Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  March 26, 2005

March 26, 2005  –  Pimping Pain and Suffering

March 26, 2005  –  Real People Suffer

March 26, 2005  –  Deadening Diversions

Fun Quote:

"Everything you add to the truth subtracts from the truth."

-- Alexander Solzhenitsyn


Pimping Pain and Suffering


Respectable Conservatives are on cloud nine. The Terry Schiavo case in Florida is something they live for. They can have a play fight with the left, and both come out ahead.

The left and the Respectable Conservatives love to sink their fangs into an issue like the Schiavo case. They could care less about the people involved, but each gets an enormous opportunity to grandstand. The left sees it as another chance to destroy common decency while the respectables can talk big and raise money on an issue that is emotionally touching and splashy but peripheral to the main issues.

Respectables and their unwitting followers get all worked up over this type of issue because it's safe. No one can be called a racist or bigot or hater for siding with Schiavo. Common pity and sympathy are natural in such an individual case. The poor, beleagured working man with a sense of decency can give full vent to his emotions in this type of case without harming the left in any way.

Real leadership requires tough decision-making, detachment, and dedication to the big picture. Most people are incapable of this, especially with issues outside their immediate purview. That is why Jesus was so condemning of the scribes and Pharisees. They were the leaders of their day, and were living off of the people, "making merchandise" of them.

This is why Jesus told his disciples that the "greatest is the servant of all." He was talking about LEADERSHIP. A real leader serves his people by doing what is best for them, regardless of the cost to himself.

A Respectable helps himself to a big serving of his people.


Real People Suffer


The Schiavo case is a real tragedy for the families involved. It is shameful that their personal suffering is made into a political and media circus act.

Few people relate to abstract ideas. People relate to other people, and that is why these personal cases create such attraction.

The influence of TV and other media has warped this very human trait all out of perspective. That is why Congress and the Supreme Court and the President must all weigh in on this case and "do something!"

Anyone who believes a country can be governed adequately in this manner is out of his mind. It takes someone like Ole Bob to point this out.

When there is a natural disaster like the Florida hurricanes last year, the Governor and the President must immediately get on a helicopter and rush to the scene. Why? What good can they accomplish? They are wasting thousands of dollars and impeding the efforts to alleviate REAL suffering by REAL people. All for a dog and pony show.

Meanwhile back on planet earth, in fact in the same state of Florida, a little girl is brutally raped and murdered by a repeat "sex offender." The life of a family is torn apart because the left has succeeded in keeping these animals out of the electric chair and putting them back into REAL neighborhoods where they can prey on REAL people.

Oh, you'll hear Respectable Conservatives pound their fists about bringing back the death penalty and keeping these people locked up. But will you ever hear one remind a leftist who got them back on the streets in the first place?

Here is a well-written description of what REAL people suffer. It is part of an account of a young female "whigger" that is worth reading.

Notice how this young girl acts just like a "Respectable Conservative." Think about how many REAL little girls are ending up like this, because "Respectable Conservatives" have let the left lead us down this path.


Deadening Diversions


Cases that are novel and shocking grab the media headlines. People are drawn to them like moths to a flame. That is part of our nature. It is easily exploited.

It is horrible when a child is murdered. It is heart-rending to see a case like the Schiavo one.

But what can we say when we have thousands and thousands of our young people slowly destroyed right under our noses? Having Daddy's little girl become a wretched little whore over a ten year period is not a headline grabber. Yet we all see these works in progress every single day.

So while we have Respectable Conservatives and leftists and everybody else screaming and wailing over a brain-dead woman, we have thousands and thousands of our little girls being turned into brain-dead little tramps, and thousands and thousands of our little boys being turned into brain-dead animals.

Think about this when you watch Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly or your favorite respectable rail about the latest circus act. What are they saying about the little girls you see every day?

When the dust settles on the Schiavo case, and before the next one arrives, take some time to think about what is really being accomplished.

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