Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  February 26, 2005

February 26, 2005  –  See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

February 26, 2005  –  Like Lambs Led to Slaughter

February 26, 2005  –  Out of Africa

February 26, 2005  –  From Brown vs. Topeka to a Brown World

Fun Quote:

If you agree that homosexuality is a "legitimate alternative life style" how can you object to teachers pushing the gay and lesbian agenda in class?


See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil


Respectable Conservatives are keeping very mum on the breaking scandal in the White House over male prostitute/news reporter, Jeff Gannon. Of course, this shouldn't be a surprise, because that is what Respectable Conservatives always do.

It doesn't seem to strike any of them as odd that someone who runs publicly accessible, X-rated websites selling himself by the hour should be able to get White House credentials under a false name. All this at a time when the Republicans are DEMANDING that we give up what is left of our liberties for the security that ONLY they can provide us.

We have come to expect Respectable Conservatives to cover up and make excuses for liberal failures and Republican duplicity. So of course they will try and make everyone believe that Republicans are the ONLY ones who can provide us "security" from "terror."

But why do they seem to find nothing strange about this male prostitute having easy access to high places in the Republican establishment?

Probably because they can't tell much difference between what he does for a living and what they do.

And to be honest with you, neither can I.


Like Lambs Led to Slaughter


Most media pundits credit Bush's narrow victory over Kerry to the "traditional values" crowd who were opposed to the "gay marriage" agenda. They are probably correct.

But even though Bush has given only lip service to their concerns, these folks seem to worship the ground he walks on. He can do no wrong in their eyes.

Of course, it is this kind of blind, stupid obedience that has brought us to where we are today. It is what causes sheep to follow the "Judas goat" down to the slaughtering pens.

Of course, sheep have a bit more of an excuse than do white American human beings. As they say about sheep, "If you aren't in the lead, the view never changes."

Funny thing is, the words coming from Respectable Conservatives never change either.

Probably because they can't tell much difference between the average white American and a dumb sheep.

And to be honest with you, neither can I.


Out of Africa


I've spent a lot of time in Africa, and working in American prisons. Both are a lot alike in several ways. These ways are not ways that I would wish on any human being - especially my own people.

There is a "love that dare not speak its name" that goes on in Africa and in prisons. Of course, it has nothing to do with love, and seems to be talked about all the time now. It has become all but "respectable" behavior in America.

I've written many times about how this is the logical outcome of accepting the Supreme Court's ruling throwing out ALL the states' anti-miscegenation laws. It is the logical outcome of the "Civil Rights" movement, which had as its basic premise, "Regardless of how we behave, you HAVE to receive us and treat us as EQUALS!"

There is nothing "respectable" about being on the receiving end of this behavior. It is well known that it is used to show dominance and to degrade the victim. That is why Africans do it to conquered tribesmen. That is why prison inmates do it to one another (mostly black on white, which is another reason it is never brought up anywhere).

The Apostle Paul referred to sodomites as dogs, and to their behavior as the "burning out of mankind." It was practiced as part of some of the pagan religions in his time. Now it is a sacred part of our state religion, Political Correctness.

Most preachers and ALL Respectable Conservatives refuse to make the connection between Civil Rights, racial integration, and "Gay Rights." They would rather attack people like Ole Bob for being a "racist" because I care about my people.

Why do they have such utter contempt for their flocks of sheep? Why such chutzpah?

Probably because they don't expect the average white American to figure it out for himself.

And to be honest with you, neither do I.


From Brown vs. Topeka to a Brown World


Truth is stranger than fiction, and there is a lot in a name. It is interesting that the Brown vs. Topeka decision is named as it is. It was the first major, open assault in the war to turn America brown.

The Supreme Court decision that threw out the anti-miscegenation laws in every state was Loving vs. Virginia. That name shows that the case was a set-up.

The offspring of race-mixing is always brown. That is another reason why there is no such thing as equality. Brown + white ALWAYS equals BROWN.

The offspring of sodomites is always brown as well. Fortunately, that offspring isn't living. It doesn't have to live with the fact that it is not lovely enough for one of its parents.

My point is not to be gross. My point is to make you think about something very unpleasant, but essential to your future, and that of your children and grandchildren.

Does it really surprise you that the top echelons of the Republican party, and the White House could be filled with perverts? DOES it surprise you? WHY should it?

They are the very people who forced white children to be bussed into black ghettos for decades. They are the very people who have thrown open wide our nation's borders to third worlders. They are the very people who DEMAND that we concede to GENOCIDE!

Could it be that they are motivated in the same way as the conquering African tribesman or the black prison "daddy," to degrade and humiliate us! To dominate, control and tear every shred of decency from us?

Could it be because they hate us with a blind hatred that we can never fathom?

A healthy man wants to have offspring that looks like him. He imagines a line extending hundreds of generations out into the future. This is summed up in God's first command, to be fruitful and multiply and take dominion over the earth. This is what has driven whites to create civilizations and reach for the stars.

"All who hate God love death" sums up our leaders in Washington. They too want to build a world that fits their souls. Dead, inert, and brown.

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