Whitaker's World View May 10, 2003


May 10, 2003 -- Can You Hate Your Race and Love Your Country?

May 10, 2003 -- China’s “Economic Miracle”

May 10, 2003 -- I’m Too Bigoted to be Anti-Semitic


Fun Quote:

The liberal media is still whining about the rioting Kent State University  students who got shot by the National Guard in the 1970s.

But the cartoonist Al Capp explained the situation with good common sense. He said,

“It doesn’t take a college education to know that the best way in the world to get yourself killed is to throw a rock at an armed man.”

                                         Can You Hate Your Race and Love Your Country?                                      

Like so many other fanatical integrationists, Bill O’Reilly demands that “the races” be 
mixed in the name of “Americanism.”
First of all, this has nothing to do with “the races.”   Nobody cares whether Chinese 
and black people intermingle.   No one demands that Japan or Taiwan let in third world 
immigrants. No one demands that Africa let some other third worlders have some of its 
empty lands.
When integrationists say “the races,” they mean the white race.  When they say “getting 
rid of racism” it is code for getting rid of whites.   Respectable conservatives want 
ONLY white majority countries to bring in the third world, and they demand that EVERY 
white majority country bring in the third world.
But O’Reilly and the conservative integrationists wring their hands when their children 
go to college and learn to hate America.  What exactly did they expect?   The highest 
morality they taught their children is to fight for the extinction of their own kind.   
So naturally that sick “morality” will not be limited to a hatred of their own race.
It is hilarious to listen to conservatives whine about those who hate America when their 
idea of “True Americanism” is to hate their race.

                                                  China's "Economic Miracle"                                                                     

Every China expert is bragging about the Chinese economic growth rate.  They present it 
as a miracle brought on by state socialism.
Germany had an economic miracle after World War II.  From being totally destroyed by 
bombing, their economy was back on its feet in a little over a decade.  The growth rate 
from 1945 to 1960 was phenomenal.
One reason the German growth rate after 1945 was phenomenal was that it was starting 
from near zero.   This does not mean that total defeat in war is the recipe for 
economic well-being.
By the same token, the reason China has had an economic miracle is because it started 
from near zero.   What caused them to stay at zero for two generations was Communism.  
As the Communist absurdity has been rolled back, the economy has begun to feed its 
people.  As the Communist absurdity was removed, some Chinese even began to get a few 
creature comforts.
As one of the few sane economics professors told me, “The best way for a doctor to get 
credit for a medical miracle is to find someone who is taking poison and get him off 
of it.” 
By the same token the easiest way to create an economic miracle is 1) to have a war 
and end it or 2) to have socialism and end it. 
Communism is as good for an economy as being destroyed in wartime.
China’s growth rate just shows what leftism can do to people.   But no one is going to 
talk about that.  They’re too busy praising the Red Chinese government for its economic 

                                                  I'm too Bigoted to be Anti-Semitic                                                                   

No one seems to have noticed it but me, but a person who is paranoid has to have a 
gigantic ego.
Many pencil-necked leftists have told me through the years that they were being 
watched by the CIA.
I didn’t say it, but what I was thinking was, “What in heaven’s name gives you
the idea that you are important enough to be watched all the time?”
On the television show “Seinfeld,” Jerry Seinfeld had an uncle -- apparently drawn 
from experience -- who kept saying people were anti-Semitic.  If a waiter brought him 
cold coffee, it was because the waiter was anti-Semitic.
Like everybody who criticizes the Israeli Lobby, I get accused of being anti-Semitic.   
When the space shuttle disaster occurred I got an anonymous e-mail saying I was 
probably happy that happened because a Jew (an Israeli) was killed.
A lot of gentile Americans were killed on that shuttle, but that never occurred to 
the person 
Did it occur to this guy that even if I were anti-Semitic, the death of my fellow 
gentiles might bother me?
Of course not.  He assumed that I was as totally obsessed with Jews as he was.
When a respectable conservative is accused of anti-Semitism, he always gives that 
speech about how he is more against anti-Semitism than Sharom is and how he thinks 
about the evils of anti-Semitism day and night, and so forth.
Ad nauseum.
Making that knee-jerk respectable conservative speech would turn my stomach. 
I am as interested in Jews as Jews are interested in people who were raised 
as country Methodists like me.
Anti-Semites don’t make me scream like a self-righteous conservative.   
Anti-Semites BORE me.   For me, listening to an anti-Semite is as dull as 
listening to a Rabbi’s sermon. They are both obsessed with Jews.
Jews, as Jews, interest me not at all.
The Israeli Lobby interests me because it is a real threat to our national 
interests.  The Anti-Defamation League says the white race must go.   
They say that anyone who mentions saving the white race is a white racist 
which means it is anti-Semitism.   The Methodist Church says the same thing, 
which is why I left it.
A Jewish Professor at Harvard, Noel Ignatiev, stated this position honestly 
and bluntly:
"The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that 
some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other 
than from committed white supremacists." 
There are pro-white Jews and pro-white Methodists, and I appreciate them 
But I consider my enemies to be my enemies, and for once I can honestly say 
that is regardless of race, color, creed, sexual preference or what kind of 
pie they like for dessert.


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