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April 23, 2005  –  Was Lenin A Communist?

April 23, 2005  –  The Truth Is No Excuse

April 23, 2005  –  What Political Correctness Outlaws Is Plain English

Fun Quote:

"Everything that can be invented has been invented."

-- Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899.


Was Lenin A Communist?


In order for a case to reach the courts, a judge has to be willing to accept that it makes some sense.

In the 1970s a woman constantly referred to herself as a "Marxist-Leninist." Someone called her a "Communist" and she sued him. I don’t know whether she won or not, but it went to court in a serious civil case.

Marx, author of "The Communist Manifesto," would have been astonished to hear that he was not a Communist. Lenin would also have considered anyone who did not consider him to be a Communist to be a lunatic.

I repeat, the judge took the case.

There was no doubt in anybody’s mind that a Marxist-Leninist was a Communist. The suit was about the right of a person to say so.

There was a TV movie some years ago about Robert Oppenheimer. Robert Oppenheimer was a leftist who was in on the development of the atomic bomb during World War II from the get-go. The whole point of the movie was to show that, while practically everybody Oppenheimer associated with was openly a Communist, Oppenheimer himself was not.

One scene showed a friend of Oppenheimer's going to a picnic with his fellow Communists in a bus marked, "Communist Jewish League." Some people stopped the bus and started shouting. Finally someone said something that started the fight. He called them "Commie Jews!"

This bigot was the villain of the piece.

Everybody watching the movie understood that a group of Communist Jews had the right to ride in a bus with the words "Communist-Jewish League" emblazoned on both sides, but no non-Communist gentile had any right calling them Communist Jews.

Those were fighting words. Please remember, EVERYBODY watching the movie was expected to understand that.

For many years it was considered extreme right-wing propaganda to call Fidel Castro a Communist. In 1957, while Castro was still a little-known guerilla in the Cuban hills, National Review announced he was an avowed Communist, from his own words.

The media, Republican moderates and many conservatives not only denied this statement, they ridiculed it.

In 1958, before Castro took power on January 1, 1959, the John Birch Society announced he was a Communist. For a couple of years after Castro took power in Cuba, saying he was a Communist was a strictly right-wing thing.

Then, in 1960, Castro announced that he was and always had been a Marxist-Leninist. Most of the media did what they always do. When the truth came out, they simply forgot that they had ever denied it and so did any conservative who ever wanted to be part of the national media.

But some in the liberal media held out. They insisted that when Castro said he had always been a "Marxist-Leninist" it did not mean they had been wrong. They argued at some length that a Marxist-Leninist was not necessarily a Communist.


The Truth Is No Excuse


The following is something I wrote in Bob's Blog:
Denying The Holocaust

In Germany or France anyone who says that less than six million Jews were killed by the Nazis is given an automatic sentence of one or two years in prison. Any witness for them receives the same sentence, so they are allowed no defense based on evidence.

I know very little about the subject, but I know the Holocaust deniers are right.


Because I am a freeborn American. I know that anything the government REQUIRES you to believe is not true.

I also know that anyone who cannot face debate and needs the government to outlaw all dispute is, and I use this word rarely and specifically, a liar.

Denying the Holocaust is the duty of every decent person.

One of the invaluable commenters on Bob's Blog reminded me that anyone who denied that four million Jews were thrown into gas ovens at Auschwitz was automatically sentenced to a year in prison. Then the authorities admitted that the gas ovens there had been built by them after the war.

The camps in Germany, where Andy Rooney announced on national television that he had SEEN the Holocaust, have now been proven and admitted not to have been death camps. Every single "death camp" was safely behind the Iron Curtain, where the truthful Soviet authorities had control of them and all information had to come from them.

But none of this was allowed to be used as a defense by anyone who questioned the NUMBERS, not the existence, that the Holocaust religion requires by law.


What Political Correctness Outlaws Is Plain English


Norman Mineta, Bush’s Secretary of Transportation, has officially announced that the fact that a person is an Arab Muslim does not mean that he is more likely to be terrorist than a grandmother from Minneapolis.

The NAACP is in court saying that the fact that a person is a non-English-speaking Mexican crossing the Rio Grande is no more reason to think that he is an illegal immigrant than that same grandmother from Minneapolis.

No one believes any of this. In fact, the NAACP was deeply embarrassed when polls showed that a higher percentage of black people believed an Arab Muslim was more likely to be a terrorist than a grandmother from Minneapolis than white people did.

Whites are more used to telling pollsters what they want to hear. Blacks have not been terrorized into that yet.

If a conservative wants to be respectable he is never allowed to say to a liberal what Ronald Reagan said to Jimmy Carter, "There you go again." To be respectable a conservative must treat each new repetition of the same old silliness as the result of thought and honesty.

No one is allowed to laugh at a funeral. No one is allowed to laugh at Political Correctness.

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