Jewish Racism, UN Third World Shows Jewish Genius at Work

Posted by Bob on March 2, 2008 at 12:55 pm | Filed Under History
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When the first Israeli Knesset met, they had a problem. It was suggested that seating be right to left, as in some European assemblies, but no one would sit on the right. The right was associated with fascism.

Jews were good leftists. The Jewish-led left led the fight to end colonialism. They were the enemy of the white goy, and they made no allowance for the colonial powers that had beaten Nazi Germany and liberated the concentration camps. A white goy was a white goy, period. As Franz Boas put it, any enemy of the white goyim was an ally of the Jews.

Today the only group that keeps Israel in the UN is a shrinking part of the white goyim which, due to Jewish leftism, is itself shrinking. The vetoes of Permanent Members of the UN have been essential to blocking overwhelming votes to condemn Israel for racism.

These vetoes once came from France and Britain as well as the US. But Jewish leftism opened Europe’s borders to the third world, so France and Britain are becoming overwhelming Moslem, who have an attitude toward Jews which resembles that of Goebbels with a hangover.

Ah, the Jews! Those GENIUSES who control every facet of life in their Superhuman Wisdom!

Ah, the Clintons, those political GENIUSES who knew just how to get the Faithful Colored Companion vote. Bill Clinton gloried in having blacks refer to him as the first BLACK president.

Until a BLACK candidate popped up.

Just six months ago, though everybody has forgotten it, Hillary Clinton was the juggernaut that could not be stopped after the Bush disaster.

The Clinton and the Jews and their ilk are not doing well.

Hey gang, wake up and smell the way the wind is REALLY going.