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In Britain a man was sent to prison for "inciting racial hate." In this case, The Crown vs. Joseph Pierce, 1986, the judge declared that, "The truth is no excuse." What the man said about race was true, but it was not sanctioned and he wouldn't recant for saying it. Therefore he had to go to prison for saying it.

Over here we are used to the fact that Jane Fonda and the people who marched with Viet Cong flags in the 1960s and shouted "Ho, Ho, Ho!" in praise of Ho Chi Min got only praise in the media for their actions. Everybody is piling on today's non-celebrity traitor John Walker, but nobody is going to go after Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda is not only a celebrity, but she served the cause of the political left.

Even being a celebrity is no protection if you say something leftists don't like. A few years back, Brigitte Bardotte made some unpleasant comments about Moslem immigrants in France, and they convicted and fined her for it.

Because Brigitte Bardotte went through the usual public grovel everyone is required to go through for any rightist heresy she only got a fine. But a fine was not the limit, and that was not a truly racist comment.

The European Union recently got together and demanded an outlawing of "Hate" sites on the Internet.

In Idaho, a man was sent to jail for four days for calling a black man a "nigger." The black man, who had physically assaulted the man's wife, was not even charged with any crime.

The entire Northeast and its colonies throughout America are presently demanding the passing of Hate Laws like those in Europe. These Hate Laws would ban and criminally punish Politically Incorrect utterances, and as usual the leftists cite European precedents for laws enforcing Political Correctness.

And I keep getting letters telling me there are no such laws in Europe.



Lately China's ruler assured President Bush that no one was imprisoned in Communist China for being a Christian or for advocating Christianity. All those thousands of Christians in prison over there, he told Bush, are there for secular crimes.

He believes it.

I remember being told by Communists two decades ago that they had freedom of speech behind the Iron Curtain. It was guaranteed in the Soviet Constitution written by Joseph Stalin.

What these good Communists were saying was that they could say anything THEY wanted to say in Communist countries. In Europe today, as in Stalin's Soviet Union, if you aren't saying anything the ruling leftists don't like, you can say whatever you want to.

In Europe under the earlier Inquisition - the religious one - if you got caught saying something the ruling religion didn't like - the earlier version of Political Correctness - you were not punished very severely. In both Inquisitions, if you did what Brigitte Bardotte did and went through the usual public self-flagellation, the punishment for heresy was minimal.

Jane Fonda was never even required to apologize for her treason, of course, because her offense was not against the established political faith.

Respectable conservatives here do the same thing. If one of them says something that violates orthodoxy on race, they hit the floor groveling, and they are forgiven. So they say they have full freedom of speech.

In Europe today as in Europe in the earlier age of religious bigotry, it is PERSISTENT heresy that merits the harshest penalties. Only those who did not recant were burned alive, and only those who do not publicly recant today go to prison.

So a good European will, like my Communist buddies, look you straight in the eye and tell you they have perfect freedom of speech over there.




In Whitaker Online for the Ides of March of the year MM, i.e., March 15, 2002, I discuss how our media live in two worlds all the time. One is the world of Political Correctness, where you can get on an elevator at night in the middle of Washington, DC, with black folks and be just as safe as you would be in an elevator with all whites at noon.

Then there is the real world, where anybody who looked you straight in the eye and said that would be committed to some quiet place for recuperation.

In the real world, we all know that anyone who says the wrong thing in Europe and won't back down will end up in prison for inciting race hate. It makes not the slightest difference whether anything is actually incited by what they say. The general principle is that such general statements lead to the general incitement of general violence.

Here, if any respectable conservative fails to do his grovel, he will be ruined professionally, and his fellow respectable conservatives will lead the lynch mob.

And both the European and the American groveler will then look you straight in the eye and praise the right to say what we want to in the Free World.



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