Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  February 5, 2005

February 5, 2005  –  Fly Like An Eagle

February 5, 2005  –  Sound the Trumpet

February 5, 2005  –  Birds of a Different Feather

February 5, 2005  –  The Brown Rule

February 5, 2005  –  Appendix

Fun Quote:

"The only thing more phony than liberal compassion is conservative patriotism."

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Fly Like An Eagle


Those who have seen the sanctuary of an old, traditional Presbyterian or Episcopal church may recall that the pulpit is elevated, and embellished with a large eagle. This was to symbolize the elevated status of the Word of God, going forth from that pulpit like an eagle in flight.

Preachers were expected to live up to the high standard symbolized by that elevated pulpit. They were expected to preach the Word faithfully. Here is an example from Robert L. Dabney, chaplain to Stonewall Jackson, after the War to Keep the South:

The satanic artificers of our subjugation well knew the work which they designed to perpetrate: it is so to mingle that blood which flowed in the veins of our Washingtons, Lees, and Jacksons, and which consecrated the battle fields of the Confederacy, with this sordid alien taint, that the bastard stream shall never again throb with independence enough to make the tyrant tremble.

Compare that with the following, from John Piper, a currently popular preacher and author. Unfortunately, he is a South Carolina native, but at least he fled to Minnesota, where he could feel more at home.

My aim today is to argue from Scripture and experience that interracial marriage is not only permitted by God but is a positive good in our day. That is, it is not just to be tolerated, but celebrated. This is extremely controversial since it is opposed by people from all sides.
(See more on this here).

Now Ole Bob is not a theologian, but anyone can see that these two quotes cannot represent preachers of the same religion. Both would have been considered "conservative" in their time. That is why I don't consider myself a conservative.


Sound the Trumpet


The preacher is often compared to a trumpet in the Bible: "For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?" This is a well-known quote. Men like Robert L. Dabney were certain trumpets, unwavering in their devotion to the Word and their people.

This Piper nut is certainly a Pied Piper. He is more like a kazoo, or a comb with a piece of toilet paper like we played with as kids.

"Respectable" conservatives are not just found in politics. People in all walks of life crave respectability. Especially those in the public eye, those who want to sell books, or get on TV and radio. The same principles apply.

Ole Bob is certainly relying on grace to make it past the Pearly Gates. But one thing I believe - just like those businesses that won't take American Express, "Respectability" won't be accepted there.


Birds of a Different Feather


"Respectable" preachers don't often preach out of raised pulpits with eagles anymore. They must sense that even their stupefied congregations would notice that irony. They usually run around on a platform, or even out into the congregation. Like respectable conservatives, they don't want to be held down or compared to a real standard.

A modern "respectable" pulpit should be designed like a canary cage. Canaries were used by miners to detect the presence of dangerous gases down in mine shafts. The slightest presence of carbon monoxide would cause the canary to sway on its perch before falling.

Modern day "respectable" preachers don't sound the trumpet. But they do sway and faint at the slightest hint of distress. This is just like the respectable conservative. You can't learn anything by what they say, but by watching them closely, you can learn a lot.


The Brown Rule


Jesus taught the Golden Rule, that we should do to others as we would want them to do to us. Leftists and respectables of all stripes teach us the "Brown Rule." That is that we should turn the world brown.

Our parents and their parents and so on back thousands of years practiced the Golden Rule. They did to us as they would have done to them. They did to us as was done to them. We were born white because our parents practiced the Golden Rule. Anywhere along the line in the thousands of years leading up to now, our ancestors could have taken a "left" turn and sent us into a world of browness. But they didn't.

Now, after every single prediction made by the segregationists has turned out to be an understatement, we have our "respectable" preachers and politicians demanding that we make that left turn. After being able to see firsthand in every city in the country the result of this, and on TV the squalor all around the world, at a time no one in the west has any excuse for being ignorant of the consequences, we are being led and forced down this path.

If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about "respectables," then I give up.




Say a prayer for my good friend Sam Francis, who is recovering from a heart attack. He is not respectable, and has paid the price.

For another example of religious respectability at work. See this article.

Pastor Pete Peters has interviewed me and promoted my book Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor-Priesthood. Here is a message he gave recently as part of his "Save a Preacher" campaign. Download MP3 file to your computer. Right-click and choose the "Save As" option.

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