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July 17, 2004  --  To Stop Terrorism, Start by Getting Religion Out of Politics

July 17, 2004 --  The Price of "Social Progress"

July 17, 2004  -- Another Result of Integration

July 17, 2004  -- The Integration Mania Distorts the Sciences


Fun Quote:

When they make me King, I will have the following people shot:

1) People who can eat all they want without gaining weight;

2) People who can sleep any time they want to;

3) People who are smarter than me.  This will solve the population problem for at least a century.

4) People who are better looking than me.  See point 3) and make that "centuries."

5) Anybody who thinks he would make a better King than me.

When all this is done the only people left will be me, the beautiful women I allow to survive, and whoever comes up with an improved kind of Viagra.


                         To Stop Terrorism, Start by Getting Religion Out of Politics                    


There is a lot of talk about how religion should not rule in political matters.  But not one of the 535 members of congress ever objects to the fact that our entire Middle mentions that our entire Middle East policy is based on the idea that God gave the homeland of Arab Palestinians to the Jews.

There are lots of guns behind the idea that Israel has the right to exist.  But underneath that is the simple fact that this is an evil, theocratic religious idea that the United States is forcing on the Middle East.  They will never accept Israel because its existence is wrong.

We are forcing our religion on the Moslem world.  All the shrieks that they are forcing their religion on others can’t hide that.


                                             The Price of "Social Progress"                                                 


Here’s a baseball story you won’t read anywhere else.

The Brooklyn Dodgers was the first the first team to hire a black man to play in the major league.  That is well known.  They fought the ridiculous idea that integration would have disastrous and unforeseen consequences.

Something else that is well known is that the Brooklyn Dodgers no longer exist.  As Los Angeles tried to obtain the Dodgers team, Brooklyn faced a major problem: in order to keep the Dodgers, they would have to build a new stadium for them to play in.

You see, the old Brooklyn Dodgers stadium was smack in the middle of an area that had become a black ghetto.  Fans were afraid to come there.

That is why the Brooklyn Dodgers no longer exist.

Back when I went to Columbia High School in South Carolina, my nickname was “Federal Troops.”   I was a well-known alarmist about integration.  The World War II generation which calls itself The Greatest Generation said that their beloved Federal Government would never use troops against Americans.  I said that the Feds would enforce integration at the point of a bayonet.

I remember coming back to school from lunch and somebody shouted, “Federal troops!.”

Well, like the Brooklyn Dodgers, Columbia High School no longer exists.  There is new school called Columbia High School a mile away.  The brick building in which I was ridiculed for being an alarmist about integration became a black school, notoriously dangerous, so they tore it down.

It’s a parking lot now.

                                             Another Result of Integration  Mania                                       


If you don’t know what the Sullivan Case was, you need to.  Bill O’Reilly was bitching about it the other day.   O’Reilly is upset that anyone can defame and lie about and even destroy a public figure without being sued.

The Supreme Court said that anybody could defame and destroy any public figure in a case called The New York Times versus Sullivan, 1962.   Sullivan was a segregationist official in Birmingham Alabama, and under the law as it stood then, as it had always stood, Sullivan had the New York Times dead to rights.  The New York Times had lied about him and he had been hurt so badly that he could have collected huge damages.

But the one thing liberals were not going to do, whatever the cost, was to stop any liberal media from saying anything that would damage a segregationist.  Sullivan has the New York Times dead to rights under the law, so the law had to be changed.

In order to protect the right of the New York Times to make up any story it wanted to against any segregationist, the Supreme Court had to make it simply impossible for any public figure to win any suit against anything the media did.  So that is what the Supreme did.

As Lenin said, “If you want to make an omelet you have to break some eggs.”  So in the Sullivan Case, the Supreme Court broke a lot of eggs.

Sure the Supreme Court ignored the Constitution in the Sullivan Case.  But the last person on earth who has a right to object to that is the integrationist fanatic Bill O’Reilly.  He has repeatedly said that the Founding Fathers wanted the government to sponsor interracial dances because they called this country “The UNITED States of America.”   He repeats that endlessly.

Compared to that craziness the Sullivan Case represents a strict constructionist reading of the Constitution.

The Sullivan Case was just twisted.  O’Reilly’s idea that the Founding Fathers insisted on interracial dances is actually insane.


                                       The Integration Mania Distorts the Sciences                                   


Neanderthal Man was built for frigid climates.  His had a large, flat nose designed to heat the frigid air before it reached his lungs.  His diet consisted  exclusively of meat to give him the huge number of calories to keep his body warm in the freezing lands of  the Ice Age.  His body was square and compact to minimize the surface area exposed to subzero temperatures.

The Science Channel recently had a documentary on how “Modern Man” replaced the Neanderthals.  It showed black Africans in loin cloths moving in on the Neanderthals.  The documentary said that Modern Men Came from Africa, so they must have been black.

Until the 1920s blacks died like flies in the Northern United States because their dark skins did not let them get enough of the “sunshine vitamin.” Vitamin D.  And compared to the area where “modern man” drove out Neanderthal, those Northern states were Miami Beach in the middle of summer.

 And even if “modern man” did come from Africa, it took them thousands of years to reach Neanderthal territory.  No one with black skin could have lived that long in Europe in the Ice Age, even if he did wear more than a loin cloth.

 This Science Channel picture of naked blacks invading Neanderthal territory is in the category of Bill O’Reilly’s insistence that the Founding Fathers wanted government-sponsored interracial dancing or Hannity’s insistence that Jesus died on the Cross for interracial dating.  It makes the Sullivan Decision look like a minor transgression.

You may have to be nuts to be an integrationist, but it obviously helps.



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