Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  December 25, 2004

December 25, 2004  –  Doing Jobs Americans Won't

December 25, 2004  –  A Modest Proposal

December 25, 2004  –  The Dark Age

December 25, 2004  –  The Light of the World

Fun Quote:

Some people say they're not what they used to be.

I never was.


Doing Jobs Americans Won't


Respectable Conservatives must have been the model for those talking dolls that were so popular at Christmas a few years back. Wind them up or pull the string, and they repeat the same phrases. This behavior is delightful to small children. What can you say when most adults seem just as spellbound by it?

Four years ago, John McCain kept repeating, "I'm a reformer, a reformer!" endlessly. He was doing this to destroy the Reform Party, which Pat Buchanan proved more than capable of destroying on his own. Pat didn't need to repeat anything. Just getting his picture on the front page of every newspaper in America with his Negro female typing teacher Vice President was enough. You didn't have to be able to read to get the message.

George Bush was re-elected in spite of his inability to repeat much of anything coherently. But when it comes to Mexico and immigration, he seems to perk up. He repeats "compassion" and "they do the jobs Americans won't" every chance he gets. Of course his compassion doesn't cover those who actually belong on this side of the Rio Grande, especially those who worked with religious zeal to keep him in office.

How many of those wind-up dolls have you heard spouting the "doing jobs Americans won't" mantra?

You don't need Mexicans to "do the jobs Americans won't." You just need Ole Bob. That's what Whitaker Online is for.

What is the job that "Americans won't do?"



A Modest Proposal


Why not let third world immigrants "do the jobs Americans won't?" If we really would treat them the way leftists and respectable conservatives demand, "like real Americans" (read real WHITE Americans), I would be all for it.

Has ole Bob been in the egg nog again, you ask? Is he going soft? Not at all.

Why not let them do the jobs "that Americans won't do?" I mean the ones like cleaning up nuclear waste, or asbestos removal, or the other very dangerous jobs that have become priced sky high due to OSHA and all the other regulatory bureaucracies. Why not have Three Mile Island crews pick them up at the day labor stand to scrub some reactors down? So what if they don't last very long. You never get the same ones anyway, and the supply is endless. Think of the money we would save!

But it will never happen, because leftists and respectables won't treat them like real Americans, in spite of what they say. You see, real Americans are disposable. White people are disposable to leftists and respectables. Third worlders are not.


The Dark Age


Only college professors still cling to the fully discredited "Dark Age" nonsense. Not only were vitally important scientific advances made, but ideals of chivalry and nobility were established. Even Sherman and Lincoln couldn't burn them out in the old South.

The story of Excalibur in the legend of King Arthur made a profound point. Only one worthy of real leadership could pull it from the stone. "Smoke filled rooms," spin doctors, and focus groups weren't imaginable. The young Arthur had to grow into the role, but the material was there.

That same sort of character still existed in Lee, Jackson, and Davis. They didn't realize the extent of depravity in the Yankee leaders, and it cost us dearly. Who do the liberals and respectables hold up as models of great leadership? What more needs to be said.

We have been heading into a real "Dark Age" for a long time. From the very highest office on down, our "leaders" are DEMANDING an end to our race. Respectables are cheering them on.

Opposing them is a job only real Americans can do.


The Light of the World


Today, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. God sent His only Son to come and save us from ourselves and our enemies. What a contrast to what passes for leadership today.

It seems blasphemous to compare Bush and his cronies to Christ. Yet how many so-called Christians seemed to believe that only Bush could save us?

The Bible warns us to "put no confidence in princes," and how much less in the jumped-up white trash that inhabits the top spot today.

Jesus told the "respectables" of his day that they had their reward. He came to bring not peace, but a sword. He didn't come to send us into battles halfway around the world while he hid safely in his oval office. He didn't come to DEMAND the end of our race and heritage, but to show us the way to life. He told us to take up our cross and follow Him.

That is the job only we can do.

Merry Christmas.

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