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July 31, 2004  --
Faithful Colored Companions

July 31, 2004 --  Why Reagan Gave So Little Attention To Pro-Lifers

July 31, 2004  -- A Little Historical Note You Won't See Anywhere Else


Fun Quote:

When I was young and went out on a date, I only had one thing on my mind.

I wish I could remember what it was.


Faithful Colored Companions

Every year the Democratic Party spends millions to get out the black vote. They assume that one black skin equals one Democratic vote.

Blacks will sometimes give a heavy vote to a Republican when the Republican gets 70% of the rest of the vote. They joined the Eisenhower landslides in 1952 and 1956 and they joined in the last Bush landslide for governor of Texas. That's what makes Republican strategists throw away real votes to "appeal to the black vote."

But when blacks join in the landslide, it doesn't matter. The election would have been won without them.

Blacks never vote Republican when it counts. In every real electoral contest, a black skin means a Democratic vote.


Why Reagan Gave So Little Attention To Pro-Lifers


Pro-lifers were instrumental in Reagan's victory in 1980. Certainly Reagan was opposed to abortion, not only personally but politically. His door was always open to the Jerry Falwells and other activists. But Reagan didn't push their legislation, and he kept them at arm's length.

Let me tell you why.

Those of us who fought for the lives of unborn babies always worried about "Nelly Grey bunch." These were the pro-lifers who demanded that all abortions be banned regardless of the health of the mother or rape. You couldn't pass legislation like that, and none of us wanted to. A raped girl shouldn't have to have the rapist's child.

But the "Nelly Grey bunch" didn't care if all legislation was defeated and unborn babies would die as long as they could be ideologically pure.

That was the nastiest kind of callousness posing as Idealism. But no one in the pro-life movement would call them on it. That made them the kind of people you didn't want to be too close to.

Today the pro-life movement is once again being totally callous and cruel, and no one inside that group will say so.

A lot of people make a living off of the pro-life movement, just like a lot of people make a living from the NAACP. But the NAACP has no function any more, so it makes its money attacking Confederate flags. Those who profit from pro-life are in the same position.

Yes, they were successful in outlawing partial birth abortions. But the courts will knock that down.

Now that they are stymied on any real accomplishments, all the pro-life hangers-on can do is block medical research, and that is what they are doing. They started off trying to outlaw cloning, now they are fighting to outlaw all research that could kill any fertilized embryo.

While I was in Washington their big push was to ban in vitro fertilization. Over thirty thousand of today's Americans are the products of in vitro fertilization, and their parents could not have children otherwise. The pro-life movement never mentions its battle to ban in vitro fertilization.

I have been warned repeatedly to avoid criticizing any of this. I am told that anybody who is pro-life will go to pieces at any criticism.

I couldn't care less. I don't coddle nutcases.

As long as pro-lifers walk around with this "I am an a Nut" button on their lapels, the cause of unborn children is doomed.

The group that calls itself The Greatest Generation included a lot of people who strutted around in their ridiculous little paper army hats declaring that their comrades died to make Europe a multiracial society and to impose racial integration. Not one member of this group that proclaimed itself Heroes and Patriots had the guts to call these clowns down.

Today pro-lifers sit there silent while kooks block serious medical research in their name.

The paper hat crowd has to admit that every single word I say about them is true. Their only defense is to throw a fit when I say it.

Pro-lifers today are nasty little moral cowards, just like the paper-hat crowd. Otherwise they would denounce these kooks. When they hear me say that, they will throw a fit and roll around on the floor and hold their breath until they turn blue.

But what they won't do is get on their feet and show some moral guts.


A Little Historical Note You Won't See Anywhere Else


After the Watergate incident, Nixon got into deep trouble over his White House tapes. The public was outraged to learn that Nixon had recorded everything said in the Oval Office.

By now it is common knowledge that every president did that, at least since Franklin Roosevelt took office.

One of the top members of Franklin Roosevelt's Brain Trust was Bernard Baruch, a wildly wealthy New York Jew. The press establishment was conservative back then and opposed the Roosevelt Administration, but Baruch was popular with the press. He was more conservative than the rest of Roosevelt's Brain Trust, but that was not the whole secret of his media popularity.

Baruch's real appeal to the press was his Southern accent and his eccentricity. By far the best known of his eccentricities was the charming fact that he gave all his heavy financial advice on a park bench. They were always snapping pictures of this wildly wealthy man on a park bench.

Those park benches humanized him.

It seemed hilarious that he would give the advice that determined the course of the entire American economy sitting out there on that bench instead of in a plush office. It was cute.

What everybody forgot was that most people would rather have heard what Baruch said out there on that bench than they would what the president was saying in the Oval Office. Baruch's words determined the fate of billions of dollars.

That park bench out in the open was not just cute.

Thirties technology was a bit cumbersome. You couldn't invisibly wire a park bench back then. And I bet the one Baruch used was carefully checked daily by an expert before the press got there.

Baruch was raised in Camden, South Carolina before he moved to New York. He said he discovered anti-Semitism for the first time the first day he lived in New York. His father was Deputy Surgeon General of the Confederacy and a member in good standing of the Kershaw County Ku Klux Klan.

When Bernie got to New York, he was not rich, but he used his Jewish connections. And he used that deep Southern accent. He showed everybody that he was just a guy from down there in the sticks, and he made a point of it.

Many a brilliant New Yorker, Jew and gentile, decided that Bernie was a nice Jewish boy from down South, very honest, very intelligent, but very naive.

Bernie was soon the richest man in New York.

Only another not-too-bright Southern boy has ever provided an explanation as to why Bernard Baruch used those park benches, and you are reading it now.



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