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I never understood the Martin Luther Kings and Alex Haleys and Teddy Kennedys who all had to steal other peoples' ideas whole in order to get through school or write a book. I have always had more useful intellectual ideas than I knew what to do with. My life has been devoted to trying to get people to "steal" my words and thoughts.

When I was speech writing and legislating, a lot of people asked me if I minded putting my stuff under other peoples' names. Actually, nothing ever made me happier. I would much rather have one of my ideas spoken as the words of a major public figure than as my own.

This is a war to save my people. My weapon is words. I want them fired at as high a caliber as I can get them.

I write this column to spread my ideas. And spread they do. When you've been doing this sort of thing for over four decades, you have a feel for what originated with you.

On November 7, 1998 I wrote WHY WE ARE RULED BY SOCIOPATHS. Recently, I heard a leftist theater critic using almost my exact words.

A sociopath is a person who is incapable of feeling obligations to, or guilt about, his fellow humans. Ted Bundy stated it perfectly. He said, "I have never felt guilt and I feel sorry for anyone who does." From one to five percent of the American population is sociopathic.

I can tell that that leftist's quote came from me and from people using my ideas. If not, it doesn't matter, because the point is that the right kind of thinking is going around.

The fact that sociopaths rule both our entertainment industry and our politics is now understood widely.

Soon people will be asking why.



Nobody denies that Clinton is a sociopath. Nobody denies that the President lied to a court of law. His defenders say he had a right to. Nobody denies that Clinton's opinions come from focus groups and think tanks. His supporters say that is what this country needs.

So even pro-Clinton people only argue that he is just the kind of sociopath America needs.

If conservatives mean what they say, they have to admit that Clinton's defenders are perfectly correct.

In order to defend themselves from the charge that they are naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews, conservatives shout out their loyalty to The Melting Pot. On the other hand, they demanded that Clinton tell the truth and follow his true beliefs.

Where, pray tell, would a true melting pot president GET any true beliefs? True beliefs come from gut instincts, ideas of who you are and how your society should work.

But what do you do when you live in a country devoted to having no specific "society?" Your whole job in a multiculture is to govern according to the instincts of a number of different kinds of people who DON'T have the same outlook you do. You can't do that just using your honest instincts. You can't afford them.

About two thousand years ago, there was a completely multicultural exchange between a Roman and a Jewish heretic. The young Jesus mentioned "the truth" to Pontius Pilate. Pilate's reply was a question: "What is truth?" Pilate ruled in the Roman multiculture.

The whole point of a multicultural society is that any answer to the question "What is truth?" is called simplistic. The perfect multicultural president would tell you that it all depends on what YOU mean by the word "is" the way Clinton did.

In a society based on a single outlook, this would be a laughable absurdity. But conservatives keep insisting that the only America they have any loyalty to is a Melting Pot America where there are endless numbers of outlooks, all equally valid.

His supporters defend Clinton by saying that rule from focus groups and advisors is what America must have. They insist he is the model of a successful president precisely because he was the perfect sociopath, doing what he needed to do to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish.




Well over a century ago, Mark Twain wrote that "All sane white people hate noise."

This white attitude towards noise starts early. A number of teachers have told me that one problem they had with integration was that the white children would come to them crying to them about the loud noise the black children were making.

Every single one of these teachers told me how they explained to the white children that the whites must Learn to Adjust in order to benefit from this precious multicultural experience. The idea that the black students might adjust their noise level absolutely never came up, even as a hint.

But surely, I am told, there is a universal truth. You just tell people what you see. All of us use sight, so surely this truth is universal.

In a Poltically Correct society, you had BETTER not just tell people what you really see.



Hundreds of millions of people love beer. Hundreds of millions of people love Cola. So the most popular drink on earth should be a mixture that is half Coca-Cola and half beer. But in the real world nobody bottles this combination for reasons that are obvious to any sane person.

Cola and beer are each the result of a separate evolution. Soft drinks competed for the favor of soft drink lovers and different beers competed for the favor of beer lovers. Throw them together and you have a mess.

You might even call it a melting pot.

But in a multiracial, multicultural society, such an observation is verboten. In the real world, the great beauties are seldom mixed bloods. You are still allowed to say "a beautiful blond," though I believe that remark will get you lynched by Melting Pot conservatives when liberals get around to condemning it. Our language adjusts to the melting pot every day. Every day a new expression is found to be racist or culturally judgmental.

So when I mentioned in a newsgroup that I didn't like the looks of mixed races in the same way I didn't like the taste of Cola and beer mixed, the immediate response was that the British just love Cola and beer mixed. I pointed out that if this were true there would be at least one bottler mixing the two somewhere on earth, and there isn't.

The fellow who made this point backed down and was an obvious fool, but his logic is impeccable to today's conservatives. You simply cannot allow people to get away with expressing an obvious taste or feeling in a multicultural society. What you say about what you see, feel or taste must be Adjusted.

In a multicultural, multiracial society the sociopath has a natural advantage that a person with a conscience simply cannot overcome. A sociopath spends his entire life adjusting what he calls the truth to something besides what he plainly sees or feels. For honest people, the strain becomes enormous, and finally they say something inexcusable.



Today every word a public figure says is public property. In a multicultural society, a politician must say the right thing in a multicultural context ALL THE TIME.

No normal human being can do that, least of all one who has any truly honest gut opinions.

But every conservative agrees that the Melting Pot is What America Is All About.

In such a society, Clinton is indeed the ideal politician, as his supporters say. All of our successful politicians today are sociopaths.

I am not a sociopath and I have no use for a sociopathic society.

I RENOUNCE all loyalty to the sociopathic melting pot. I DENOUNCE all loyalty to the sociopathic melting pot.

As I said two decades ago in an article the Southern Partisan is ashamed to have printed:

"By definition a melting pot is nothing specific. Anybody who can be deeply loyal to nothing specific is in desperate need of psychiatric help."



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