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In a newsgroup I read, I recently saw a letter by a kid who is repeating the usual fantasy of the yuppie kid about prison life. He wants to impress and scare everybody, so he says says he is a black prisoner and that his "bro" is really mad at them.

In other words, he has the usual yuppie fantasy that real power lies in 1) being black and 2) being in prison.

A kid who is raised on these illusions can easily end up in prison himself before he knows the truth.

This Black Prison Power thing is a standard fantasy of social science professors. Liberal professor's illusions are where the yuppie version of "Reality Life" comes from.

Professors' big worry is that people will notice that they have no notion of what reality is. They are terrified that someone will notice that they have chosen an easy life and that they have never been exposed to reality.

But every liberal professor is comforted by this idea that his leftism speaks for a Real Man, a Real Man Who Lives in Reality. This Real Man is going to avenge the leftist professor on those who laugh at his pretensions about Reality.

That Real Man professors fantasize about is the big black muscular black guy who is doing exercises with weights on the prison yard. This big black guy is going to avenge the leftist against all those big rough hicks who make fun of the idea that criminals are basically nice guys and so forth.

His big black prisoner is going to get all those rightists who are successes out in the real world, the ones who make money and do things and laugh at a leftist professor who beats his chest and talks about how he knows everything to tomorrow's leftist yuppies.

This Big Black Prisoner Hero thing is half homosexual and half political, like so many things that the left talks about.

I have worked in prisons and I have been a college professor, so I have seen where this nonsense comes from and I have seen how silly it is in the real world.



Leftists are right when they say that blacks are powerless in our society.

The liberal professor's homosexual-political fantasy is also right about one thing. Any little power blacks have will be used entirely to back the political left, and will never go to help your average black person.

You can believe me, because I am not one to repeat leftist propaganda. On the rare occasions when I vouch for something liberals say you can be pretty sure it's because it's Gospel.

So liberals are right when they say that blacks are powerless and that blacks use all of what pitiful little political power they have to back the left. In fact, these two things are closely interrelated.

Now anyone who says that blacks blindly vote for liberals is always accused of being anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

But everybody knows that blacks DO vote blindly for leftists. Every liberal Democrat knows it and every election year liberals put their money on it. Democrats devote enormous resources to getting out the minority vote. They assume, rightly, that about every black vote is one of theirs.

As usual, anyone speaks the obvious truth is silenced by being called anzaiwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

Every iota of what is called black political power is actually leftist political power. Liberals take blacks for granted, as they should. So there is no black political power.

Leftists hate white people, so their anti-white agenda is all that blacks ask of them. Liberals are pro-criminal, but most of those criminals prey on helpless blacks. This will never cause blacks to turn against them.

So leftists love criminals and they can count on blind black support. The natural result of this is the Big Black Prisoner Hero idea.

That big black sweaty prisoner in the prison yard is the dream of every liberal college professor. That big sweaty muscular black guy is going to come out and champion our poor, insulted white professor with the pencil neck and no life.

So the yuppie professor's fantasy is swallowed whole by the yuppie liberals of tomorrow in their college classrooms. And from there it goes on to the yuppies' kids.

In turn the yuppies kids start acting like they're black, because their mommy and daddy told them black is where the real power is.

Then the parents are wondering how their kid got into the drug culture. And the kid is where he thought the power was, in a prison cell getting gang raped.

And about that time, the kid finally realizes that his world should not be built on the homosexual fantasies of a social science professor.

But his yuppie liberal parents will never figure that out.




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