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June 11, 2005  –  Routine Racism

June 11, 2005  –  How Respectable Conservatives Save Racist Liberals

June 11, 2005  –  Donít Embarrass Poor Little Jesse

June 11, 2005  –  Interrogator

Fun Quote:

I walked twenty miles a day to school when I was young.

I know all the other old-timers tell you that, but they lived in Minnesota or New York.

I was raised in South Carolina, and walking twenty miles in the snow in South Carolina is MUCH more difficult.


Routine Racism


One of the main jobs of a political advisor is to analyze attitudes everybody has, but nobody realizes they have. I will be discussing one of these attitudes on this week's internet radio broadcast. You can listen to the main program at any time:

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I call it routine racism.

When a liberal and I discuss race, we are both being very racist.

We both consider black people to be pathetic. The only disagreement we have is how to deal with the pathetic black folks.

So when blacks say whites are all racists, they are perfectly correct. But what they NEVER want to talk about is what that MEANS.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.

There are many black men like O.J. Simpson who make it very, very clear that they would never date a black woman. I remember watching a roast of Sammy Davis, Jr. on television. A black singer was thanking him for his help early in her career, and said:

"I couldnít figure out why he was helping me. I wasnít anybody special. I wasnít white."

Sammy Davis gritted his teeth and laughed. She was talking about his younger days when he married Mai Brit, a very blond Swedish actress. Brit had worn a revealing wedding dress that made her look like a whore. Davis would never date anybody with discernable Negroid blood in them.

In other words, O.J. Simpson would never date a woman who looked like his daughter with a white woman, and Sammy Davis would never date someone with the obvious Negroid blood in her that Davisís son with Mai Brit has.

Every liberal understands why a black man would want a blond. Every liberal will fight for the black manís right to have a blond.

Everybody understands a black man who is obsessed with blond beauty. That is the opposite of racism to a liberal. What the black man wants to do with that blond beauty is destroy it. He wants to produce children he would reject as a mate.

I love blond beauty. But I am a racist because I want to preserve it.

If you watch anything produced in Canada, you will see that they only have blond girls walking with very black guys or making whoopee with very dark and greasy-looking Middle Easterners. They have to pay their dues to Political Correctness.

Look at Swedish ads. The blond girls are always with very, very dark Middle Easterners or blacks.

This is required anti-racism. Liberals agree that blonds are more beautiful, and dark guys have a right to them.


How Respectable Conservatives Save Racist Liberals


Back when Bob Jones University had its tax deductible status revoked because it did not allow interracial dating, a reporter interviewed three Bob Jones students, one black and two whites.

The liberal reporter asked the black student, "Donít you resent being discriminated against?" The black student replied, "I can only date black women. I WANT to date black women. White students can only date whites. Why am I being discriminated against?"

That answer put the reporter in an AWFUL position.

If the other students had backed the black student up, he could have forced the reporter to admit that the reason he asked the black student that was because he looks upon black females as inferior.

Fortunately the reporter had the white students to talk to. As good respectable conservatives, they acted as if the black guy wasnít there, and got the reporter off the hook by going into nice abstract arguments.

Liberals all agree that a black man who is denied blond beauty is being discriminated against.

Liberal or conservative or Communist, all white folks assume that non-whites are inferior. We only argue about what to do about it.

Liberals support the underdog. They take it for granted that blacks are the eternal and incurable underdogs.

So do I.

But I am the racist.

Black "leaders" live on liberal handouts. They leave it to heroes like Stokley Carmichael to go to Africa and die there working to help out black people.

Black "leaders" stay in the Maryland suburbs and make a good living attacking the Confederate flag.

They say whites are racist. We all know that. But black "leaders" never explain exactly what "racist" means. It would ruin their whole gig.


Donít Embarrass Poor Little Jesse


Back when Jesse Jackson first ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984, of all years, the media reported a problem the white candidates had. As the first debate approached, the media reported a concern other liberal Democrats had that they understood perfectly.

They were afraid of making Jesse Jackson look like a dumb (N word).

Jesse Jackson has never said anything in a debate that anyone could not have written for him. It was hard for even the most devoted liberal to convince people that Jackson was saying something interesting.

We all know why. If you look at any so-called black leader on television, you see what is obvious to everybody. He never says anything that doesnít go straight from his parietal lobe to his mouth.

The human brain has a frontal lobe, where new information is processed, a parietal lobe behind it from which remembered information comes, and the occipital and temporal lobes which were there from early evolution. A black "leader" spouts. He never comes up with anything that he has not perfectly memorized from endless repetition.

What I have said is far too blunt. I need to say it more diplomatically. My bluntness is the result of my peculiar experience. Let me explain that to you.




I have been a professional interrogator for decades. If you want to know what that does to you, listen to a routine conversation any experienced cop will have with another experienced cop:

"Heís lying. What do you think heís lying ABOUT?"

They know a person is lying. It may be the fluid, unhesitating lying that anyone in prison learns to do, or it may be the opposite. A normally honest person hesitates and averts his eyes. There is no formula, thereís simply experience.

My doctor brother said to me, "It is incredible what people who take the Minnesota Personality Inventory (MPI) tell me." He went on, "if they knew what those harmless questions told me, they wouldnít do it even anonymously."

When you talk to me, I hear every word, or I make you repeat it. I know exactly when you didnít hear what I said.

I know where your statements are coming from, your memory or your thought.

When a black "leader" speaks and you watch his eyes, the lights go out. Watch him. Every word comes straight from the script he has repeated hundreds of times.

That was the problem the Democratic debaters faced with Jesse Jackson.

Every professional politician is an interrogator, and the liberals were worried about what they knew about Jesse Jackson.

They didn't embarrass little Jesse, and every word Jesse said was straight out of his memorized play book.

I remember a black man who was part of a public discussion of Thomas Jeffersonís alleged relationship with Sally Hemings, the mulatto woman who was supposed to have borne his child. All the DNA tests proved about this was that Jefferson or a member of his family had fathered her child. It was probably one of his cousins.

But the black guy did not know a thing about this. When someone asked him if he had read the report, he was very indignant.

Of course he hadnít read the report. That was not why he was there.

He was there because he was black. He was there to make a point. He was there to make the point that when the child was fathered Hemings was underage so Jefferson was a child molester.

No one expected him to read the report. He was black. NO one expected him to read the report. At the end of the program he said Jefferson was a child molester. Thatís what he was there for and that's what he did.

If a white man had done exactly the same thing, he would have been ridiculed.

But black is not white. Everybody understood the Democratsí dilemma when Jesse Jackson showed up in the debate. They were dying to prove that the other white candidates were repeating the same old crap mindlessly. But they were terrified of even hinting that the black guy, the guy they knew was going to repeat the same old crap endlessly, was doing just that.

You know that. I know that. The media knew that. We also know no one is allowed to say it.

Except for me, of course.

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