Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  March 19, 2005

March 19, 2005  –  Loyalty to "American Principles" Is Treason

March 19, 2005  –  What the American Flag Means Today

March 19, 2005  –  A Stark Choice

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Cowards run in packs.


Loyalty to "American Principles" Is Treason


Leftists hate white gentiles. But every one of them will tell you he is a loyal American. He says he is loyal to "the principles America is based on."

The Constitution tells us the only principle America is based on:

     "To secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and OUR Posterity."

We the people are the only authority the Constitution is based on. OUR well-being is the ONLY purpose of America.

"We the People"  –  NOT illegal aliens. Legal aliens only have the rights they need to HELP US.

Respectable conservatives always respect this, "Loyalty to principles." Many conservatives say they are loyal to Israel first.

This is treason.


If you are more loyal to other Catholics or other Jews or other evangelicals than you are to US, then you are a traitor. You don't belong here.


What the American Flag Means Today


African-Americans have overwhelmingly said in polls that they are about equally African and American in their loyalties. The first concern of most blacks is blacks.

Every political expert now agrees that it is stupid to expect Hispanics to be loyal to America. California Republicans lost the state by trying to take benefits away from illegal aliens. Hispanics voted overwhelmingly in favor of their brother Hispanics and against Americans.

Nobody puts it that way, because no one can be a respectable conservative and get on the national media if he says it that way. But nobody can deny that is the way Hispanic voters vote.

Only white gentiles are still droolingly loyal to the United States. So while we drool over giving freedom to Iraqis and proving to minorities we are goodies, our race faces genocide.

We are giving our loyalty away.

So white gentiles get exactly what they are asking for. They ask for nothing for themselves. They ask only to sacrifice to give to others. So they get nothing. They lose everything.

So far, so good. You get what you ask for when you declare your loyalty to a flag no matter what it does. But what upsets me is that, when white gentiles get exactly what they keep asking for, they get upset.

Your country is being overrun by the third world. Well, you keep saying you believe in a "melting pot" and a "nation of immigrants," so they have as much right here as you do. In fact, they have MORE right to be here than you do.

You agree that America was stolen from the Indians. You agree that every attempt by earlier Americans to protect their race by segregation or to avoid rule by minorities by denying minorities the vote was wrong.

So now you celebrate those "victories." Those are "civil rights triumphs" every conservative spokesman and conservative preacher raves about to prove he is anti-racist.

Your precious minority vote is exactly what those who tried to prevent minorities from getting suffrage said it would be. It is slavish bloc for leftism and anything that can hurt America and white gentiles. It is a slavish bloc for robbing productive people. And it is growing geometrically.

You got what you asked for.


A Stark Choice


I am tired to death of dealing with "conservatives" who say their first loyalty is to Christ, by which they mean their version of Christianity. I am sick to death of soldiers who will kill Americans to enforce anything the court decides is the Constitution this week.

That is what media conservatives and preachers say the American flag stands for.

You know as well as I do that not one of the Founding Fathers would disagree with me. They had just gotten rid of blind loyalty of that same kind to their King and Country in Britain. The one thing they agreed to was that a blind loyalty to a flag was treason.

It still is.

Are you loyal to everything Jerry Falwell or Professor Nitwit or Judge Goldberg says your flag stands for or are you loyal to your own race, your own interests?

Loyalty to the United States is NOT loyalty to abstract principles like a melting pot or diversity. As I pointed out many years ago:

"By definition, a melting pot is nothing specific. Anybody who is deeply loyal to nothing specific is in desperate need of psychiatric help."

Loyalty to "We the people of the United States of America and OUR posterity" is the exact opposite of loyalty to these manufactured "abstract principles."

Faithfulness to "We the People" is loyalty to your OWN interests, your OWN preferences, your OWN beliefs.

And your OWN, your WHITE prejudices.

I am proud that our Founding Fathers dedicated a country to its people, and nothing else.

No Divine Right. No King in robes. No all-powerful judges in robes who can tell every state and every other branch of the Federal government what to do.

America was founded to be a nation which is made up of its people. No claims to perfection. No "rule by law, not by mere men." No excuses.

That's America.

Anything else is treason.

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