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August 6, 2005  –  What is Truth?

August 6, 2005  –  Do You Say Something Because it is True?

August 6, 2005  –  I Know What Truth Isn't

August 6, 2005  –  The Truth Offends


What is Truth?


That is the question I discuss in this week's Saturday Internet radio program that can be linked at: Townhall

The reason Pontius Pilate asked this rhetorical question was because he wanted to get Jesus off His obsession with what Pilate thought was an impractical, theoretical, unimportant point. Jesus was talking about truth, and he was forcing Pontius Pilate to crucify him for it.

And here we can begin with a truth.

Who crucified Christ?

Christ used the bigotry of Jews and the Roman obsession with law and order, but in the end He knew precisely what He was doing.

People like to say that WE crucified Christ with our sins. That is a nice Politically Correct, Christian-sounding phrase that leaves the Jews out of it. But we could not force Jesus to go onto the Cross for our sins.

We were the REASON Christ died on the Cross. Jewish bigotry and Roman Law were the MEANS by which Christ was put on the Cross. But until the last minute Pontius Pilate asked that question, the TRUTH of the matter is that Pilate was trying desperately to keep Jesus off the Cross.

The truth of the matter is that only one person was capable of crucifying Jesus Christ.

We were the reason, Jews and Romans were the means.

But in the end it was Christ who crucified Christ. We were the cause, but we never had that kind of power.


Do You Say Something Because it is True?


Notice that I explained WHY people say, "We all crucified Christ." They say it because it is so Politically Correct.

They do NOT say it because it is TRUE.

If you have a reason to say anything then I have a reason not to believe you.

When people debate whether the Jews crucified Christ or the Romans crucified Christ or we all crucified Christ they are forgetting the most important point a Christian must keep in mind:

They are forgetting who is in charge here.

Each group has a reason to say what he says. Anti-Semites want the Jews to be responsible. Politically Correct people want the Romans or all of us to bear the responsibility.

If anybody has a reason to say what he says, then I don't believe what he says. So I came up with a very useful theological reminder, but not because I know theology. Every Bible Belt teenager knows all the facts I recited here.

I understand the situation because I understand people. I can identify with Pilate, I cannot identify with Christ. Pilate could not understand why Christ was going to the Cross on purpose, for something Pilate considered abstract and theoretical.

Going to the Cross was something that did Christ no good at all.

In other words, Pilate was in the exactly the same position I am.

As C. S. Lewis said, "Christ was God or He was a madman."

Jesus went to the Cross for no reason except that He chose to do so. He had nothing in mind but truth.


I Know What Truth Isn't


Old Bob has no insights to offer into the mind of Christ. But my experience has taught me very well what was in the mind of Pilate and the Jews. The Temple Jews were being challenged, their power, their wisdom, their entire reason for being was being attacked by a young fanatic.

The Temple Jews did not try to persuade Pilate they were right about the truth. They tried to make Pilate believe that his power and the power of Rome were being attacked just as theirs was. They did not concentrate on whether Jesus was right or wrong. They concentrated on explaining to Pilate why he should believe that Christ was wrong.

That is how truth is normally attacked.

In Europe you go to prison for attacking any aspect of the official version of the Holocaust, but not because the official version of the Holocaust cannot be wrong.

The official version of the Holocaust has changed repeatedly. Andy Rooney, who everybody now knows is a leftist fanatic, declared that he had seen the "death camps" in Germany.

Actually the officials have long since admitted there were no "death camps" in Germany. All of the officially designated death camps were safely behind the Iron Curtain, where the only information one got was from the government.

But a person who had said that in Germany there were no camps specifically dedicated to the extermination of Jews, the so-called "death camps," would have gone straight to prison. Until this was declared Gospel by today's Holy Inquisition of Political Correctness, you went to prison for telling the truth.

When the Holy Inquisition of Political Correctness admitted that, it admitted that it had sent people to prison for telling the truth.

And nobody noticed but me.


The Truth Offends


My program, "What is Truth?" only talks about Pilate and Christ for a few minutes. The overwhelming majority of it is dedicated to examining what truth is NOT.

Truth is not what you want to believe. And truth is not something that offends no one.

Free speech is not the right to say anything that doesn't offend anybody. Every slave in the Old South had the right to say anything he wanted to so long as it didn't offend anybody.

So the Modern Inquisition excuses its oppression by saying it only suppresses discussion that offends people. You can accuse American troops of routinely killing and raping people, but if you say that less than six million Jews died in the Holocaust or that races aren't equal, you are being offensive. You must go to prison in Europe or be professionally ruined here if you say the wrong thing.

Obviously that is the excuse but that is not the reason. We all know the REASON for punishing free speech. Political Correctness relies heavily on the Holocaust and on the evil of white people to empower its professor-priesthood extortion racket.

They have a reason to say what they say.

So I have a reason not to believe them.

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