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January 29, 2005  –  Bob Goes to The Movies

January 29, 2005  –  Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can't, Teach

January 29, 2005  –  When Everybody's Somebody, Nobody's Anybody

January 29, 2005  –  Cracking The Whip

January 29, 2005  –  The Never-Ending Story

Fun Quote:

Bush said he wants to eradicate tyranny throughout the entire world.

Is he really going to invade Israel?


Bob Goes to The Movies


Brainwashing 101 is an online video that provides some compelling evidence of just how deeply the religion called Political Correctness is embedded in our campuses.

Note that I didn't say Political Correctness was like a religion. It IS a religion. This film doesn't specifically bring out that point, but shows it clearly enough.

The students featured in the documentary are treated as heretics for expressing contrary opinions. Police are called because someone wants to post a flyer advertising a guest speaker. Could one imagine any worse treatment being accorded to a member who questioned a key doctrine in a fundamentalist church?

Professors are the priesthood of Political Correctness. They alone can dispense blessings. The blessing bestowed is called a diploma. Academia is a completely isolated and inbred system that increasingly becomes farther and farther removed from reality. That is because professors are not held accountable by anyone. No one demands that what they teach actually work in the real world.

I would have liked to see the film address these key issues. Hopefully, the full-length feature they are working on will. But I encourage everyone to watch the film and let others know about it.


Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can't, Teach


Most people pay thousands of dollars to attend a college in order to learn what works, what can be proven, not leftist nonsense. A university should not be a place for merely expressing all opinions, but for measuring opinions and ideas against the simple test, "Do they work in the real world?"

The fact that college administrators would call in police to deal with law-abiding students and the non-student filmmakers is simply outrageous. These campuses are PUBLIC institutions. They are paid for by US, the public, through our taxes. Students are paying tuition to be there.

It would be great to see this or another documentary actually show people standing up and ridiculing these ridiculous professors. Laughing at their nonsense. Not just documenting, but DEMANDING an end to the teaching of the religion of Political Correctness NOW.

My book Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor-Priesthood provides the blueprint for doing just this.


When Everybody's Somebody, Nobody's Anybody


The website for Brainwashing 101 has a discussion forum. It gives a glimpse of how completely the professors have destroyed critical thinking. The self-styled "conservatives" rail at the self-styled "liberals" by calling them "racists" and accusing them of not fully embracing Martin Luther King, Jr. The liberals reply with incoherent Marxist gibberish.

One of the "liberals" wrote, "On being a racist, we're all inherently and subconsciously racist deep down. Don't you think?" I replied that if everybody is something, i.e. "racist," then the term is meaningless.

"Racism" is not a meaningful construct, but a religious epithet. It is akin to "heretic" in the Christian religion, except that a heresy (which means to choose between) can be defined against a fixed creed or dogma. A heretic is one who picks and chooses which of the doctrines he will accept and abide by. "Racism" has such a wide range of use and meaning that it is impossible to know what the standard is.

The creed or doctrine of the religion of Political Correctness is made up on the fly by its priesthood. That is why we have the ever-growing list of "hate crimes," speech codes, and "institutional biases," etc., etc.

It might be better related to the caste "Untouchable" in the Hindu religion. But one is born into a Hindu caste. A "racist" becomes "Untouchable" by decree of the priesthood.

If one is declared a "racist" then he does not have to be addressed as a human being, i.e. with reason, logic, and what Christians would call forbearance, but is worse than a leper in ancient times.

When "racism" entails everything from whistling Dixie (which even Lincoln had played at the formal surrender of the Confederacy) to discussing different physical or intellectual traits between races (i.e. "White men can't jump," etc.) to non-white on white crime (the FBI formally classifies Hispanics only as victims in crime statistics - when they commit crimes they are then classified as white), to "institutional racism" to "unconscious racism" to who knows what else, how can the concept be meaningful?


Cracking The Whip


One doesn't reason with animals because they aren't capable of reason. Human beings are. That is why words are important. Words must have fixed meanings if rational communication is to occur.

How could you ever build a bridge or even bake a cake if the number 4 sometimes meant 17, sometimes 3? How can you have a rational conversation with words used as weapons to bludgeon people as if they were animals?

Real Christians are bound to live by the same standard they apply to everyone else. Jesus summed it up in the "Golden Rule."

The religion called Political Correctness has no fixed standard. It grows at the whim of its priesthood, just as the Roman Caesars claimed godhood and unlimited authority, and created laws on a whim. The Christians were persecuted because they disputed the right of the Caesars to do so. The Romans didn't care what gods anyone worshipped in private, as long as they recognized Caesar's godlike authority in temporal matters.

The professor-priesthood of the religion of Political Correctness doesn't even stop at that. They want to dig into everyone's private thoughts. Where are they willing to draw the line?

They have created a monster, which feeds off the innocence of college students and the enormous taxes and tuitions siphoned out of the public. They use words as mere weapons to beat down any opposition.

Look at how fearful one of the students in the documentary was of being branded a "racist" in his permanent record. Look at what the school administration was calling racist. He was posting fliers with the title of a Black author's book. He didn't make it up.

"Conservatives" try to be respectable, ingratiating themselves to the left. They praise MLK, condemn "racism," and talk about "real diversity." When you accept the premises of Political Correctness by accepting their language and morality, you are on a very slippery slope. In fact, you've already lost the battle.


The Never-Ending Story


The leftist actually made a conservative point in saying, "On being a racist, we're all inherently and subconsciously racist deep down. Don't you think?"

What he is saying here is that what is called "racism" is a fixed part of human nature, in other words, is normal.

The very goal of the left is to change human nature, which shows that the left is anti-human.

The social sciences have created an enormous power base in the universities by fighting "problems" which are not problems at all, but merely human nature.

A wise sage once said that problems, by definition, have solutions. If something doesn't have a solution, then it isn't a problem.

Since there is no solution to the "problems" of human nature, any attempt to create one is by definition inhuman.

Of course, phony, insolvable "problems" lead to unlimited budgets, campaigns, "War on [fill in the blank]" and opportunities for the worst psychopaths to get on their soapboxes. The social sciences get a blank check for whatever idiocy they can come up with. Vague words like "racism" are just weapons they can use to beat submission out of cowering students and everyone who dares oppose them.

Now do you see why Political Correctness is nothing less than tyranny?

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