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August 14, 2004  -- 
Broadcasting in the Middle Ages

August 14, 2004  --  Riding the Palefacesí Backs

August 14, 2004  --  Genocide in the Slave Days

Fun Quote:

During Reconstruction the Yankees who came South and used blacks and Federal troops to rule the South were called carpetbaggers, while the Southerners who joined them were called Scalawags.

Liberals are the new carpetbaggers. Respectable conservatives are today's Scalawags.

As one loyal Southerner put it, "Carpetbaggers are wolves. Scalawags are hyenas."


Broadcasting in the Middle Ages


One publisher has a logo that shows a peasant with a bag at his belt throwing seeds out on the fields. He looks like a fat, jolly fellow. He must be fat, since he can afford to thrown wheat away like that.

That was the way peasants used to sow seeds in the Middle Ages. They just threw wheat out in the field and hoped some would grow. Most of the seeds fell in bunches so that only a few germinated. There were large empty patches. The peasants were not fat and jolly, many of them literally starved to death.

This method of planting is called "broadcasting." No modern farmer would even think of such a thing. But back when every bit of wheat lost meant going hungry, this was the only means of planting.

Modern farmers, who have plenty by that Middle Age peasant's standards, would consider this kind of planting insane. It was the hungry peasant who cold not afford to waste a single grain of wheat who used that wasteful broadcasting method. This sounds strange until you turn it around. The modern farmer doesn't starve because he would never use such insane methods.

And the entire society, from the king to the nobles to the tradesmen to the church, all rested on what that peasant broadcasting in the fields produced. He had to have enough wheat to feed himself and his family and then give the rest to take care of everybody else.

Meanwhile, the church and the king and all the rest talked to each other in French and Latin and ran around in costumes and told each other how Holy or Royal they were.

Today we have much the same situation. Working people and inventors produce things while academia and minorities ride around on their backs, just as all those kings and bishops rode around on the peasant's back. The only difference is that today the peasant's back is broader, and more people can ride.


Riding the Palefacesí Backs


Ah, the Noble Indian! He and his Great Culture were driven from their land by the Evil White Man. So they want land and reparations. Now what are the reparations they want? Do they want more feathered bonnets that were part of the culture they were robbed of?

No? Well then perhaps the Noble Native Americans want stone axes of the type their ancestors used before the Evil Palefaces made them live this horrible modern life.

We all know that the Noble Native American lived WITH nature while sinful whites FOUGHT nature. The Native American loved Brother Buffalo, sobbing, when he had to kill one of them and using every bit of that noble animal before he would kill another for his family. He had to kill Brother Buffalo to feed his family, but he himself ate nothing but lettuce, you know.

Since no Native American would touch a hair of Beloved Nature's head, we could resettle them in the national parks. Surely if all we tell ourselves is true, the Noble Indian would be ecstatic to be back in his native habitat. And since he respects nature and the only thing he desires is to live with nature, he would not present a problem for the park.

If all we tell ourselves about these innocent idealistic people is true, putting them in the national parks would just be restoring what they were deprived of in the first place.

Meanwhile, back in reality, nobody wants what the Indians had before the white man got here, least of all the Indians. Real Indians just want to join the stack of people riding around on whitey's back with all the other minority groups. They want casinos and other goodies. They want to join the professors who ride around on whitey's back and peddle anything they choose to call Education. Indians want to join the two and a half million lawyers who ride around on whitey's back in the name of whatever they choose to call Justice. The blacks call their ticket to ride affirmative action. And, as in the Middle Ages, there are still the bishops, the tycoons and the tax gatherers in that stack.

With modern technology the stack on the producer's back is much higher, but it's still the same old racket.


Genocide in the Slave Days


The Hottentots who inhabit the Desert in what was once called Southwest Africa, down at the end of the continent, are the remnants of a race that once covered almost all of Africa below the Sahara. They are now almost extinct. They would be extinct if the white man had not come when he did.

This tiny remnant is now called the Capoid race. Today's blacks, who took Africa from them only recently, are called Congoids.

Nobody cares. The Hottentots don't have any votes or money, so nobody mentions it.

The black race of today did not give the Capoid race reservations and reparations when they took their land the way we did for the Indians. No black man has ever felt the slightest tinge of guilt about driving the Capoid race off its land and out of existence.

None ever will.

In the days of slavery, that slavery we feel so guilty about, blacks were wiping out the Capoids and taking their land. When poor little Kunte Kinte was taken by blacks and sold to whites (no white man ever captured a black man the way the fictional television miniseries Roots depicted it), the poor little black race was committing full-scale genocide against the Capoids.

No black will ever feel the slightest tinge of guilt about this and no one will ever expect him to. There's no money in it.




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