smart and obviously the sort of high-strung, go-getter type of young person I would like to sit down and talk with.
I would like to know who she is.
The fact that she is beautiful and sexy doesn't hurt a bit.
I'm old but I ain't DEAD!
I finally got up the courage to ask if she could carve time out of her busy day to have lunch with me.

Her first response was that she was seeing somebody.  OF COURSE she has a boyfriend.  I would be ashamed of the young men of the State of South Carolina if she didn't.

My response was perfectly honest: "You think your boyfriend would be jealous of ME?"
So she agreed to have lunch with me, but I had exhausted my reserves of courage and my arms were full of groceries, so when she got off the elevator, I hadn't gotten her number.  But she made it clear that, now she knew I just wanted to have a talk, she really wanted to do so, too.  I am an interesting person.

As she got off the elevator on her floor, she said,  "You haven't told me where you are." 

 So I sort of shouted out my apartment number and telephone number.  I think it was my sister's number, since it was the first one that came to mind.
Romeo I ain't.
I had gotten her to agree to have lunch and reassured her I wasn't trying to take her away from her boy friend, but I hadn't gotten her number.
So I decided on a way to rectify that  last error.
I would go down at 8am and sit in front of the door she and everybody else come out of when they are going to work.  I would wait until she came out, call her over, and reassure her that I wasn't stalking her by saying that I was doing the old Capitol Hill trick of sitting in the lobby waiting for the congressman to come out.  I would then point out, which was true, that she had made an old man's day by saying her boy friend might be jealous of me.
I would then give her my card and ask for her telephone number to arrange lunch.
In other words I would just be the Old Capitol Hill pro at work.
OK. You have better tactics, but pretty girls scare the hell out of me and this is not my specialty.  If nothing else, she'd feel sorry for me.
So I felt I was really being Shrewd.  I went down, sat there with a book to read, and watched the folks come out as I waited.   It got to eight thirty and almost nobody had come out.  About a quarter to nine, it finally occurred to me it was Sunday.
The old, cool, Capitol Hill pro had been sitting in the lobby on SUNDAY!
I laughed and sniggered at me.  I am really funny, especially when I try to be Shrewd.
So I went on back to my apartment, checking my mail on the way.
There wasn't any.



While I was in Pigeon Forge in the last stages of exhaustion, I went into a Krystals.  Krystals is a fast-food place whose specialty is a tiny delicious little hamburger that I haven't had in years, so I went in to get a couple.

The air conditioning was broken, and I felt a blast of hear from behind the counter where the cooking took place.  The staff was staggering around red-faced and sweating. 

I asked them why they didn't have a fan and they said the company bureaucracy just wasn't getting around to getting them one while the AC was off, though they had begged them to.

Ole Bob worked on a brick plant and played football in the South Carolina heat.  I HATE the idea of people having to work hot.

I went straight to the store, bought them a sizable fan, came back and gave it to an older, responsible-looking lady working there with the receipt that had the store's name on it in case it didn't work, and left.

They were SO grateful, and I knew exactly how they felt, because I have worked in the heat myself.

I drove off feeling GREAT.   I have never gotten so much joy out of spending $35 plus tax in my life.

One thing I have never heard mentioned is that inconsiderate people, people who don't "Do unto others as you have them do unto you," miss some of the greatest joys in life.



June 12, 2004

Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I'm free at last! I just attended my third convention in three or four weeks, the Council of Conservative Citizens in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. After a lifetime of setting up and attending conventions, I hope this was my last one.

They're still convening. I got there for the first speech, then I went out into the hall and met the attendees, those how were not officials or speakers. God, they will never know how I admire them!

How do they work, raise families, stay active locally in a cause that is dangerous to be in, and then drive hundreds of miles just to listen?

The leaders who knew who I was charged by me and nodded and told me how busy, busy, busy they were. The only person who went up to my room and sat and talked with me was San Francis, my old colleague from Capitol Hill in the 1970s. Like all the people I stayed in touch with and kept working with, he is hard core. He had a very nice and lucrative job with the Washington Times but he just wouldn't stop telling the truth about race issues, so they fired him

Sam was standing there, meeting people and being available for an emergency, which is what any old pro at a convention does. He talked to me a long time because we have a lot to talk about, but he did it for another reason: He would rather die than run by Bob Whitaker at a convention and tell me he was busy, busy, busy.

Sam and I have organized more conventions than either of us care to remember, and if you run by an old pro and say how busy, busy, busy you are, you might as well have the word "AMATEUR" tattooed on your forehead.

The National Alliance crowd came in and huddled together talking to each other. Jared Taylor, whom I admire greatly – he tears them to pieces when they let him on talk shows -- charged by.

I went to lunch alone. I went to supper alone. Then I figured I could do that at home, so I came on back.

I don't think any other human being has ever been so happy to be snubbed. I had traveled to New York on Amtrak for the three-day-long Talkers Magazine New Media Convention, and, with delays, spent almost two days on the train. Immediately I had to prepare for the David Duke get-together in New Orleans. I wrote and rewrote my speech several times, and then deliver one off the cuff that was very different fro the written one. Dave was pressed for time, and I was the only speaker who did not use more than his allotted time. I had half an hour and finished in eleven minutes.

My Methodist circuit rider grandfather used to say, "If you can't say it in fifteen minutes, you don't know what you are talking about."

I came back from New Orleans with what I thought was a bad cold. Then I thought it was flu. Then it really got serious. A nurse told me it was serious, they didn't know what it was, but it had been going around where she was –God knows where she was calling from – and I needed to call my doctor brother immediately and get antibiotics for it.

Both cold and flu are viruses, and you don't use antibiotics on a virus. My brother prescribed an antibiotic, and I was finally fighting it off when I learned from Charles Lindsbegh that they were holding a C of CC convention starting two days later at Pigeon Forge. C of C is a group I admire, so I decided to drive up. The fact I was going up helped them because it was advertised on Stormfront in promoting the convention, so the drive was worthwhile for me.

But I was TIRED! I am ecstatic to be home. If I got snubbed some and left, I couldn't be happier about it.

God bless the CofCC. If I had my fondest wish, there would be a hundred groups like the Council of Conservative Citizens and I would consider it an honor to be snubbed by every one of them. They are fighting to save my race, and I am at their service.



June 9, 2004


This really happened.

One thing we always used to do when we went to Myrtle Beach was to get up early and go out and watch the sun rise over the ocean.  It's beautiful!

A bunch of my crowd went out to California.  During their time there they spent some days at the beach.  So as part of their beach ritual they got up early and sat on the beach waiting for the sunrise over the ocean.

On the WEST coast!

The finally realized that the sun was coming up behind them and had a good laugh at themselves.

No harm done.

Now let me tell you about a similar incident.  Nobody else who watches the news has a memory, and this happened a couple of years ago as a lead story in international news, so I am the only person who remembers it.

When the latest Iraq War was about to start, networks spent huge amounts of money stationing reporters on the borders of Iraq to interview all the refugees who would be pouring out of Iraq. After all, there are always huge streams of refugees in war, right?   That is as routine and predictable as the sun rising over the ocean, right?

So the invasion began and a large part of the reporters sat there on the borders away from the invasion forces and waited for refugees, exactly the same way my crowd waited for the sun to rise over the ocean in California.

Just like my crowd waiting for the sun to rise over the West Coast beach, those reporters waited and waited and waited.

No refugees.

My crowd in California had the same problem, but there is one gigantic difference between them and those dumbass reporters.  My crowd figured out what they were doing wrong and laughed at themselves.  The reporters never figured it out.

So let me explain the situation here:

The sun comes up over the ocean on the Atlantic side, but it never rises over the ocean on Pacific side.

There are refugees in every war those reporters, but they NEVER run away from Americans.

During the Vietnam War, the press was on the side of the Communists.   So they always talked about the poor Vietnamese who were forced to become refugees.  But they never even noticed that none of those refugees ever ran away from Americans to find nice, safe Communist territory.  It was all America's fault there were refugees, so nobody mentioned which way those refugees were going.

The media never even NOTICED which way the refugees were going.

So there they sat on the Iraqi border for weeks waiting for the flood of refugees running away from the American invaders.

And those idiots STILL haven't figured out what happened.



June 7, 2004


History is a history of historians.  So this is the story of the past you and I take so much for granted that we don't even know we take it for granted.
Here it is:
In early times, people were hunters and gatherers.   They only knew their own territory and the territory next door. 
Then came agriculture.   On agricultural society, some people invented writing, and history began.   Those writers wrote of other lands, and people began to explore other lands.  Slowly, because of writing, people began to be aware of other lands.
Recent discoveries have shown that pre-agricultural peoples had contacts that stretched thousands of mile.  Brave writers are beginning to refer to the "first world-wide economy."
How on earth could a world-wide trade system be based on anything but a bunch of scribblers sitting on their butts writing things down?  What a bizarre idea!
Let's get back to a basic fact of life:
There is no one dumber than a dumb man who thinks he's smart.
There is no one crueler than someone who thinks he is torturing people to Save Their Souls.  He cannot tolerate simple mercy, because he is dedicated to True Mercy.
And no one is more provincial than someone who thinks he is a True Sophisticate.
So a historian who sits on his butt and reads about the world thinks he knows all there is to know. 
Meanwhile Genghis Kahn, without a single scribe, conquered the world from Europe to China.
While Rome, an empire filled with scribes, was paddling around a large pond called the Mediterranean Sea, Northmen were traveling the ocean.
There is an interesting coincidence.  Every one of the societies historians call Great Civilizations hired lots and lots of scribes.   The Cradle of Civilization is made up entirely of empires that hired lots of scribes.
Isn't that convenient?
The Cradle of Civilization is also right there where the historians were already gathered.  They were paid to be biblical historians, so they were right there in Palestine, right between the two Cradles of Civilization, Egypt and Mesopotamia.
Isn't that convenient?
But now they keep making discoveries that show that the Cradles of Civilization never invented anything and never discovered anything.
Gosh darn!   What a shock!
Well, if you are a professional historian or a retard, it IS a shock.
History is a story of historians, and they are hopelessly inbred.  They are hopeless provincials because they tell each other how sophisticated they are.
You see, scribes are parasites.  The live on slave holders who have lots of slaves in a trap like the Nile Valley or between the Tigris and the Euphrates, Mesopotamia.  Anybody who doesn't pay their salary is a "barbarian."
Meanwhile, Egypt discovered the wheel when the Hyskos barbarians rolled over them in chariots.  The Cradle of Civilization discovered iron when the Hittites came and beat their heads in with it.
Meanwhile real people were rolling around – on WHEELS --  and doing things.





A reader liked what I said about the failings of the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation.  He referred to my "cold shower logic."  I LOVE that term!   That is EXACTLY what I am trying to do!


Amos 'n Andy was a hilarious program that made black actors its stars when blacks were simply not on television. For the first time, we saw black judges, black doctors, black experts going about their jobs.
In the television version, Andy was a cab driver who appeared very seldom.  He was a dedicated family man and had touching scenes with his son.  He would introduce the program sometimes.
They needed stooges to lead in a comedy show, so they used dumb old fat Amos and Kingfish, who reminded me of Oliver Hardy to Amos's fat Laurel.  In addition to the intelligent, well-spoken judges and lawyers in trial scenes, they had one dumb lawyer, Calhoun, as a standard comedy character.
In other words, Amos 'n Andy had three totally comic characters.   The NAACP went ballistic.   Dumb characters on a comedy show!  Good Lord, obviously Hitler was the producer!
In one of its greatest victories, the NAACP got this wildly popular show cancelled.
Amos 'n Andy was obviously racist, because no comedy would show WHITE people like the Three Stooges or Laurel and Hardy looking DUMB!
We had some black kids who would come and watch our TV, since it was about the only one in Pontiac, South Carolina.  They actually cried when Amos 'n Andy went off.
Then, many years later, another all-black comedy hit the number one slot and stayed there.  That was the Cosby Show.  Cosby was a doctor and a dedicated family man.  His wife was a judge.  His children were intelligent and caring.  The NAACP went ballistic.
The Cosbys were not BLACK enough!    They did not present a realistic picture of the lot of the urban poor in the ghettoes.
Worst of all, Bill Cosby was the opposite of what a black man is supposed to be in a Politically Correct society.  Black people are supposed to have a chip on their shoulders the size of the Brooklyn Bridge.  They are supposed to dedicate their lives to a curled lip and Righteous Resentment, reminding white people every minute to beware of saying a wrong word, reminding white people of Centuries of Oppression.
Cosby took life as it came. On the show he was an MD, in real life he is a PhD.  He knows things are wrong.   He lives with that, and he does it well.
That is NOT the function of a guy running around in a black skin.
Look, liberals love black people.  All they ask is that black people stay in their place.




Most people enjoy gold coins and thinking about the old real silver coins that used to make that special ring when they hit the table.  If you want to get an idea of the size of those coins in the Old West or when Scrooge treasured them, here's the way to do it.

The following figures are not exact, and there is an endless history about every number I give you, but this is to give you a ballpark estimate of just how big those coins were and how they felt.

Get yourself a dime, a quarter, and a half dollar. 

A silver dollar weighed almost exactly an ounce.  So your quarter is still the same size as a quarter of an ounce of silver.

By a great coincidence, gold weighs exactly twice as much as silver.  When I say exactly, I mean a cubic foot of gold weighs 1205 pounds and cubic foot of silver weighs 605 pounds. 

So look at that quarter coin.  If it were silver, it would weigh a quarter of an ounce.  If it were gold, it would weigh half an ounce.   The price of gold that was set on gold back then was twenty dollars an ounce.   That quarter would have been a ten-dollar gold piece.

So  those who have never seen a one-dollar gold piece are in for a surprise.  It is a tenth the size of a quarter!  The old one-dollar gold piece made a dime look HUGE. 

If you watch the movie "Scrooge" you will old Scrooge looking at his "gold sovereigns,"  They are gold British one-pound coins that he keeps on a red satin slide-out that he keeps locked up except when he slides them out to look at them.  All this was supposed to have taken place in 1860, when the coins were the way I am describing here.

What will surprise you is how tiny those "gold sovereigns" are.   When I read that grandiose title in history books, I envisioned those "gold sovereign" coins as huge and ringing loudly when they hit the table

A "gold sovereign" was worth just under $5 back then (when the dollar was worth at least twenty of today's dollars).  So the gold sovereign weighed  about an quarter of an ounce, as much as a silver quarter, but it was twice as heavy as silver so a gold sovereign was half the size of a quarter.  In other words, it was just slightly larger than a dime.

For people my age, the big thing we remember about metal coins is a cowboy in a movie buying a drink and tossing his silver coin on the counter.  It rang when it hit.   The pay of a cowboy was about $ 20 a month, but they were SILVER dollars, worth at least twenty of our dollars apiece, and he got h is place to sleep on the ground and his beans and beef free on the trail.   By the standards of the European working class back then he lived like a king.

And when he hit town, he DID have some coins to ring on the bar top.




In social science discussions, you will often hear the term "counter-intuitive."

The term "counter-intuitive" is summed up in the phrase used by every con man since the Garden of Eden:

"Things are not as they appear."

Actually things are almost always exactly as they appear.  If they were not, every animal on earth that has eyes would have lost those eyes long ago due to survival of the fittest.

By the time the Roman doctor Galen wrote up his theory of medicine in Roman times, people had long since noticed that a person who lost blood weakened and a person who lost too much blood died.  The problem was that anybody could tell you that.

Galen came up with a theory about "balancing the four humors in the body."  Galen said the way to treat diseases was to drain blood out of the body.  Let's see some illiterate peasant come up with THAT!

Galen's theory caught on big time.  It became official policy taught in every university for almost two thousand years.  When George Washington got pneumonia, his doctors killed him by draining over a quart of blood from his body.

Bleeding never worked, but the important thing was that it was something a peasant wouldn't come up with.  It was Intellectual, you see.

All frauds and all primitive sciences come up with "counterintuitive solutions."   Every historian readily admits that today's social sciences are primitive, but no historian has ever applied the experience of every other primitive science to today's history.

So social science today is one solid mass of "counter-intuitive" ideas.   Just as primitive medicine bled people to cure them, modern social science says that if honest citizens are threatened by career violent criminals, you should disarm the honest citizens.  The way to a better education, says the social scientist, is to bus children into the nastiest ghettoes you can find.  It multicultures them.  And punishment is no way to deal with crime, they tell us.

And so forth.

It's the same old crap as medical bleeding, and it works every bit as well.



I know too damned much to hate anybody.  I would cheerfully execute a Ted Bundy with my own hands.  But I couldn't hate him, any more than I could hate a mad dog.
People say they feel sorry for somebody who is "consumed by hate."  I don't.  The people you should feel sorry for is somebody like me who has spent his whole life trying  to tell sane people, "Don't be a damned FOOL!"
Jews don't need to do this.   If you are good hater, you would just believe that Jews have Satan's Curse and are Naturally Evil.
No problem.
Man, that hate stuff is so much easier than being like me, watching an intelligent human being who simply refuses to be sane.  These are people I would love to talk with, but they have chosen to destroy my race in a completely matter-of-fact way.

I seem to have spent half my life trying to explain that Jews are just people, for God's sake.  Jerry Falwell makes them semi-gods.  Anti-Semites make them devils.  Jerry Falwell is just as dangerous as any anti-Senite, because if you make anybody an angel, you are going to make devils of them when they disappoint you.

That is EXACTLY what happened to Martin Luther.    That is why he ended up a raving anti-Semite.  

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth,  Jews are just a group of people who are doing something evil and stupid.  That's my problem.

I think Jews have been horribly spoiled since World War II because of Hitler.  You can't say anything about them that is not wild praise.  In other words, in the post-WWII era they have been angels.   That means they will soon be seen as devils.
Henry Kissinger, an Austrian Jew who lost his family to the Nazis in Austria, summed it up.  He said, "A people that has been persecuted for two thousand years is doing something WRONG!"



June 5, 2004


In 1900, every large company had several men who spent ten hours a day, including Saturday, sitting side by side at a table doing arithmetic.  The got the figures for sales that day, cash on hand that day, and all the other numbers a big business generates, and they then added, subtracted and multiplied the numbers and produced summaries and profit and loss statements.
Obviously somebody had to tot up the numbers, and these were guys who did it.
They were called "computers."  Computing was their job.
So when IBM produced a machine to do all this adding and subtracting work, it was called a "computer."
I remember when all computer courses talked about this interesting evolution of the word computer.  "In the old days," they said, "The word ‘computer' referred to a man."
It was a strange idea back then.
A human called a "computer" was an interesting and quaint idea in the 1950s when "computer" meant a large machine produced by IBM.
Today, the thing I am writing on here is called a "computer."  The huge IBM computers of the 1950s were entirely dedicated to computing, that is, adding and subtracting and doing statistical work with numbers.
Today  I never use my computer to compute.  The dia that computers once aomputed is every bit as quaint today as the fact that "computer" used to mean a man instead of a machine was in the 1950s.



I have been conducting interrogations at every level, from prisons to Capitol Hill, for decades.   So I speak with some expertise.
Every professional theologian I have ever met is a psychopath, a.k.a.. sociopath, a person totally incapable of feeling genuine guilt, like Ted Bundy.  After a lifetime of practice, an intelligent psychopath is far better at faking guilt than any normal person.
A ballpark estimate is that there are five million psychopaths in the United States.
One Catholic professor has been the official theologian for National Review magazine for decades.  Their official historian is Dr. Jaffe, who says America is based on the words "All men are created equal."
I had lunch with National Review many years ago after he had written a book in which he used  the term "WASP," meaning White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.  His book was about how virtuous the Catholic ethnics were as opposed to the WASPs.  I pointed out to him that I had worked in a lot of campaigns and other movements in Catholic ethnic areas, and they were just like Southern Protestants in the characteristics he cited..
I pointed out that he had coined the word "WASP" because he didn't dare use the word "Yankee," which would be accurate and contrast Southern and ethnic virtues with the failures and moral weaknesses of Yankees.  He had insulted half of the White Anglo-Saxon population of America in doing this..
Like a good psychopath, he answered, "Yes."  Morally speaking, talking to him was exactly like talking to a robot.
Liberals and respectable conservatives do consider white Southerners the one ethnic group they can insult.  But even with that attitude a fashionable liberal or conservative shows some unease when he is caught in this kind of lying insult while facing a white Southerner.  This National Review theologian gave me the flat, unemotional response that only comes from a psychopath.  I have seen it many, many times and every experienced interrogator picks it up instantly.  That is his job..
This is an important and practical  matter for an interrogator because lie detector tests and many other  methods are useless on psychopaths.   So you have to know if you are dealing with one.  An interrogator who can't pick up the fact that someone is a psychopath is like a doctor who can't find high blood pressure.  He is an incompetent.
A psychopath is programmed, and you need to ask questions that don't hit his programming button to determine whether he is a psychopath.
My question did not trigger this particular religious psychopath's programming. If I had shown that he had insulted blacks or Jews, his lip would have trembled and his apology would have been public, as his "looking like guilt" programming dictated.   As a psychopath with a lifetime's programming, he would have responded to that stimulus with the proper reaction.  But my point about white Southern Protestants did not hit his switch.  So he just responded with a robotic "Yes."



Pat Buchanan really got into the kook category in the 2000 campaign when he announced hat world had to be created in six days because he didn't want to be kin to a monkey.   This has nothing to do with the argument over evolution.  It is just plain childish.   The idea of grown man saying that is bad, the idea of serious candidate for national office saying that puts him beyond the pale.  That was the day Pat Buchanan put himself in a category with the Vegetarian Party.

Nobody in he media noticed this because they wanted to blame Buchanan's poll collapse on his limited opposition to immigration.  But that when he became totally discredited.  Buchanan always ends up being a harmless religious nut.

The whole right is going that way.   They demand that everybody be kept on life support until the body actually begins to stink, the family's wishes be damned.   They fanatically demand the rights of mindless embryos over sick people, they want as much agony as possible for a person who is dying.  The actual support for any of this among sane people who have conscience is nil.  The Spanish Inquisition has more real, serious apologists than this crap, but it is rigid conservative doctrine.

It isn't liberals who are now discrediting conservatives. It is this pseudo-Pro-Life silliness.

I am ashamed to call myself a conservative today.  I am anti-liberal, but I am not an idiot or a nut or a sadist.



There was a minimum of five million Jews in the Roman Empire. Most of them spoke only Greek and their scriptures were in Greek.   That infrastructure became the Christian Church.

The entire Christian doctrine about Jews is based on the idea that almost all Roman Jews were in Israel, spoke Aramaic, and had their scriptures in Hebrew.  Then, says the official doctrine, the Jews were driven out of Israel in the first century AD when the Temple was destroyed and have been wanderers ever since, waiting for the Return to the Holy Land of their Fathers.

Meanwhile back on earth a tenth of the Roman Jews were in Israel.   They were not driven out.  There was no Diaspora.

None of this bothers the psychopaths who make up most of the professional Christian clergy.


I don't play the lottery, but I have the ultimate lottery card on my wrist.
In fact, the people who buy lottery tickets are exactly the kind of people who would consider MY lottery ticket to be nuts.
I am one of about five hundred people on earth who is actually signed up to be frozen when I die.   The hope is that sometime in the future technology will advance enough to unfreeze us.  If the society of the future is rich enough, they will do it for us.   It will be entirely their call.
If that happens I will be born into a wealthy world with technology that lets you live forever in youthful health.
That beats any lottery payoff.
Please, please don't make the desperately tired old joke that you will be glad to put me in your freezer when I die.  I got tired of that after the first hundred times I heard it.
Ted Williams got frozen.  Walt Disney wanted to, but his doctors lied to him about his coming death and it didn't happen.
An Arizona group called Alcor does the freezing and storage.  I went and studied it.  You cannot work for Alcor if you aren't signed up for freezing.  Nobody at Alcor makes much money.   It is a fun fraternity to belong to.
Alcor is attacked from all sides.
One thing that makes me hopeful about being unfrozen is that every big time expert TV documentaries interview declares that bringing a frozen person back to life will absolutely never be possible, and that the whole thing is silly.
Experts always say that.  One big expert had finished the definitive book on cloning mammals.  He had sent in the galleys and the book was on its way to publication.  It declared, once and for all, what every expert on mammalian reproduction had said over and over: No one would ever be able to clone a mammal.
It was in exactly that period that the birth of Dolly, the first cloned sheep, was announced.  This is routine.  Expert always say everything is impossible.  If you don't say that, you don't get called a Real, Tough, Practical expert who is above the pipe dreams of the masses..
MD's make up less than one in a thousand of the entire population.  Among the five hundred people signed up to be frozen are at least a dozen MDs.  The Board of Advisors is full of MDs.  There are even more PhDs in biological sciences who are signed up to be frozen.  Nobody interviews them.
I wear a metal Alcor medical bracelet on my wrist which is exactly like the bracelet people wear warning emergency room doctors about allergies or other problems.  It will be read.
My metal bracelet gives the telephone number of Alcor, where people are always waiting – I call there from time to time on other matters – and other information on what to do if I die.
An Alcor team is always ready to go and do the procedure.  They do it regularly all over America.   They bring me back for storage with those already there.
As I say, everybody in authority is against this.  The dead should have their  blood pumped out and formaldehyde pumped into their veins, the way God intended.
Why do people feel they have a right to criticize people for wanting to be frozen?  It is outlawed in Saskatchewan.  Canada outlaws anything it doesn't like.
All of Ted Williams' children except one daughter said he wanted to be frozen.  His daughter fought it.  Someone called her and said, "Your nightmare is taking place at this moment."  This meant that Williams' body was being prepared for freezing instead of being embalmed.  She wanted him embalmed and buried in the ground with the worms. 
Why?  Because she said that being embalmed and buried with the worms was "natural."
Go figure.
Why the hell is this anybody's business but my own? 
If I let everybody know that I wanted to be buried head-down with a rose in each ear, nobody would go to court to fight it.  Nobody would call in experts to say that was irrational.  They would just do what I told them to do, roses and all.


The most damning thing anybody can say about a grown man is, "Wait and catch him in a good mood."

What could be more contemptible than a grown man who is known for making his decisions based on how his tummy is feeling that morning?
That's for BABIES, for God's sake!



I don't give a damn about Jews.   I am furious because the Jewish attitude sucks.
On the "Seinfeld" show, Jerry Seinfeld knew a Catholic who had converted to Judaism and was always making Jewish jokes.  Seinfeld said, "I think he just converted for the jokes!"
So Seinfeld went and complained to a Catholic priest about this guy and his constant stream of Jewish jokes.
The priest asked him, very delicately, "And this offends you as a Jewish person?"
Replied Seinfeld, "No, it offends me as a comedian."
For fifty years, I have listened to people start out with the words, "I am Jewish and..."
The next thing they said was ALWAYS a nasty, vicious remark about the South, about white people, or both.
These "I am Jewish" Jews seem to think I am supposed to get all googly-eyed about how they are Persecuted Jews and not care what they say about MY people.
White goyim don't have feelings, you see.
Well, this white goy DOES have feelings, and if that is anti-Semitism, then put my name on the Hitler list.
As Patrick Henry said, "If this be treason, then make the most of it."
Screw labels.  Call it "treason" or "racism" or "anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews."  I am a free man and I say what I damned well please.




June 4, 2004



Two very ironic incidents occurred in Louisiana in 1861.  Both of them took place between the time Louisiana seceded and the outbreak of the Civil War at Fort Sumter.
The first incident involved a senior officer in the United States Army who was on his way to Washington from a Western outpost.
Louisiana had just seceded from the Union and all United States Army officers and West Point students who were loyal to Louisiana had resigned their positions in the Federal Army.  One thing that Louisiana did NOT want to see was a high-ranking federal officer in full uniform inside the State of Louisiana. 
So a full colonel in the Federal Army caused a lot of trouble.  He was threatened and cursed at on  his way through the state.
The full colonel was on his way to resign his commission.  His name was Robert E. Lee.
Meanwhile another former Federal officer had spent some years in Louisiana teaching in a military academy.  All the military teachers in that academy were also officers of the Louisiana State Militia.  Each of them wore the uniform of the Louisiana State Militia in their teaching duties.
The uniform was gray.
This particular officer in the Louisiana State Militia was a Northerner but he had not yet decided to resign his post because the term had not ended and there were no hostilities between the United States and Louisiana.  As a Louisiana State militiaman, he was ordered to seize certain military supplies from a federal base.  He followed orders.
At about the same time Colonel Lee was being threatened for wearing his blue uniform in the State of Louisiana, this man was in a gray uniform seizing Federal supplies in that state.
His name was William Tecumseh Sherman.




I think I may have found a Jew with a mind and some guts.
I have pointed out that one of the two people who really got this blog started is a black man.
For six years I have carefully replied each time a person who claimed he was a member of a minority group sent me an enraged e-mail, no matter how insulting it was.  Every time the writer did not reply, and in most cases my reply bounced and I got the old "MAILER-DAEMON" bit, indicating that the brave person cursing me had not given his real e-mail address.
I respect the ones who at least give me a genuine address to reply to, even if they don't respond to my reply.  They have been taught in all the movies that an evil bigot like me will be crushed by some canned "You are a Hater" crap.  When I reply with solid reasons for what I said, they simply can't deal with it.  But they gave me my say.
After five years of this, a black man actually wrote me back after my reply.  We have been corresponding regularly ever since.  It turns out he was born in West Columbia, South Carolina just like I was and he has the same totally out-of-date attitude I do, that somebody who is genuinely loyal to his own people and won't back down is a good person and deserves listening to.
To both of us, race is not an abstract question.  Race is what we were raised with as long as we can remember.  As a South Carolinian, he and I have dealt with a racial attitude and with the fact that people from the other race were, to say the least, close to us.
To a Southerner before this generation, race was as much a part of our childhood as carnal love for his mother was integral to Sigmund Freud. 
When I go to my club, which is made up of people who are in recovery from narcotics and alcohol, I say, "One of the great things about being here is that there are so many things I DON"T have to explain."
The same thing is true between me and this man.
Me and my fellow West Columbian were, so to speak, raised on the porch.  We just talk.  We don't wonder why the other guy said what he said, and we don't worry ourselves sick over what the "implications" of what the other guy said are.  We just talk.
If he is offended, he doesn't go to pieces.  He explains it to me.
He got fascinated by a lot of my experiences, and said I should write an autobiography.  I had to explain to him that I could not say publicly what I was saying to him.  Others would be all over me about racial implications and Freudian crap.     So the minute I mentioned a blog, he was all over me to go to it.
Our shared sense of humor is probably utterly alien to others.  For example, he was competing in a contest and he said , "Like most Southerners, I hate to lose."
I replied, "Yes, Southerners hate to lose.  Half of us were slaves and the other half of us got stomped in the Civil War.  Little problems like that do tend to give one a mild dislike of being on the losing side."
Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Here I was trivializing the Oppression of  Black People and the tragedy of the American War of Brother against Brother!  How can any decent human being laugh at that?
He got a kick out of it, too.
Our problems in trying to help our respective races are very similar.  My West Columbia buddy has tried to deal with the NAACP opportunists, the well-paid establishment pets called "spokesmen for the black community."  He has also talked plenty with black militants. 
By the same token, I dealt with respectable conservatives who are the kept establishment opposition, like the NAACP, and I deal with the Klansmen, the white militants.   Respectable conservatives on our side are the exact equivalent of the NAACP spokesmen on his side of the fence and the my Klansmen are his black militants.  We both respect the latter more for their sincerity, but they simply don't have a clue about what to do and they respond to fear for their own people with hatred of others.
The instinct of both Klansmen and black militants is natural: they want to find somebody to fight.  My buddy and I understand that perfectly, it is an old South Carolina attitude, but somebody has to do something smarter.
I am sorry to disappoint you, but "doing something smarter" is not what our correspondence is about.  We talk because we enjoy it.  There are huge lulls, like there were on the porch.   He has a perspective on a vanished world I want to hear, and he wants to hear mine.
Now a Jew who raised hell with me read my reply and is also treating me like a person.  A black South Carolinian and I understand the concept of "just talking," but I wonder if I can explain it to a Jew who is apparently not from where I am from?
We have had a good exchange.  Now I am going to send him this and see if he understands where I am coming from.




I was talking below about my surprising  discovery that there IS justice in the world, and I cited the fact that Jewish leaders filled up Europe with third world immigrants as part of their -- let me repeat -- OPENLY declared program to rid the earth of white people.  Many Jews oppose it, but that is the program of the Jewish leadership under the code words "multicultural" and "melting pot."

But the hatred of these Jewish leaders for whites turned around and bit them on the ass, the way hate so often does.  As a direct result of this Jewish policy of hatred, by mid-century Europe will have a Moslem majority that hates Jews and Israel more than Hitler did.

The same thing happened to New England.   Tom Fleming wrote a lead article in National Review some years ago entitled, "The Death of the Yankee Culture."  The old Yankee leadership and culture is so dead now that nobody even knows there was one.  But if you listened to Jim Bacchus' portrayal of Thurston Howell III on Gilligan's Island,  you get a taste of what was America's ruling class for at least two generations after the Civil War.

The Union Club in New York City was where that elite ruled from, recalling their great victory in the Civil War and their total  control of America after destroying the Southern power.   But  their only basis of power became hatred of the South and of white people in general.

The Southern slave-based society is "Gone With the Wind," but we all know what it was.  The Yankee ruling class is just plain GONE.

All that is left of the identity of the old Union Club today is the hate song, "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and Lincoln and  clichés.  It had no identity except being the anti-South.  No wonder it ended up calling America a melting pot.

The Southern population multiplied and populated America from coast to coast.  From the center of Ohio to the Keys and the West Coast, the Southern population multiplied and settled.  The huge states of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey only settled the northern parts of the Midwest.

So where the hell are the descendants of the so-called Puritan Fathers of New England?

The descendants of old New Englanders don't even make up a majority of tiny little New England today.  A society built on self-hatred is not likely to produce a lot of descendants in the long run.  New England was known for producing school marms and other old maids. 

New England dedicated itself to self-hatred, sin, and the Old Testament.  New England opposed every step of America's westward expansion.  New England only political drives were to oppose expansion, attack slavery once they stopped bringing in slaves themselves, and high tariffs to make the South give them money and pay the entire Federal budget.

And all that was BEFORE the Civil War.  It got worse afterwards.  Tariffs skyrocketed, and discriminatory rail rates were applied, UNTIL 1951!!! -- to destroy all Southern industry.

Meanwhile, New England died out.   While the Southern and Middle state population expanded over the continent, New England shriveled up.

That is why so many people think America was settled by immigrants.  Tiny little New England could not even populate itself, much less spread across America.   New England is now mostly Poles, Irish and so forth.  Outside of New England, the overwhelming majority of the white population in America is descended from Americans who got here before 1700!

New England based its life on hatred.   As with the Jewish leadership, they are dying away because hatred is a sick basis for a society.




I just had a conversation with a fine gentleman who shares some common occupational background with me.   It was a good talk, but I want to remind people of the basics:

1) General Background

2) Deniability.

If this doesn't anything to you, you are in the majority that doesn't need to hear it.



Just when I got used to the idea that there is no justice, I am learning there is a lot of it.
There was recently a discussion program on television where several men were talking about the fact that Europe will have a Moslem majority by 2050 AD.  Then one of them said something that completely astonished me.   He said, "The problem is that white people just don't have enough children."
That is HERESY!  If he had said that ten years ago he would have ruined!
Then  I got another shock.  The other guys AGREED!
Ten years ago every one of them would have been labeled anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews
Then something else occurred to me.  All three Jewish conferences, Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed, have led the fight for a "multiracial," which means a brown, Europe.  They demand that ONLY white countries bring the third world in and intermarry with them.  They demand that ALL white countries bring in the third world and intermarry with them.  Their program is entirely racial. 

As in their efforts to make America a colored country in the name of "the melting pot," Jewish leaders want an end to the very existence of Indo-Europeans.  They say so.  In fact, they shout it.

I will have an article describing this Jewish battle against whites in detail in the June 5 WhitakerOnline.  They use Hitler as an excuse.  Actually, what they are saying is pure Hitlerian Hate at its worst.
And they are getting their comeuppance.   This fight for a "mulitracial"(brown) Europe that Jews took the lead on has had an interesting side effect: Soon all of Europe will be dominated by people who hate Jews more than Hitler did.


June 3, 2004


A man who is really successful with women has to have a feminine side.  My awkwardness with women came from the fact that I felt that they were lovely and attractive I had nothing to offer.  A man who is successful with women must feel that he is attractive, or he will be unable to exploit his attractiveness to them.

To be extremely successful with women, a man must see men as sexually attractive.

But a man who sees men as sexually attractive has something feminine about him.  The men who are enormously successful with women, in other words, are part female.  This is not a new idea.  It is pretty well accepted, in fact.

But there is a natural consequence of the fact that men who are successful with women have a feminine side that has not been discussed.  Men who are very successful with women have a strong female side.  They will have lots of children.  But they are going to produce some male offspring who have too many of those feminine hormones.  Some of their male offspring are going to be attracted to men.

I think that is why there are homosexuals.

In the cowboy movies, the Real Men, the heroes, are bachelors.  The guys who have wives and raise children are store keepers, farmers, and other tame types.  Those who have too many purely masculine hormones probably tend to be some kind of cowboys.  They don't take the effort and they don't have the talents it takes to attract women.

This could be wrong.  After all, I have had thousands of conversations with other men and from what I can tell, I am the only living male who ever had trouble bedding legions of females.  Every man I know of except me and Hugh Hefner lost his virginity before he lost his umbilical cord.

Hugh Hefner said he went into the Army as a virgin and he came out of the Army as a virgin.  Hefner can afford to admit that.  I am too stupid not to.

I think one of my problems with women has been was that I am too male.  I would be interested to hear what other guys think is their problem with attracting females.  But they will first have to admit they have a problem, so I am not going to hold my breath.





June 2, 2004

I said before that too many of the things that happened to me seem like I made them up.  I also pointed out that I wish I had made them up.  I am an excellent writer but I can't "plot," which means I can't make up stories and become a writer of novels.
But I finally figured out why so many of the things real people in real situations say to me sound like they come out of movie scripts.  The reason they sound like they came out of movie scripts is because they DID come out of movie scripts.
In the 1920s and thirties, they made a lot of gangster movies.  John Dillinger was killed while he was walking out of the theater after watching one of them.
I was watching a documentary that pointed out that gangsters who saw those movies actually tried to model themselves after the gangsters in the movies.  Today's gangster show, "The Sopranos," shows Tony Soprano's gang constantly quoting and acting like characters in the movie, "The Godfather."
One example of real people using movie language has haunted me through the years, until I realized  the fact that reality often follows movie scripts.
I was in a big city election, and the Republicans decided that black militants, since they were in competition with the respectable black "leaders" who are slavish liberal Democrats, might be willing to ally with conservative Republicans.

That is an excellent theory, but Yuppie Republicans can't carry it out, as you will see.

So the Republicans got in contact with some black militants.  The blacks militants insisted that the Republicans go into the ghetto at night for a tal.  The blacks wanted to impress them, so they wanted the thing on their turf. 


I, of course, insisted on going along.  I told the Yuppies that I would sit quietly and listen.  I fully intended to do just that.


Well, the Republican delegation got to the black headquarters, and they were sure as hell impressed.


It looked like a scene from a Clint Eastwood movie.  There were fully automatic weapons in plain sight.  The Republicans were in coats and ties, the blacks were in "tough" clothes.
No Republican said a word.  A black guy was talking fast.
Finally the only redneck the Republicans had with them started talking back.
A buddy of mine in Washington, who shared a coat-and-tie job with me, once said, "What scares me about Whitaker is that any time we get on an elevator or we're walking down the street, he picks the biggest, meanest looking black around us and starts talking with him."
So since the rest of the crowd I came with seemed to have developed laryngitis, I talked.
As we were riding back, the Yuppies who were supposed to do the talking at the meeting finally started talking again.  I asked them why they didn't say anything.  One of them said, "You started ARGUING with that guy.  I was just hoping to get out of there alive!"
Actually, I wasn't arguing.  We were talking loud and our conversation didn't sound suburban, but it was friendly enough.
Now comes the movie line.  The black spokesman call the next day and said he wanted to get together again.  He wanted to talk to Whitaker.  The Republican on the phone, who had heard about that encounter, asked why Whitaker?  Whitaker had been the disagreeable one.
The black guy said "He's a white MAN.   We can talk to him."
Unfortunately no one in our camp was interesting in a second encounter, so the thing died there.
When I tell this story, that last line always bothers me: "He's a white man.  We can talk to him"

It sounds like a line from a movie.  Nobody would believe it.

I now realize it WAS a movie line.   The black guy used a line he had seen or heard somewhere.  I don't feel so stupid telling the story now.




You will find the silliest use of words among think they the masters of our language.   The word "sociopath," for instance, is now used instead of the more accurate term "psychopath."  That is because "psychopath" is used in movies and among the general public so those who don't want to sound like common people use the term "sociopath."
A psychopath is a person who can feel no real sense of guilt.  He could blind a baby and never feel the slightest real qualms about it.  There are at least five million psychopaths in the United States, and they make up the overwhelming majority of our clergy.
Many years ago, Dale Carnegie wrote one of the first blockbuster self-help books.  It was called "How to Win Friends and Influence People."    It should have been subtitled, "How to be a Successful Psychopath."
Above all, said Carnegie, you have to remember people's names.  A politician can let violent criminals back on the streets and bus a man's children into the ghettoes.  He can still get reelected if he remembers the voters' names.  A voter might get a little upset if criminals are let back on the street, but he will never forgive a politician doesn't remember his name.
In a sound-bite society, the psychopath is king.   You get elected or promoted by following certain rules, rules that can be written down and memorized.  You cannot get sidetracked by serious concerns about other people or considerations that throw you off the strict path of rules laid down.  genuine concern and feelings of guilt and other emotions can be faked more convincingly than real feelings can be shown by non-psychopaths.
In fact, in a society where every successful spokesman is a psychopath, genuine emotions seem fake.
No one is better is better at faking emotions than a psychopath with a lifetime of practice.  I was fooled by Jerry Swaggart's tearful confession of his transgressions.  But what he was feeling was the pain of getting caught, and the tears were real because he was feeling sorry for himself.
The judge who sentence Ted Bundy to death started out by saying what a nice young man he was and how he wished Bundy well.  Ted Bundy would have cheerfully walked up and put that judge's eyes out, right there and then, but the judge was convinced by Bundy's lifetime of acting that he was reallly an intelligent, thoughtful young man.
If a judge who has just gone through gruesome evidence of how Bundy has horribly murdered twenty or so people, how can the average person resist psychopathic skills?  Every single Catholic bishop knew all about the thousands of rapes of little boys that were going on, but every one of them made it to bishop and is considered a model of humanity.
Like religion, politics is the property of psychopaths.  I cannot imagine anybody but a genuine psychopath becoming a major conservative spokesman.  To be a respectable conservative spokesman, you have to know exactly how far to go, exactly what to believe, and exactly which opinions you have to change on command.  You have to fake guilt and outrage on command.


So Hannity looks straight into the camera and tells America that Jesus Christ died on the cross for interracial dating.  O'Reilly tells the same camera that the Founding Fathers wanted the government to sponsor interracial dances because they called this country the UNITED States of America.

Do Hannity and O'Reilly mean what they say?  Yes, they do.  They mean it to the extent that any psychopath means anything.  They would not understand what the term "meaning it" actually signifies.  They are psychopaths.  There is something missing in them.  They do not "mean" anything in the same way you do.

Not all leftist spokesmen are psychopaths.  They mean what they say.

Leftism requires a good, solid, consistent hatred of white people, Americans and so forth.  Plenty of people genuinely hate their own kind, so a lot of leftists are genuine.  But conservative spokesmen are, without exception, psychopaths.
Most conservative spokesmen are regarded by everyone as really nice guys and sincere and friendly people, the way Ted Bundy was.




June 1, 2004


Women's Liberation has helped to overcome the word stewardess.  Another evil sexist term that has been beaten back by Political Correctness is the word "secretary."  The word is now "Office Assistant."

"Secretary" is an evil sexist word, invented to humiliate women.  Can you imagine being a self-respecting man working in the Pentagon, and having someone refer to you as the mere "Secretary" of defense?

No man has to put up with the label "secretary," so no woman should either.

Thank God for Liberation!

There is another term that the brilliant and highly inventive leaders of Women's Liberation came u0p with.

In the old Pogo cartoon, there was a character called "Miz Beaver."  She was older and married and had a lot of kids, but the "Mrs." no longer fitted, so she was called "Miz" Beaver.

Younger women in the South were called "Miss" or Mrs." so that men would know whether they were available or not.  In the South, older women were routinely called "Miz" regardless of their marital status.

Then the genius of Women's Liberation came on the scene.   Women's Liberation declared that the division of women into "Miss' and "Mrs." was an Evil Plot invented by men.  So the geniuses of Women's Liberation searched for a term to substitute for "Miss" and "Mrs."  After years of research and development, they invented the term "Miz."

Thank God for Liberation!




I want to apologize profusely to David Duke.  I sent him the May 31 piece below and he was deeply hurt.  David told  me he had no way of knowing that the lovely young lady was going to sing "The American Trilogy" and he couldn't just grab her off the stage.

This is not the first time my sense of humor has blinded me to the fact that I was hurting someone.  All I can do is apologize.

I particularly hate to hurt someone who is a loyal Southerner and who is deeply offended at the idea that he would deliberately do something offensive to the South.  That was one hell of a convention, and I said something bad about it.

I make mistakes.  What can I do but say I'm sorry?





My boss on Capitol Hill was Congressman John Ashbrook of Ohio, NOT Senator John Ashcroft of Missouri.

John had personally prevented the Martin Luther King Holiday, and the year he died it became law.

In 1982 John Ashbrook decided to leave the House after 22 years and run for the Senate against the super-liberal Democratic incumbent, Howard  Metzenbaum.  There was no doubt that John would get the Republican nomination in the May primary.

An incumbent senator like Metzenbaum almost never directs all his fire entirely at one person who is still just a nominee for the opposing party's nomination. When he does that, he is announcing that that person already has the nomination sewed up and is already on the same plane with the incumbent senator.

That is exactly what we wanted, of course.

So some smartass on John's staff --who shall remain nameless -- started attacks on Metzenbaum long before the primary was to be held.   Cleveland had a huge busing program, and as always busing was only aimed at working class white kids.  Every judge I have ever known about who ordered busing sent his own grandchildren to private schools and the one in Cleveland was no exception.

The working class white vote was the one which would decide the vote on Metzenbaum's re-election.

So we sent out press release after press release press release announcing that "Senator Metzenbaum casts his one hundred and fifty-fourth consecutive pro-busing vote."  Every vote that touched on the issue got a press release from us.

Metzenbaum went ballistic.  We were perfectly correct, so all Metzenbaum could do was attack John.

Metzenbaum's poll numbers against Ashbrook were dropping like a rock.

In April of 1982 John Ashbrook, who had always been perfectly healthy, died mysteriously of a hemorrhage from a tiny perforation in the inside his stomach.  You get that from the old Borgia method of drinking crushed glass in a drink.

John's brother had been strangled the year before by the mob for a gambling debt.  I don't say there is a connection, but this sort of coincidence is unusual even in hardball politics.

Some years later, Sonny Bono was also on his way to getting the Republican nomination against the leftist incumbent  senator.  Her poll numbers were also dropping fast in a one-on-one match up.  Bono mysteriously went out skiing alone on a winter night and ended up having a fatal "accident."

 If either Bono or Ashbrook had died AFTER the nomination, a lot of questions would have been obvious.  When the fellow running against you dies, questions always come up. 

In fact, Ashbrook's body was not in the coffin at his funeral because the Ohio police were investigating unnamed "suspicious circumstances."  They never named those "circumstances," and you wouldn't if they had anything to do with an incumbent senator and you couldn't prove your case.

So, conveniently, both Ashbrook and Bono died before their primaries were held.

If Metzenbaum and the liberal California senator had had Italian names, a Mafia connection would be suspected in the convenient and mysterious deaths of their rivals.  But Metzenbaum and the California liberal were not Italian.  They were both Jews.

Jews have always had enormous power in the Mafia.  Bugsy Siegel is just an outstanding example, not a unique one.

It sure looks like a duck to me

John  Ashbrook was my friend as well as my boss.  So no matter if it does make me look like conspiracy nut, it is my obligation to report this set of coincidences.




The greatest mass extinction of life on earth was not the one where the dinosaurs died.  The earlier Permian Extinction was worse than that, and there was another that was even worse than that.  
When  the disaster that was worse than the Permian Extinction occurred, every life form on earth was permeated by sulfur, which is what acid rain consists of.  All of the old life forms were burned out of existence by a gas that even ate wet iron.  The only old form of  life that survived at all changed in form and went underneath water and mud and gave up the earth's surface completely.
Oops.  I gave you the wrong impression.  I said every life form was permeated by sulfur, the stuff of acid rain, and that makes it sound like sulfur was the villain here.   The opposite is the case.  Every life form back then was based on sulfur.  The murderous pollutant that burned iron and took over the earth's atmosphere was a gas called oxygen.
If you are out in the swamp and step deep in the muck, you will often stir up some gases that smell like rotten eggs or worse.   What you are smelling is sulfur.   That gas is emitted by old life forms buried deep in the mud to escape from the murderous oxygen.  The life that emitted that gas is the form of life that ruled the world before it was covered by deadly, corrosive oxygen.
The "fresh" air you breath is the worst pollutant this planet has ever been cursed with. 
We need to restore earth's natural balance.  If we end pollution, the world would go back to sulfuric life-forms, the way it was before White Men brought oxygen
Environmentalists tell us that the white man's technology is evil, because it upsets the old balance of nature. We are told that the white man brought his diseases to the New World and wiped out the Noble Red Man with them.. 

But long before that green plants covered the world with oxygen and wiped out the real Native Americans, those life forms based on sulfur.

White men are evil, we all know that.  But environmentalists don't stop there. They insist that all human life is the villain.  Non-white humans wiped out the big birds in New Zealand, the truly Native New Zealanders.
Liberals always champion the weak over the strong.  Pro-Lifers go them one better.  Professional Pro-Lifers prefer the life of a sixty-four cell embryo over people in wheel chairs.  They say that shows up the liberals, because liberals defend the weak, but Pro-Lifers defend the even weaker, the embryos..  

But we can do even better than that.

Granted that white men are evil and all men are evil, too.    Leftists champion animal life over human life.  Militant doctors who are fighting for vegetarianism are right now in court trying to get rid of the Atkins Diet.  They say killing animals for food is Against Nature.
The people in charge of the Veggie Doctors champion animal life over human life.  But soon there will be movement by paid activists that points out that vegetarians are evil, too.  Who speaks for the Right to Life of vegetables?

Vegetables are the parents of all animal life, including humans.  How dare you kill them?

 Vegetables have as much feeling as any embryo.   But sulfur plants do too.  The green plants evolved from them, animals evolved from the green plants, and animals evolved into man. 

So when you kill a sulfur-based life form, you are killing a potential human life.
Now THAT is being Pro-Life with a capital P!    Compared to me the Pope is an abortionist!
Embryos have no feelings, but they are more important than handicapped people because, under the right conditions, they evolve into humans   But sulfur plants not only COULD evolve into humans, they DID evolve into humans! 
I am more Pro-Life than anybody else.  I am championing the Right to Life of non-green plants, the plants those green imperialists destroyed with their pollution.
Soon, I will applying for a grant, and I will make this ultimate battle against green-plant imperialism my life's work.
By the way, I wonder if there was an earlier form of life that all that sulfur destroyed?  There could be a fortune in it.


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