Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  July 2, 2005

July 2, 2005  –  The British Thought Police Take Action

July 2, 2005  –  Me and John and Nick

July 2, 2005  –  Nick Griffin Searches ME Out

July 2, 2005  –  The Ultimate Sacrifice

Fun Quote:

Westerners would never pay back their Muslim enemies in kind for 9-11, because no one is about to commit suicide in defense of hedonism.

 –  The Last Ditch


The British Thought Police Take Action


The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) secretly filmed tape for a documentary about the British National Party (BNP) early last year. Since then the British police have been arresting BNP members and party leaders for what they said on that show.

You see, there is law in Britain against saying anything that might incite racial violence.

Please note that word "might."

There are laws in America against inciting violence. The classic example is shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theatre. But that law has a very important exception. You may shout "Fire!" in a crowded theatre if there IS a fire in a crowded theater.

When it comes to being convicted of inciting to violence, British law has no such exception. A man was sent to prison for inciting to violence when every word he said was true. In the case of The Crown versus Pierce (1986) the court ruled that, under the racial laws, "The truth is no excuse."

There is one more little difference between law in a free country and the British race laws against free speech. In order to be convicted for inciting violence in a free country you have to actually incite somebody.

The BBC documentary was made a year ago and there is no evidence that what the BNP members said during their private meeting incited anybody.

Oh, and one other little difference. If a TV station puts on a program that incites violence in a free country, the TV Company is as liable as the person who said the words. The question of condemning the BBC has not come up, and will never come up. They are being praised as apparatchniks of the British section of the World Politically Correct Thought Police.


Me and John and Nick


The two main arrestees in this Thought Police Raid were BNP leader Nick Griffin and former BNP leader John Tyndall. I know them both.

John Tyndall spoke at the 2004 New Orleans Euro Convention. He is the kind of rip-roaring speaker who brings the crowd to its feet again and again. He is a hell of an act to follow.

Well, SOMEBODY had to speak right after John Tyndall.

When John Tyndall stepped down from the podium to be mobbed by his ecstatic admirers, somebody had to go up and follow that act.

They needed a sacrificial lamb, someone who was dumb enough and loyal enough to be the anticlimax right after one of the high points of the Convention.

Guess who they picked?

Oh, well, I have taken embarrassment for the cause for lesser reasons.

A few years ago, there was a leadership change inside the BNP and Nick Griffin took over the chairmanship. Once again, both the new chairman of the BNP and I spoke.

At this year's Euro Convention, Nick Griffin searched me out. He was already having problems with the British Government and felt I might be able to help.


Nick Griffin Searches ME Out


The BNP gained some votes in the latest British election and, by some strange coincidence, they were denied the right to have a bank account in Britain. Many years ago I did a lot of work moving money from country to country to help fight terrorists. Since many of the places I worked for were former British colonies, all this was better known in Britain than in the US.

Once again, can you imagine a free country in which any party, no matter how radical, was banned by the authorities from having a bank account? That's one way they handle opposition in Britain.

Tony Blair wants to help Bush make Iraq a Land of Liberty like Britain.

Nick Griffin asked me about his banking problem, and I am going to try to set up a bank account the BNP can use here.

As soon as I got back from New Orleans I called a big-time lawyer friend of mine whom I last saw on Capitol Hill when he was setting up a bank. Our conversation was a little confused at first. Finally he got what I was talking about.

"You mean," He said, "They won’t let them put their OWN money into their OWN bank account?" He had thought they were trying to set up a BANK. Even he, a right-wing activist for decades, was astonished at this.

My reply was, "They’re living in 1984 over there, man."


The Ultimate Sacrifice


Right after the Convention, Griffin made the ultimate sacrifice: He actually READ my book, Why Johnny Can’t Think: America’s Professor-Priesthood cover to cover. He LOVED it. It is every bit as descriptive of the leftist professor tyranny of Britain as it is of the one in America.

And much of the humor in it is exactly the kind an Englishman would appreciate. It would cause a LOT of trouble over there. That is just the sort of thing this kind of government persecution is meant to stop.

Nick is ordering a couple of cases of the book for BNP distribution. He has plenty of serious matters to deal with, but finds my book important enough to add that to his plate. No matter whether they will soon be convicted or not, the British tyranny has crippled the BNP for some time.

I am proud to stand with men like Tyndall and Griffin. You will remember that when the head of the Canadian Free Speech Movement was caught with copies of my book at the Canadian border, the books were seized.

I am not in the same league as people like Tyndall and Griffin, but I am very proud to be on their side. My reason for writing the book and working to get it out there, is to try and stop the Inquisition of Political Correctness before it goes as far as it has in Britain.

Maybe we can keep some of our best men from having to face jail time for standing up for us.

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