Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  June 4, 2005

June 4, 2005  –  The Tide of History

June 4, 2005  –  Hitlerís Revolution

June 4, 2005  –  Other Revolutions

June 4, 2005  –  Riding the Tide of History

Fun Quote:

You make friends by laughing WITH them.

You destroy enemies by laughing AT them.


The Tide of History


This Saturday on my radio show I will talk about "The Tide of History."

This comes from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar:

"There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the crest, leads on to fortune."

That is the story of revolution throughout history...

It makes no difference whatever what the revolution is about. It makes no difference whether the revolution is good or bad. They all depend on riding the tide.

A revolutionary is exactly like a surfer waiting for his wave. A hundred other surfers are waiting for the big wave. None of them can CREATE the wave. If the wave does not come, they will all be left standing there with their surfboards in their hands looking a little silly.

But there WILL be a wave. That is the nature of the ocean.

There WILL be a wave.

That is the nature of men.


Hitlerís Revolution


The reason that there are so many books about Hitler, not just the Nazis, but about Adolf Hitler himself, is because he stands out in history as a one-man show. Historians know that the Nazi Revolution could not have occurred without this unique personality.

So historians and Nazis keep asking, "What was there about Hitler that made this revolution?"

What, to use the colloquial phrase, did Hitler have going for him?

He certainly had talent. Even Churchill wryly admitted, "he was great man, if evil can be called great."

Concentrating on Hitler personally it is easy to miss what Hitler "had going for him."

Hitler had Germanyís defeat in World War I and the Allies insane drive to destroy Germany out of spite and greed. He had the wild German inflation in 1923. In 1933 he had the greatest and deepest Depression the world had ever experienced, with Germany suffering most because of the impossibly high reparations imposed upon them.

He had a stupid Communist Party. In 1933 the Nazis and the Communists between them held a majority in the Reichstag. No government could be formed which did not include either the Communists or the Nazis. If they had been reasonable, the Communists might have prevented the Nazi takeover. But they demanded power, so Hindenburg had no choice but to make Hitler chancellor.

The Nazi Party almost disappeared in the late 1920s. But when the tide of history rolled in, Hitler was ready for it.


Other Revolutions


In 1776 America was a separate country from Britain. Almost every American had been born here, his father had been born here, his grandfather had been born here. The tea tax had nothing to do with it. A nation had grown up here that had no stake in the British Empire and it was time to separate. That was the tide of history.

If they had not been here at the crest of that tide, the Founding Fathers would have remained a group of talented gentlemen, nothing more.

If Robespiere and Napoleon had lived at any other time, history would have passed them over.

You can analyze Lenin all you want to, but he did not create World War I and a weak and stupid Czar and a Russian history of totalitarian rule.

A surfer who thinks he created the wave is insane.

But a revolutionary must, like a surfer, concentrate on being ready for the wave.

A person who is preparing for the Big Wave is entirely different from a swimmer who waits for nothing, but makes do with the water as it is and makes all his motions in a calm sea...

By exactly the same token, a revolutionary is entirely different from a politician, who makes his own motions.


Riding the Tide of History


After the Battles of Lexington and Concord many patriots made impassioned speeches.

Some demanded peace. Some demanded war.

George Washington spoke very little. He just took his seat in the legislature wearing a uniform.

His message was, "Thereís a war on. When you clowns get around to facing the facts, Iím ready to take over."

In the Soviet Assembly in 1917, all was confusion. The chairman of the soviet, of which the Communist Party held only a few seats, asked, "Is there any party here that would be willing to assume complete control of the country at this time?"

Lenin stood up and said, "There is such a party."

He was not playing politics. He was playing Revolution.

At this moment, everybody is trying to play politics. But there is a tide rising. The reason Europe and Canada have laws against discussing race is precisely because race is the huge wave inevitably making its way to the shore.

In the next age, someone will speak for the black race, someone will speak for the Asians, someone will speak for Hispanics.

And someone will speak for whites.

That is the tide of history.

While mealy-mouths are playing politics, whites are soon going to have to take on spokesmen. Not spokesmen for protecting the border and a melting pot. Spokesmen for WHITES.

Like Lenin and Hitler and, oddly enough, Washington, someone is going to have to see the wave and ride it. All regular politics will, quite simply, drown.

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