Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  November 20, 2004

November 20, 2004  –  Petty Tyrants

November 20, 2004  –  Canada, The Other White People

November 20, 2004  –  The Respectability Test

November 20, 2004  –  Professors Are The Pettiest Tyrants

Fun Quote:

When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.

  --George Bernard Shaw


Petty Tyrants


When I got word of my book being seized by Canadian customs agents, I was overjoyed. Banned in Canada! Wow! This really shows how desperate the left is to keep my message from the people! What could be a better confirmation of the message in the book.

But my book staff is honest to a fault. If you have noticed the very slick graphic on the home page, it shows the book cover stamped "CONFISCATED." Not "banned," not "seized," but "confiscated" by a pea-brained border guard.

You see, they didn't want to exaggerate what happened. They just put out the facts. Canada has not officially "banned" the book. While that would have made a big splash and garnered attention for the book, it didn't happen that way.

It then occurred to me that the real story makes an even better point about Why Johnny Can't Think. The real danger to us and our future is not Canada or America or anyone else banning a book. The real danger is that our people are being turned into a bunch of petty tyrants.

You see, a people can survive a top-down tyranny. They can endure untold hardship if they work together and care about each other. They can unite against a top-down tyranny. The South overthrew the tyranny of Reconstruction. But when they start to turn on one another, and the most small-minded among them become petty tyrants, then there is big trouble.


Canada, The Other White People


The copies of my book were confiscated by a petty tyrant because of who was taking them into Canada. Paul Fromm has been battling the left in Canada for years as a defender of free speech. Mr. Fromm is harassed everytime he crosses the border because he has stood up to the PC Police.

Mr. Fromm is especially persona non grata because he has been defending political prisoner Ernst Zundel. Yes, there are political criminals in Canada. Mr. Zundel, a 65-year-old man with no criminal record is being held in solitary confinement as a threat to "national security" because he is a so-called "holocaust denier." You can read about him at www.zundelsite.org.

Canada is like Europe. See September 18, 2004 One America, Two Europes.

They are hyper-respectable and all puffed up on themselves, while giving free reign to petty tyrants.

If it weren't for being on our border, they would likely be openly Communist by now.


The Respectability Test


The Zundel case is the perfect test of respectability. Where are the Libertarians who demand "freedom of speech" and "open borders" when someone is arrested in the U.S. for an immigration technicality, given no trial, and shipped to Canada to be locked in solitary when he has NO criminal record?

Where are the "limited government" conservatives? Have you even heard a word of this on American TV or radio? A respectable conservative wouldn't be caught dead on this one.

Jesus talked about visiting prisoners, and he meant those put in prison for standing up for what was right. Where are the preachers on this one? Too busy promoting third world adoption and interracial marriage? Where do they find that in the Bible?


Professors Are The Pettiest Tyrants


Professors are mean, nasty little tyrants. They foist lies on young people put under their charge because they are accountable to no one but themselves. They are addicted to OPM (Other People's Money) which allows them to carry on in the fantasyland of leftism.

These petty tyrants are turning our young people into petty tyrants like themselves in the tyrant factories we call Universities. This is not front page news. It is so commonplace that most folks just accept it as a fact of life. But the effects are cumulative, and they are now out in the open in Canada, which is just a few steps ahead of us.

We can fight tyranny from the top. But when our friends and neighbors and our young people become petty tyrants, the battle is much, much tougher. We don't have time to waste.



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