Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  April 9, 2005

April 9, 2005  –  Lions and Tigers and Vigilantes, Oh No!

April 9, 2005  –  Will There Be Trouble At The Border?

April 9, 2005  –  What Are CIVILIANS Doing Protecting the Border?

April 9, 2005  –  Everybody knows Who the Hispanic-"Americans" Are Loyal To

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Lions and Tigers and Vigilantes, Oh No!


Bush and the media are attempting to smear the Minutemen by calling them "vigilantes." Do you think the average American has any idea where the term comes from? Bush and the media are counting on the fact that the average American has no idea what the word means. They are counting on the fact that the average American will recoil in horror at the term.

A "vigiliante" was a member of a "vigilance committee." What is a "vigilance committee" you might ask, if you are braver than the average American?

Break down the phrase into two words to make it easy. Everyone knows what a committee is.

What about "vigilance?" It means "alert watchfulness" according to the dictionary.

A "vigilance committee" is a group of men assembled to maintain watchful alertness.

In the old west, they were citizens who had to keep watch against lawlessness. There was no government to protect them. They had to do it themselves. Of course in that sense they were a government, and they were freely elected.

So why are George Bush and the media so afraid of "vigilantes?"

Maybe the last thing they want from Americans is "alert watchfulness."

After all, isn't that the job Americans expect from Bush and the media?


Will There Be Trouble At The Border?


For decades millions of Mexicans have been coming across the border every year in violation of the law.

The prisons of our two biggest states, California and Texas are overcrowded largely because of Mexicans who came across that border illegally and committed crimes here.

Every year a huge number of those illegal aliens go back across that border so that Mexico can protect them against being punished for their crimes. A few of them have been photographed by American media walking the streets of Mexico City.

American media openly admits that's just the tip of the iceberg.

But now the media is in a frenzy about the fact that there could be trouble on the Mexican border.

That is because a few hundred Americans called the Minutemen have decided to go down to the Mexican border and report illegal aliens to the Border Patrol.


What Are CIVILIANS Doing Protecting the Border?


Many in the media are demanding to know why CIVILIANS are down there helping protect the American border?

The answer to this is very simple. America is the first country in world history to declare that our armed forces have no right to defend their country's borders.What if you had told the Founding Fathers that the American armed forces had no right to defend our borders?

They would have put you in the madhouse where you belonged.

The military is prohibited from protecting the border. Civilians are prohibited from protecting their border.

Decades of experience make one thing clear: the so-called Border Patrol is totally ineffective.

The media is terribly worried that the Minutemen may cause the wonderful situation at the border and Mexico will be upset by these nasty Minutemen. President Bush never even mentions any of the murders and rapes committed by illegal aliens who are protected by the Mexican Government. But he is denouncing those "vigilantes" who are reporting illegal aliens to the Border Patrol.


Everybody knows Who the Hispanic-"Americans" Are Loyal To


Hispanic-Americans have no loyalty to the United States, and Bush and the media are loyal only to them.

Everybody knows that any politician who tries to do anything about illegal aliens will lose if he has Hispanic voters. The media agree that California Republicans cut their own throats politically when they tried to keep Americans from paying for benefits to known illegal aliens.

Hispanic voters who call themselves Americans have no loyalty at all to Americans. Their only loyalty is to other Hispanics.

If they want me to stop saying that, they will have to stop voting that way.

We all know that the reason Bush opposes protecting the US border is precisely because Hispanic voters are loyal only to other Hispanics, America be damned.

That is the rule Bush lives by. But nobody is allowed to state the rule Bush lives by in plain English.

I just did.

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