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May 21, 2005  –  V-E Day, May 8, 1945

May 21, 2005  –  The Churchill Clown

May 21, 2005  –  Heroism Cannot Trump Stupidity

May 21, 2005  –  Gee, Guys, What Happened?

Fun Quote:

For you martial arts fans, I would like to point out my favorite tactic when I am faced with a fight.

When faced with hand-to-hand fighting, the French have a method of hitting with their legs that is called Savate.

I use my legs too. My method is called the Sprint.


V-E Day, May 8, 1945


May 8, 1945 was V-E Day, the day Nazi Germany surrendered.

On April 30, 1945, Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin Bunker.

There was some question about whether the other Allies would take Berlin along with the Soviets. Stalin explained to Roosevelt that May Day, May 1st, was a big day for the Soviet Revolution, so the Soviets alone should take the German capital.

So Roosevelt gave Berlin to Stalin.

All this bothered Churchill. He was worried about the fact that Russia was being given what it had always wanted, a foothold in the very center of Europe. He was suddenly worried that, once Russia got Berlin, it would claim half of the continent.

Within five years, the Soviet Empire did indeed include half of Europe.

What Churchill did not realize was that both Roosevelt and Stalin understood that he was a has-been, a funny little out-of-date joke.


The Churchill Clown


It is almost impossible today for us to understand the world Churchill's sick little mind lived in.

In 1814 Britain defeated Napoleon and reestablished its traditional policy of a Balance of Power in Europe. When Hitler came along, he threatened the Balance of Power in Europe. When Hitler conquered France in 1940, Churchill's only concern was restoring the Balance of Power in Europe.

This is not a joke. This was Churchill's policy.

In 1939, when both Hitler and Stalin, by agreement, invaded Poland, Britain only declared war against Hitler. Hitler was threatening the Balance of Power in Europe. To Churchill, only Germany was threatening the Balance of Power in Europe.

I hope I haven't lost you here. I am NOT overstating this. That was REALLY Churchill's World View.

This is NOT a joke.

So France joined Britain in declaring war ONLY against Germany. Germany proceeded, as usual, to beat the hell out of France.

Germany then said, "OK. We conquered France again. Now would you please get out of the way and let us conquer the Soviet Union as Hitler said he wanted to do in Mein Kampf?"

Churchill refused to make any peace with Germany. Churchill was still living in the days of Napoleon, when Britain stood alone against the Enemy of the Balance of Power in Europe and refused to make peace with the Corsican tyrant.

No, I am NOT joking here.

So, in 1940, Churchill sat there and kept the war going.

One day a German airplane dropped a couple of bombs which landed, specifically against orders, in a civilian area. Germany officially apologized.

This was the break Churchill was looking for. He launched a retaliatory raid against civilian targets in Berlin. That is how the London Blitz began. Germany did not like Britain attacking its civilians, so it hit back, HARD.

Edward R. Murrow, the god of American broadcasting, began his series of broadcasts by describing how mean the Germans were.

Recently the History Channel had a program entitled, "Roosevelt: He Brought Light to America By Keeping It in the Dark." The program refers to the joint efforts of Roosevelt and other American liberals like Edward R. Murrow to get America in the war.

Germany never understood why France and Britain only declared war against them and not against Stalin, who also invaded Poland. The Germans understood even less that Churchill was chomping at the bit to join Stalin and Roosevelt in a joint destruction of Germany.

Germany never understood that Churchill had no idea that Europe's time of total world domination had passed. Hitler saw the Soviet power and the American power, and he wanted to join with the British Empire as a European balance to those powers. He praised the British Empire in Mein Kampf. He never understood that Churchill was rooted in 1814.

He simply never understood how dumb Churchill was.


Heroism Cannot Trump Stupidity


Germany and the Soviet Union were buddies until June 22, 1941. That was the day Germany, which shared Poland with the USSR, attacked the USSR on the common front they shared in Poland.

So the Germans thought, "OK, now you know what we were really after all this time was the Soviet Union."


Right after Germany invaded the USSR something incredible happened. Rudolf Hess, the Number Three man in the entire Nazi Government, flew straight to Britain to arrange for a peace settlement with Britain and the freeing of France so Germany could take care of Stalin.

Hess was a World War I hero as a combat pilot. This was a heroic mission that was typical of Hess.

I knew someone who served with him in World War I. He called my friend before he left. Hitler knew all about it.

The number three man in the United States Government is the Speaker of the House. Can you imagine, in the middle of a war, the Speaker of the House flying unprotected into an enemy country and trying to make peace?

That's what happened. Germany simply could not understand that Churchill lived in 1814. Edward R. Murrow and Roosevelt said Hess was nuts. Hess spent the rest of his life in prison.


Gee, Guys, What Happened?


Back to May 8, 1945. Roosevelt gave Stalin Berlin and half of Europe.

And, gee whiz, something else happened. Stalin and Roosevelt, with Churchill invited as a formality, met at Yalta to divide up Europe.

Churchill found that his old friend and worshiper, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, completely ignored him. He was terribly upset. What happened to the praise and glory his bosom buddy FDR had given him when he was the front guy for destroying Germany?

When two great powers are dividing up a silly-ass continent that just destroyed itself, they don't have time for a clown who is living in 1814. Churchill never figured that out.

Edward R. Murrow and the liberals gave Winnie Churchill one more shot at being a Great Prophet. After all, he had done his part for the leftist cause and he deserved a little praise.

So in 1948 Winnie said in a speech that "an Iron Curtain has fallen over Eastern Europe." Stalin, his buddy, his ally, his Hero, had taken his half of Europe and turned it into some kind of - well let's say it - some kind of a DICTATORSHIP!

Only a genius and a prophet could have figured THAT out!

I am NOT joking.

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