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Don't Worry, No American Is Going to Fight for Americans

America will soon occupy Iraq. Iraq has the second largest oil reserves on earth behind Saudi Arabia.

What will America do with Iraqi oil?

Opponents of the Iraqi War keep saying that we might use that war to benefit Americans. They say America wants to go in there to break OPEC's cartel and reduce oil prices.

Nothing is farther from the mind of George Bush and his advisors than using American troops to benefit Americans.

Nobody puts it the way I have just put it, of course. Bush lists his goals for war and throws in some words about how it's all for the good Americans.
War opponents never say that the war might to used to break OPEC. They say the war will be used "for oil".

 America Will Join OPEC Against Americans

So can the United States control Iraq without benefiting from Iraqi oil?
To do that the Bush Administration will have to join OPEC.

Using Iraqi oil for American interests would not be respectable.

The only concern of a respectable conservative is respectability. The one thing Bush wants to do above all else is not to use Iraqi oil to reduce the price of oil for consumers.

The only way to keep oil prices to Americans high is for the United States to forbid any Iraqi oil to be purchased below the price that OPEC sets. In other words, America will join OPEC against American consumers.

If someone were to demand that American forces be used for American interests, they could silence the critics and win elections. But most people would rather spend all their time moaning about how bad things are.

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PLEASE Stop Sniveling!!

The only way to get the growing minority is to buy it outright. The way to get the American vote against both liberals and respectable conservatives is to openly tell the UN, college professors and Fashionable Opinion in general to go to hell and to do things that benefit actual Americans.

Believe me, someone is going to use that formula to take over American politics.

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