Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  May 7, 2005

May 7, 2005  –  News Flash! Religious Bias On Campus!

May 7, 2005  –  A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

May 7, 2005  –  Being Liberal Means Never Having To Face The Facts

May 7, 2005  –  Making The World Safe For Democracy

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The crisis continues.

In every category, almost 50% of the American population is below average.


News Flash! Religious Bias On Campus!


Air Force Academy Wrestles with Alleged Religious Bias was the headline this week. Do you think that ole Bob's message is starting to get across?

Well, no.

You see, there is Christian bias at the Air Force Academy. It is so bad that a group called Americans United for Separation of Church and State has gotten involved.

The Left has groups to combat even the most imaginary of problems. We have trouble even recognizing really big problems. As G.K. Chesterton said, "Men can always be blind to a thing so long as it is big enough." This article provides a case in point.

The "religious climate" at the Academy includes "allegations of anti-Semitism, favoritism for born-again Christian cadets and conversion attempts by evangelicals on the Colorado Springs campus."

Do you think that there is anti-white bias at the Academy? Do you think non-whites are favored over whites? Do you think the professors there promote leftist nonsense in class?

The article states that the Pentagon is taking these allegations "very seriously."

Do you think the Pentagon would ever even consider our complaints, except as perhaps signs of sedition?


A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste


How stupid does one have to be to take the USA Today seriously? Look at the list of offenses that have the Pentagon up in arms.

They include "proselytizing by Christians, use of Bible quotes in official e-mail and an ad promoting Jesus in the base newspaper, signed by 200 academy leaders."

Also, the Leftist watchdogs for Separation of Church and State allege that "non-Christian cadets were harassed by seniors and that Christians were allowed to display crosses in the dorms while cadets were barred from hanging non-religious items."

By the way, did the Pentagon ever figure out why they were unable to stop three hijacked airliners from hitting the WTC and their own building on September 11th, 2001? Or has this issue got a higher priority level?

Perhaps this is so important because, as the article states, it grew out of a survey of students and staff following a "2003 scandal in which nearly 150 female cadets alleged that they had been sexually assaulted by fellow cadets in the previous decade."

Are we supposed to consider these two events related? Are we to believe that increasing Christian evangelism correlates to increasing numbers of sexual assaults? That emailing Bible quotes and hanging crosses in dorm rooms produces the same result as integrating neighborhoods?


Being Liberal Means Never Having To Face The Facts


Can you imagine a Respectable Conservative pointing out to a liberal that "nearly 150 female cadets" being sexually assaulted completely destroys the left's arguments for women in combat?

Everyone knows that conquering armies rape the women of the losers. It is understood that the aggressiveness required for waging war spills over into other behaviors.

So if women were the equals of men in combat, they would sexually assault men at roughly the same rate as men assault women.

"Nearly 150" to zero does not bode well for the combat readiness of women. Only someone as insensitive as ole Bob will point this out.

Of course, it would be really insensitive for ole Bob to point out that none of the traditional religions allow women in combat. Only the religion of Political Correctness insists on this.

The article has several other figures that aren't meant to be studied closely. For example, "55 instances of religious bias in the past five years" translates to 11 per year. For a school with 4,000 cadets, that translates to less than one quarter of one percent. Since the school is 1% Jewish, less than 1% Muslim, and roughly 8% other, does that sound like such a big deal?

Do you think that out of a group of 40 Jews, 30 something Muslims (at a military school in the midst of a war in the middle east) and 350 assorted non-Christians you could find 11 who might not like Bible verses in emails or crosses in dorm rooms?


Making The World Safe For Democracy


Air Force cadets are being trained to enter into combat to bring "democracy" to the unenlightened nations. Of course, don't expect them to be allowed to practice it at home.

You see, just because 90% of the student body is Christian, that doesn't mean that the 0.275% who have some sort of minor complaint about that shouldn't be allowed to overrule them.

The beautiful chapel at the Academy is the "most recognizable" building on campus, which is another grave cause for concern. You see, the main floor is given to the Protestants, with only 60% of the cadet population. The Catholics have to settle for a downstairs room, coming in at only 30%. The Jews get a synagogue at 1%, and the Muslims have a prayer room.

The "Others" get rooms as well.

It is all sooooooo unfair!

It is all sooooooo confusing!

Our ancestors would have understood why the chapel is the "most recognizable" building on campus. They built it that way. They understood that the military was meant to serve a higher purpose. It was meant to serve and protect a workable and recognizable order based on eternal principles.

They sure were a bunch of hate filled bigots.

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