Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  April 30, 2005

April 30, 2005  –  America’s Nationalist Revolution

April 30, 2005  –  The Nationalist South

April 30, 2005  –  America’s Foreign President

April 30, 2005  –  Yankee Colonialism Continues

Fun Quote:

When a member of a minority group feels resentment it is called Righteous Indignation.

When a white gentile feels resentment it is called Hate.


America’s Nationalist Revolution


The reason the American Revolution occurred has nothing to do with tea or stamp taxes. The American Revolution was the result of one single cause: it was time for it.

A new nation had grown up across the Atlantic from Britain. Almost all white Americans in 1776 had been born in America, their fathers had been born in America, their grandfathers had been born in America, and their GREAT grandfathers had been born in America.

In fact, the Americans who fought the Revolution and wrote the Constitution had the highest percentage of native-born Americans there have ever been in this country, before or since. The last of the big waves of immigration to America ended by 1710, and most of occurred long before that.

Americans had huge families and plenty of food and healthy places to live. The population doubled every twenty to twenty-five years naturally, without immigration.

One of the last debates Benjamin Franklin had in Britain before the Revolution ended suddenly when, for once, he had no reply. Franklin had been delegated to represent the interests of several colonies in London. In the middle of the debate, Franklin clammed up completely.

He was asked what silenced him, and he said that one man on the English side had said, "This man is not a Briton, this man is an AMERICAN."

Franklin suddenly realized that the Briton was right.

Franklin suddenly realized that all the talk of Taxation Without Representation and the Stamp Tax were utterly meaningless. The problem was that America was under the control of another nation.

All this is heresy today. Liberals and, therefore, respectable conservatives have to agree that America is not a group of people, it is a group of principles. They cannot admit that when the Constitution stated as its sole authority, "We the people of the United States and OUR posterity," they meant it.

When those who wrote Constitution dedicated it ENTIRELY, one hundred percent to nothing but the interests of ourselves and our posterity, they MEANT it.


The Nationalist South


By 1860 the South was an altogether separate nation from the North. The Civil War occurred for exactly the same reason the Revolutionary War occurred: those two peoples did not belong under the same government.

Only a tiny percentage of Southerners owned slaves, but Southerners insisted that as many western states as possible be slave states. The reason for that had nothing to do with their wanting to settle the west with their own slaves. Southerners identified the slave-holding states as THEIR nation.

By exactly the same token, Northerners, who couldn’t care less about slaves, considered the free states as the expansion of THEIR nation. There were two nations existing under the same government, and the situation was untenable.

In 1776 the question was whether the British Empire would crush the Americans and truly make them part of the British nation. In 1861 the question was whether the North would crush the South and make it a part of the Yankee Nation.

The Deep South had seceded before Fort Sumter was fired on. Once the war began, the upper South and Texas seceded. They seceded because the two nations were now at war, and their nation was the South. There was a plebiscite in Tennessee and the population there voted three to one to join the Southern Nation. The percentage of slave owners in this overwhelming majority was minuscule.

They voted the way they did because they identified themselves with the Southern Nation.

General Grant made it clear that he was fighting for his nation, not against slavery.

Grant said, "If I thought this war was being fought to abolish slavery, I would offer my sword to the other side."


America’s Foreign President


In 1865, Republicans knew exactly what the war had been about.

In 1865 the President of the United States was Andrew Johnson of Tennessee. Republicans pointed out that Johnson was "a foreigner." They denied any Southerners the right to sit in congress. They declared that the Yankee Nation had conquered the Southern Nation.

They were right. From that day forward, the South was a colony of the Yankee Nation in a much more genuine sense than American was ever British colony. The federal government ran huge surpluses because of the high tariffs the North imposed.

Southerners paid those tariffs twice. If they bought foreign goods, Southerners paid tariffs on them to such an extent that it not only financed the entire Federal budget, it caused embarrassing surpluses. In order to avoid paying the huge tariffs, Southerners had to buy much more expensive industrial products from New England. New England pocketed all of it, and that is why tariffs were kept so high.

That has been forgotten. And that was not the worst of it.

New England protected its industrial monopoly in America because New Englanders also owned the railroads. Any Southern company that wanted to ship industrial products north had to pay up to ten times as much as New England had to pay to send products south. It was impossible for the South to develop any major industries in the age when the only key to prosperity was industrialization. By the time of World War II tariffs had faded in importance.

With the New Deal, the federal government ceased to rely on tariffs for its main income. It was now supported by corporate taxes, excise taxes, and corporate income taxes.

If you ever wonder why so many conservative Southerners supported those new taxes, now you know the reason.


Yankee Colonialism Continues


In 1945 the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation came home. The Southern branch of that group insisted that "We are One Nation now." They took over the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and made it obedient to the Yankee nation.

In fact, I was at a SCV convention not long ago, and one speaker said, "We can openly support our flag now. The World War II generation isn’t in control anymore."

In 1945, the railroad rates that had made the South a region of poverty were still in full force. But after four years of Obedience Training, Southerners were Yankee Nationalists. The same thing happened to Korean vets and Vietnam vets. They were almost all transformed into Yankee nationalists.

Most of the new generation has not been in the service.

They did not get their Obedience Training.

They are not what the Greatest Genereation proudly called themselves,"dog-faces."

Thank God!

When the discriminatory rail rates, and the Old Reconstruction, ended in 1951, the New Reconstruction was under way. It was called "Civil Rights."

The propaganda explained "Civil Rights" as just a love of blacks. It was a campaign of hatred against white Southerners. Southerners were forced to use the word "Nee-grows" for blacks. Yankees loved that word because it is so unnatural for Southerners to pronounce. A Southerner saying "Nee-grow" was like him falling on his face before Political Correctness.

It was the founder of the Black Panthers who introduced using the word "black." He made it clear that the word "Nee-grow" was not natural for blacks either. The Yankee Nation had never thought about that. Their only intent was to make Southerners crawl. How blacks talked was not their problem.

In 1861 the war was about the Southern Nation against the Yankee Nation. In 1960 the war was between the Southern Nation and the Yankee Nation. Blacks were irrelevant to both sides.

Another great history lesson, "Washington's Klan" has facts you've probably never heard.

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