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National Review conservatives, who think they are real class, often act like the most cowardly of drunken rednecks. Please read this week's Whitaker Online about "Silk Pants Aristocrats."

I admit I spent my share of time in redneck bars, and the "Hold me back" guy was always there. He would act aggressive and then back down. But as soon as some kind person took his arm, usually to keep him from falling down, he would get tough:

"Hold me back! Hold me back!"

He would act like he was trying to shake off the person holding him up so he, a dangerous and angry tiger, could get at the guy he just backed away from.

You know the type.

And that is exactly what conservatives on television remind me of when they demand that American Taliban John Walker be lynched from the nearest tree.

I call Walker a traitor, but I also have the guts to call powerful people traitors. Conservatives would never dare demand punishment for Jane Fonda or other 1960's "Idealists," but they are all over Walker.

Liberals gave conservatives permission to go after Walker, so the liberals have to hold them back.



The job of the head of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is to make sure the INS enforces the law. That is his only function.

As everybody knows by now, the INS recently issued visas to two terrorists who died six months before killing thousands of Americans. Last week they gave visas to four sailors meeting the terrorist profile. Those four promptly disappeared into the US.

After two total disasters reported coast-to-coast in which the INS did not enforce the law, the head of the INS really got tough with his employees.

He said they had better start enforcing the law, or else.

I am sure that everybody in the INS is shaking in his boots.

The Catholic Church in America would not hesitate to punish a priest who said something Politically Incorrect about race. Now the bishops say they may start punishing priests who rape little boys.

You see, the bishops get brownie points with the liberal media when they come down on "Racism" but the media doesn't give a rip about child molestation.

So bishops and mainline preachers and respectable conservatives all follow the orders they are given.

And now even some people in the media are beginning to ask, "Where the hell were you saints and INS heads all these years while dangerous aliens were given visas and children were being molested?"

And the answer from church and pulpit and conservatives is,

"Hold me back! Hold me back!"

I, for one, have seen a lot of "hold me backs" in my time. I have never seen a single holdmeback who ever did what he threatened to do.




I was around before liberals gave conservatives permission to TALK tough about the INS.

Before September 11, being for immigration enforcement meant you were anti-Mexican, and that meant you were anaziwhowantedtokillsixmillionjews. As always, when liberals use that label, conservatives hit the floor groveling.

Many years ago Pat Buchanan announced on "Crossfire" that American troops had fought World War II to open Europe to third world immigration. Believe me, back then this was a standard and typical conservative statement about immigration.

The Wall Street Journal still demands a constitutional amendment that says, "There will be no borders." Jeff Bell, the 1978 conservative Republican candidate for the United States Senate in New Jersey, told me he was for open borders.

What happened on immigration was what always happens when liberals dictate to conservatives. The moment that liberals announced that conservatives had better not take a position because it was "racist," conservatives rushed to be more liberal on that issue than the liberals were.

President Carter's head of the INS announced that, if it were up to her, she would not enforce a single immigration law. No conservative but me said one single word about that.

I worked for one of the few congressmen who had the guts to criticize illegal immigration, and we had more liberal allies than conservative ones.

When the liberals told them not to say bad things about Jane Fonda, conservatives led the lynch mob against anybody who dared call her a traitor. Now, with John Walker, it's "Hold me back, hold me back!"

Any time you see conservatives yelling "Hold me back!" it's on a subject where they were on their knees groveling a little while before.

What a bunch of trash respectable conservatives are!



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