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September 4, 2004  -- 
September 11, 2001 and the "It's not Israel" Campaign

September 4, 2004  --  The Six Million Jews Nobody Ever Mentions

September 4, 2004  --  Who Controls the Past Controls the Future. Who Controls the Present
                                      Controls the Past.

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Back when I was born, the first thing the doctor did was hold me upside down by my feet and give me a hard slap on the backside.

Things have been going downhill ever since.


September 11, 2001 and the "It's not Israel" Campaign


In George Orwell's 1984, when Big Brother wanted to change the official government line on some matter of history or policy, functionaries in the Ministry of Truth worked to make historical facts that contradict the new "Party Line" disappear down the "memory hole." New facts were then invented to go along with "established" history.

In today's sound-byte society full of people who have all the memory of a poodle on crack, it doesn't take a whole lot of manipulation for people to forget things. That said, most people do remember 9-11. Most people remember where they were, what they were doing, who they were with, in the same way those who were alive then remember when Kennedy was shot.

Take a moment and consider what you remember about 9-11: the crisp, blue sky; the plane crashing into the first tower, then another plane into the second; the towers one by one crumbling to the ground; the horror of watching people jump from burning buildings; reading about the dead and the search for bodies amidst the twisted rubble; the yellow-clad soot-covered firefighters and the sudden way they became heroes.

But do you remember that, in the wake of 9/11, a poll showed the huge majority of Americans (over two to one) thought that we needed to reconsider our whole slavish devotion to Israel in our foreign policy?

Do you remember how every politician and "religious leader" rushed into the "It's not Israel" campaign?

Of course you don't.

Nobody does.


The Six Million Jews Nobody Ever Mentions


During the "It's not Israel" blitz right after 9/11, Arab leaders, both extremist and moderate, kept reminding us that it WAS Israel. So they were quietly dropped off the discussion programs for the duration of the "It's not Israel" campaign.

Our entire policy in the Middle East is based on the insane idea of "The Diaspora." This doctrine says that almost all the Jews were in Palestine until 69 AD, when the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem, and that all the Jews were driven out of Israel.

So this Diaspora nonsense states the Jews have a right to go back to the homeland they were driven out of. Remember, this is not just abstract theory. This Diaspora nonsense is the basis of America's entire Middle Eastern policy, the policy our troops are dying for right now in Iraq.

According to this Diaspora nonsense, all the Jews were driven out of Israel, you see, after the siege at Masada. You've heard of the siege of Masada in at least twenty documentaries. Every discussion of the Roman Empire includes a lengthy discussion of the Siege of Masada.

In fact, the only thing in history as tiresomely repeated as the story of the Siege of Masada is the six million Jews the Nazis killed. Every year it seems a new movie on the Holocaust comes out and gets every award Hollywood can bestow. We know that six million Jews were killed by the Nazis because it is a FELONY in Europe to say that 5,999,999 Jews were killed by the Nazis. You say six million or you face a prison term.

But there are another six million Jews in history that nobody ever mentions. Those six million Jews show how ridiculous this Diaspora horse poop (the horse poop our men are dying for right now) really is.

There were six million Jews in the Roman Empire when the Siege of Masada took place and the Temple at Jerusalem was destroyed. The entire population of Palestine at that time, including Jews and non-Jews, was at most a few hundred thousand. Even then the homeland of the overwhelming majority of Jews was not Israel.

And there is no evidence that the majority of Jews who were in Israel were actually driven out.

You have never heard anyone but me mention THOSE six million Jews.

And you're not going to.


Who Controls the Past Controls the future. Who Controls the Present
Controls the Past.


"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past."

That was the motto of the tyranny that ruled in George Orwell's prophetic book 1984.

In other words, if you lack a memory, you are a slave to those who do. They control your future. They are your masters.

If you forget this Diaspora nonsense that our Middle Eastern policy is based on, you are a slave.

All our media love to make fun of the idea of all the virgins in the Islamic Paradise, but nobody can prove whether there is a Paradise or what it is like. But it is a matter of provable historical record that this Diaspora nonsense is more laughable than any idea of a Paradise full of virgins.

But we are imposing our religious doctrine on the Middle East, and it is not religious doctrine that sounds silly, it is doctrine that is insane on the provable basis of real history.

Yet we keep complaining that Islamic fanatics are trying to impose THEIR religious doctrines on US!

So what did we come up with after the "It's not Israel" campaign had finished wiping our memories clean?

Do you remember the caricature "evil Arab," the turban-clad fanatic, chomping at the bit to destroy our great democracy for nothing more than the fact that we shop at Wal-Mart and let women vote?

If you think that's the real reason the Arabs hate us I've got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

We are not allowed to talk about the real reason the Arabs hate us.

Or at least YOU are not allowed to talk about the real reason Arabs hate us. Until they put whitakeronline.org out of business, Ole Bob will be talking about it.

My father opposed President Roosevelt's getting the United States into World War II. Government officials kept telling him that if he didn't keep saying that if he didn't stop talking about that, they would shut his plant down.

My father replied, "You can shut me down, but you can't shut me up.

They might shut whitakeronline.org down, but they will never shut Bob Whitaker up.


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