Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  January 1, 2005

January 1, 2005  –  New Year's: Critical for Them, Meaningless to Me

January 1, 2005  –  So Who is the Conservative?

January 1, 2005  –  Nobody Has A Memory

January 1, 2005  –  The Communist Empire Has Not Collapsed

Fun Quote:

"The meek will inherit the earth."

From what I see, that's the only way they can get it.


New Year's: Critical for Them, Meaningless to Me


When the ball reached the bottom in New York City on January 1, 2005, liberal and respectable conservative dialogue changed. Nothing they have done works, so they justify all their horrors, their weakness, and above all, their inability to think, with the words:

"This is 2005."

When the question of interracial marriage came up, John McCain said, "This is 2000, not 1900."

Profound, eh?

And just yesterday every liberal and respectable conservative would have sung in unison, "This is 2004!"

What a difference a day makes.


So Who is the Conservative?


When a "liberal" says, "This is the year 2005," as justification for something, he is being profoundly, DEFINITIONALLY conservative. He is saying, "This is the way things are and they cannot change."

I remember a popular British history book in the 1950's that said some old philosopher's ideas were "as topical today as the welfare state, as modern as Marx."

To 1950s writers, the left was modernism; the Soviet Union was modernism. That's just the way things ARE, and whether you like it or not, you can't change it. This is a profoundly conservative outlook.

It is also a profoundly foolish outlook.


Nobody Has A Memory


I have repeated this fact many times, and it fits right here.

"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?"   I don't know about acquaintances, but every "inevitable" and "unchangeable reality" of last month has been forgotten for the last three weeks.

No professional Sovietologist could even imagine the total collapse of the Soviet Empire. Yes, I know you heard from somebody that somebody predicted it, but I hear that from everybody else. It didn't happen.


It's like those identical twin tests that show that many identical twins are very different. They don't exist, but otherwise truthful people would say they saw them.

I remember when private transportation was going to be in helicopters instead of cars. And every year, for decades, those who predicted the future were always WRONG, LAUGHABLY wrong, TRAGICALLY wrong.

That seems to be the one "historical inevitable" that nobody but me has ever noticed.


The Communist Empire Has Not Collapsed


The SOVIET Empire has collapsed. Most of the human beings living under Communist dictatorships in 1980 are under Communist dictatorships today.

China is not white. Cuba is not white. In fact, almost down to the last one, the white Cubans have left.

Viet Nam is not white.

So it is often said that Communism has collapsed. That is because, at a gut level, nobody cares about non-whites.

Including non-whites.

White countries which were Communist are no longer Communist. Colored countries which call themselves Communist may soon have a system very much like America's monopolies in 1900. They can exploit the people all they want to and nobody can protest.

China will not rule the world because China doesn't WANT to rule the world. The emperors never even wanted to take over the highlands of their own country.

Whites want to rule everything. That's the way we are. So we cannot understand Mongoloids who simply don't want to rule everything.

That is a RACIAL matter. It is a reality no one is allowed to grasp.

But it is a reality.

Historically all that has ever mattered is what color the people are. That is the only historical inevitable I have ever seen.

And this fact did not change with the New Year.

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