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June 25, 2005  –  Castles in the Air

June 25, 2005  –  One Castle Just Fell

June 25, 2005  –  No Show

June 25, 2005  –  Why the Whole Thing Looks Different to Me

Fun Quote:

"The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a 'C' the idea must be feasible."

-- A Yale University management professor in response to Fred Smith's paper proposing reliable overnight delivery service.

Smith went on to found Federal Express Corp.


Castles in the Air


My internet radio program this week is about the fact that the Soviet castle in the sky fell, and the American castle in the sky is ready to go, too.

It is called "Idiocracy."

America's established religion, Political Correctness, is sitting on nothing. It is made up of mindless, bureaucratic fools who have promoted each other to titles that sound great, but mean nothing.

They are living on inertia, just like the Soviet Union did for so long. Only a cold-blooded murderer like Lenin or Trotsky or Stalin and finally Brezhnev could keep the system going by terror.

Nobody believed in any of that Marxist nonsense anymore than anybody really believes in Political Correctness today. All they have left is a more subtle form of terror. They can get you fired. They can withhold a college degree.

Outside the United States, this terror is less subtle. You say the wrong thing and you go to prison, though a much nicer prison than the Gulag. Under capitalism you are ruined professionally instead of being sent to Siberia.

Each system that is run by mindless go-alongs and which does not work must base its power on its own form of terror.

No one predicted the fall of the Soviet Empire.

No one is predicting the fall of Political Correctness.

That is because the people who get paid to do all the public predicting assume the system they are studying rests on something.

But the Soviet system rested on nothing.

The same is true of our present system.


One Castle Just Fell


The reason that the USSR fell is because it was sitting on nothing.

Not one single professional Sovietologist, not one, had any inkling that the USSR and its empire were about to collapse.

I have looked it up, and not one single "expert" had the slightest inkling that this was about to happen. Almost every time I mention this fact the person I am talking to says he heard about somebody who predicted it. I asked for a citation.

No citation.

I have searched.

Let me repeat this:

Not one single expert on the Soviet Union, who got paid the big bucks to know all about the Soviet Empire, had the slightest idea that the whole thing was about to go down.

What happens to a business consultant if he hasn't the slightest inclination that his client's competition is about to go under?

Every single one of those experts, inside and outside of government and the universities, cost thousands of dollars to "educate" and they all got paid good money.

They ALL failed.

Completely. Utterly. Inexcusably.

So what happened?

They all kept their jobs and most of them have been promoted since. All of them will get great pensions for the job they didn't do.

We have plenty of experts on every aspect of our ruling religion, just as the Soviets did. But what was clear to Yeltsin, that the system was built on nothing, was something no expert INSIDE the USSR would be allowed to hint at.

And our experts OUTSIDE the system were just as oblivious to the fact that the Soviet Emperor had no clothes.


No Show


In 1982, anyone who said the USSR was about to fall would have been laughed out of the room.

But what happened when the pressure was on was a game of dominoes:

1) Gorbachev renounced the terror that had kept the USSR going since Lenin's Red Terror in 1918.

2) Suddenly people started saying what everybody was thinking, "This system is silly, is childish, the dream of a bunch of professors who never did a day's work in their lives."

3) People began to QUESTION. And that was the end.

Suddenly the Republics like Estonia and Ukraine started saying, "Why SHOULDN'T we be independent?"

People started asking, "Why are all other WHITE countries rich and we live at a level a third-world country would consider embarrassing?" The Confederate flag started showing up.

We all remember the crisis when Gorbachev was arrested and Yeltsin took his stand on top of a tank.

We all remember waiting for the Soviet Army to show up.

It never showed up.

NOBODY believed in the System. The Emperor was as naked as plucked chicken and had been for years.


Why the Whole Thing Looks Different to Me


Everybody else sees Political Correctness as a giant, unbelievably powerful monolith. Which is exactly how the USSR looked in 1982.

I repeat, in 1982, anyone who said the USSR was about to fall would have been laughed out of the room.

You see a huge, totally dominant system built on unimaginable amounts of money and power.

Above all, you see Evil Geniuses at work backing that system with their lives and with genius and subtlety and endless ruthlessness.

Like Yeltsin, who was from the Russian version of Pontiac, South Carolina, I see a bunch of wimps and ignoramuses like the Soviet bureaucrats. Yeltsin saw a Potemkin Empire in Russia.

You are too much a product of our system to be able to see it as it is.

All those grim-faced Sovietologists were complete morons. They looked at the USSR as a power forever. Respectable conservatives perform the same service for our own Idiocracy.

Push it hard and it will fall to pieces. The universities are a wonderful place to start. Tens of millions of young people are paying off back-breaking student loans, and every one of them knows he was cheated.

Tens of millions of young people are trying to start families, and each child will require the payment of college costs that are skyrocketing and show no sign that there will be any limit to them when their children reach college age.

Everybody knows that. Only I SAY that.

Our Idiocracy is ready to fall.

Go to


and let's push it over the edge.

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