Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  December 18, 2004

December 18, 2004  –  Painted into a Corner

December 18, 2004  –  Loyal Opponents Make it a Game

December 18, 2004  –  Adult Entertainment

Fun Quote:

The entire political left is based on nothing but pretense.

Ridicule, ridicule, and more ridicule, a barrage without letup, would destroy it.


Painted into a Corner


This week's arrest of British National Party leader Nick Griffin by local police for saying in a private meeting that Islam is a "wicked, vicious faith" that "has expanded through a handful of cranky lunatics" and "is now sweeping country after country" is just the latest in a string of such incidents in Europe. John Tyndale, the former party head, was arrested last week, and the Belgian Vlam's Bloc was recently disbanded by court order. Griffin was released later in the day, but the message was loud and clear. No dissent on immigration and multi-culturalism will be tolerated by Western governments.

Of course, you won't hear about any of this from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Bill O'Reilly.

You might be saying, "What do you expect from Europe?" But we aren't much different. David Duke recently served over a year in prison for supposedly misusing campaign money, but everyone knows that wasn't the reason. Can anyone imagine holding Jesse Jackson up to the same standards? Ernst Zundel is in solitary confinement in Canada for almost two years with absolutely no criminal charge against him.

Western governments are being painted into the corner by their anti-white programs. They are failing so badly that they have to resort to picking on anyone who stands up to them. But they don't want to appear to be dictatorships. They need to present "both sides."

Now do you understand what makes respectable conservatives "respectable?"


Loyal Opponents Make it a Game


The Harlem Globetrotters were once widely popular, often playing on national TV. Now they are hardly heard from. They have even relocated to Arizona. They offered an unabashedly black style of play back before it became the norm for most major league sports. They had to have opponents to play. But they wouldn't just play anyone. They had to create their own opponents.

I remember when they would play a team of short white men named the Washington Generals. The Generals weren't there to make it a real game. They were there to make the Globetrotters look good. They would turn the ball over on purpose to set up the Globetrotters for their stunts. The Globetrotters could make spectacular plays and were entertaining to watch, but most of their stunts couldn't be pulled off in a real game. They needed special set ups. Grownups understood that back then.

Western governments have been disasters for most of the last 150 years or so. Until recently, they had enough real enemies, more or less, to make it look like they were doing their jobs. At least they had mutually beneficial enemies that each could use to keep their subjects in line. But the compound interest on their idiotic and self-destructive policies has mounted to the degree that they must try to shut up even the slightest opposition.

Of course, because Western countries are still "free," they need to keep reminding us of that fact. They need to have a real game, more or less. They need to have spokesmen for "both" sides that agree that Nick Griffin, John Tyndale, David Duke, Ernst Zundel and the Vlams Bloc are "dangerous threats."

Now do you understand what makes respectable conservatives "respectable?"


Adult Entertainment


Is it any coincidence that while there are fewer and fewer "grownups" around, the "adult entertainment" industry is booming? Before blacks became firmly in charge of city governments in places like Atlanta, local officials made attempts to keep "adult entertainment" places under control. Now they are everywhere, even in small country towns. As one of the featured characters in the documentary American Pimp explained, "When the brothers run the show, anything goes!"

Of course, grownups have always associated what is called "adult entertainment" with the lowest elements of society. They also knew what would happen, which is why they didn't want the "brothers running the show." Now it is becoming a criminal offense to bring this up.

As Western governments have become completely promiscuous in their duties, letting third world immigration run unchecked and turning once prosperous and safe areas into blighted hellholes, it is not suprising that "adult entertainment" has become mainstream.

Real love requires loyalty, commitment, sacrifice, and moral courage. Real leadership requires the same. "Adult entertainment" is a cheap substitute for love. Western governments are a cheap substitute for leadership.

Real love occurs between a real man and a real woman who are commited to each other and to the offspring of that union, for generations to come. "Adult entertainment" involves cheap and phony substitutes for one's selfish indulgence, without regarding the consequences to anyone else.

Real men want real women. Devotees of "adult entertainment" want blowup dolls.

Now do you understand what makes respectable conservatives "respectable?"

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