Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  May 28, 2005

May 28, 2005  –  Guest Worker Programs NEVER Work

May 28, 2005  –  Communist North Vietnamís Boy in DC

May 28, 2005  –  McCain to the Rescue!

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Guest Worker Programs NEVER Work


I was working on a brick plant in Germany in 1959. There was a huge worker shortage in the booming German economy, so they decided to start the original "guest worker" program. The idea was that they would allow workers from "poor" countries to come in and work until the post-war boom ended, then send them home.

As soon as GERMAN workers started to be unemployed, they would just send the guest workers (Gastarbeiter) home.

I was eighteen years old. I told them, "Once they get here, youíll NEVER get rid of them." I was told I was too young to understand the subtleties of the brilliant European Mind. I was a provincial racist from the South.

And so on and so forth.

That was back when I was also saying that after schools were integrated whites would drop to the level of blacks. Drug addiction and illegitimacy, largely black problems at the time, would skyrocket among whites.

I said school standards would collapse.

I said schools would become violent.

I was told I was a provincial racist. I did not understand the subtle brilliance of the Academic Mind.

Germany never got rid of its guest workers. White drug addiction is as high as black rates were in 1954, and black rates are now even worse. School standards have collapsed. Schools now routinely have to run weapons checks.

So Bill OíReilly and all the conservatives agree that what is needed in America to take care of Mexican immigration is a Guest Worker Plan.


Communist North Vietnamís Boy in DC


So who is taking the lead on a guest worker program?

John McCain, of course.

John McCain has the silver star for bravery as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

In order to get the silver star you have to be seen performing a heroic deed by a superior officer. McCain, according to John McCain, resisted torture by the North Vietnamese.

Well, sort of. He has said repeatedly and publically that in other wars one could resist and survive, but in North Vietnam he knew some who resisted that way and they are all dead. So he admits he gave information.

So they gave him a silver star for being a prisoner of war. No one saw his "bravery" when the Communists questioned him. His open admission that he gave information is a good defense preparation if his file ever emerges from the Vietnamese Communists.

He told US News and World Report (I looked it up) that his first words to the Communists when he was captured were, "I am injured. You give me medicine and Iíll give you information."

Move over, Jane Fonda.

To repeat, the Vietnamese are the only ones who have access to McCainís interrogation file. No American has ever seen it. But McCain was the son of an admiral, so they gave him a silver star.

It so happens that John McCain is the best friend Communist Vietnam has in congress. Even far left liberals donít bow and scrape to them the way McCain does. He has helped block all attempts to find missing Vietnam POW's. The families of missing Americans in Vietnam hate him.

This is very relevant, because John McCain is doing the same thing for the left today that he did when was a POW in Vietnam.


McCain to the Rescue!


In Vietnam John McCain wore the American uniform and he admits he helped the Viet Cong. He is invaluable to Communist Vietnam today. If a liberal says he thinks all the POWs are accounted for, no one believes him. But when John McCain, the ex-POW and Official Hero, says that North Vietnam has done all they can do to locate missing POWs, everybody agrees.

If John McCain loves North Vietnam and wants to leave "all that" behind him, people listen. He is a Hero. He has Suffered and Forgiven.

So when liberals realize they canít get hard gun control yet, they get McCain to lead a charge to get whatever gun control they CAN get. When the Senate gets ready to get rid of the filibuster on a presidential appointment, McCain heads up a group of senators to save them.

On the guest worker program, McCain is in there getting everything he can for open border liberals.

This is how it works. On one side there are those few sane people who want to simply enforce our immigration laws. On the other side there are those who want a huge amnesty program which will begin with the cover-name "guest workers." The middle of the road would be between these two groups.

In steps McCain, who offers a "conservative" guest workersí program. His has become the conservative, the right-wing position. So the middle of the road is between McCain, who wants a guest worker program that will soon be total amnesty for all illegal invaders, and those who want completely open borders.

McCain is the best thing that ever happened to the left. He carries more of their water than any five liberal senators ever could.

In America, McCain is far more useful to the left as a "conservative" senator than any five liberal senators could ever be.

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