Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  June 18, 2005

June 18, 2005  –  Using Time

June 18, 2005  –  We Need A New Approach For A New World

June 18, 2005  –  Who Are We?

Fun Quote:

Beware of marriage counselors who have been divorced and remarried several times.

Ex-spouses make good references.


Using Time


During my professor days, I often had to teach basic economics at 8 AM on Monday morning. It was a small nightmare.

First of all, basic economics is very, very boring. Secondly, a lot of students had to take it. Thirdly on Monday morning about everybody in the class, including me, was trying to recover from the weekend.

Spending fifty minutes talking about a notoriously boring subject when you and everybody else in the room feels like hell is a very, very unpleasant thing to have to do.

So I hit on a formula. I told the class that, if they listened to every word I said, my lecture would be over in half the time, twenty-five minutes. After twenty-five minutes, I kept the students who werenít listening in for the whole fifty minutes. I just sat there and felt bad and let the rest go.

Soon I didnít have to keep anybody.

And I found on tests that the class remembered what I said during that twenty-five minutes better than they remembered the material in any other class.

I could say it all twice in twenty-five minutes if everybody was listening.

No one was interested in this.

The job of a professor is to give fifty-minute lectures and sign a piece of paper that says a student took a course. It makes no difference whether the student learns anything. To get promoted a professor has to devote his life to pleasing other professors.

Other professors give him his degree.

Other professors decide whether he gets published.

Other professors vote on giving him tenure.

Other professors decide whether he gets promoted.

One published article is more important to a professor than a thousand students who learn the subject from him.

But the fact remains that twenty-five minutes well used is better than fifty minutes of routine lecture.


We Need A New Approach For A New World


My Saturday show this week at 2 pm at

The Untrained Eye

will be about how to discuss our issues.

You have heard a thousand debates between "both sides." You could write what the liberals are going to say and what the respectable conservatives are going to say. This way, the media says it has free speech and that it presents both sides.

This "discussion" consists mostly of conservatives trying to prove that they are less "racist" or "isolationist" or whatever than liberals say they are.

It is far, far worse than a waste of time. It is totalitarianism with a pretence of two sides.

Like a professor, a respectable conservative gets paid for filling a time slot. He could do it in his sleep. You could do it in your sleep.

The internet is breaking into this. But when an internet radio show goes on, it follows the old media rules.

Those of us talking on the internet spend most of our time trying to prove we are not who liberals say we are. We are called haters, so we use the useless old conservative tactic of quoting minority hate speech to prove we're not the haters.

You know the drill.

The other regular media habit we have inherited is slavishly filling up a time slot.

This is a new medium. We need to develop a new approach.


Who Are We?


Are those of who oppose Political Correctness just here to fight liberals?

Are we just here to provide "the other side" in the standard debate liberals set up?

No. We want to replace them completely. Destroying leftism completely is just a tiny first step.

That means the purpose of discussion is not to show we are not the "haters" or whatever other label the other side makes up.

Our job is to make OUR points.

Before you slide away and repeat the "they are the haters" crap, let me repeat what I just said:

That means that the purpose of discussion is not to show we are not the "haters" or whatever other label the other side makes up.

Our job is to make OUR points.

IF preventing the ongoing program of genocide against whites is racism, then we are racists. IF dedicating America to "ourselves and our posterity," and to NOTHING else, is isolationism, then we are isolationists.

Screw it.

Your job is to make YOUR point.

This is called "staying on message." No matter what they say, your job is to make the point that YOUR race is being subjected to genocide. Your job is not to make the other side stop saying mean things about you.

Your job is to make the point that we need to make a natural alliance with Russia to get out of using Middle East oil. Israel doesn't like that.

Your job is to explain why all major Jewish groups have declared war on white gentiles for a very human reason. Your job is NOT to give an entire obsessive history of Jews except where THEY hurt US.

Is this anti-Semitism? Every minute you spend trying to prove it isn't is a precious minute lost.

Your job is not to prove to every person who thinks he speaks for God how your ideas fit his.

Your job is to say what everybody knows and what almost everybody understands. Your job is to get the mainline back into power. Nut cases, right or left, are not your concern.

Stay on message. Tell the truth. Don't discuss THEIR obsessions or THEIR labels. If you do, you are FAR worse than useless.

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