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Please Please PLEASE Stop Sniveling!!

I got another of those email exchanges between rightist "leaders" that
concluded with "I'll show 'em, I'll surrender."   I hear it all the time and
I'm sick of it.

For the few who don't get what I am talking about, I am referring to
pro-white Southerners who groan that the enemy is too large.  These snivelers
tell us that, while they themselves are basically great heroes, they feel the
Honorable and Practical thing to do right now is give up.

"Hold me back, hold me back!!!" they shout, and they tell us they would be
great fighters, but it's all hopeless, so they recommend that we all go into
a fetal position with them.

They call this realism.   I call it sniveling.

General Lee's Fatal Mistake

Historians love to paint a verbal picture of General Lee at Appomattox, the
noble Virginia Gentleman in his clean and pressed gray uniform offering
Honorable Surrender to his fellow Americans.

What no one ever mentions is the fact that Robert E. Lee bitterly regretted
that Honorable Surrender for the rest of his life.

The night before Lee surrendered, he called a meeting of his general staff.   
He told them he wanted to surrender not only his army, but all the Confederate
forces in order to end the bloodshed.   He would leave the South's fate to
his fellow Americans.

A brigadier general from South Carolina (where else?) pointed out that those
were not honorable Americans, they were Yankees.   He demanded that Lee's
small remaining army throw away its heavy equipment and run for the nearby
Blue Ridge Mountains to form a guerilla force.

Lee refused to be a last-ditch guerrilla leader.   He lived to see General
Grant, the man he Honorably Surrendered to, become President Grant and impose
military occupation and Reconstruction on a helpless South.  

A South that was helpless largely because of Lee.

When Lee surrendered, there were hundreds of thousands of Confederate soldiers
still in arms.  As Commander in Chief, he surrendered them all.

The North could not have enslaved us so easily if we had had a guerrilla
force still in being after 1865.   General Shelby could have led his forces
to Lee's guerrillas rather than to Mexico.  The thousands of Southerners who
went to Americana in Brazil and the others who died trying could have gone to
join Lee.

But it was all hopeless, Lee said.  So he quit.

And Lee never forgave himself for it until his death at the height of


South Carolina and Surrender

A professor of military history at West Point wrote a book about how America
won the Revolution.  He said America lost its cities the way the Confederacy
did, but they just kept right on fighting.   He said the South couldn't do
this in the Civil War because we had slaves.

I wrote this high-level military history professor about the Revolutionary
War in South Carolina after Charleston fell.  South Carolina had one of
history's classic guerrilla wars going under the Swamp Fox Francis Marion.   
At that time, I pointed out, South Carolina had more blacks than whites,
especially in the Low Country where Marion fought.

The professor wrote me and thanked me.  He pointed out, without the slightest
trace of embarrassment, that he didn't know that.

In the real world, the facts about Francis Marion didn't matter, because the
professor was getting paid to make a Politically Correct point about how
slavery made the Confederacy lose.  Professors don't get paid to recite

If Francis Marion had been Robert E. Lee, we would have lost the Revolutionary
War.   Marion was a general too, just like Lee.  At one point there were only
eight men sitting out there in the swamp with him.  If Marion had said he had
to be a Great Commander or he wouldn't play, he would have handed in his
sword many times.

Our Forces are Still Enormous

At Appomattox, Lee saw his thousands of men as a tiny, useless force compared
to the huge Yankee Army.   A few years later, as a helpless old man under the
brutal Yankee occupation of the South, he would have given anything to have a
tithe of those forces as an army in being.

And this does not take into account the hundreds of thousands of other men in
gray he surrendered to the Union.

Our forces today are still enormous.  They would be bigger still if we
stopped sniveling.   It is true that anti-white whites outnumber us.   But I
do not go into a fetal position under my bed about this. I point out that
they are anti-white and wait as a painfully small number of them begin to
realize that I am right.

Academia is training millions of young people to hate everything we want to
save.  So I wrote a book that should be in the hands of every young person
going to college.   He could humiliate his professors with it.

But for every single person who uses my book and promotes it, there will be
ten sitting around and sniveling about how hopeless everything is.

Terrorism has brought our fight against anti-whites and open borders -- and
even diversity itself! -- to center stage.  The snivelers keep sniveling.

More and more whites are taking on the mentality of a threatened minority.  
The best fighting whites ever did was as a threatened minority in the South
and in South Africa.

But the snivelers would rather snivel.

The best times are ahead.  If you want to spend that time pouting, please go
under your bed where I can't see you.

We have a war on our hands and we don't need a bunch of sob-sisters to
discourage us.


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