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June 19, 2004 -- Kerry's Two Fatal Problems

June 19, 2004 -- Beasley Vote Exposes Fake South Carolina "Christians"

June 19, 2004 -- From Bob's Blog: Religious Leaders Routinely Sell You Out


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                                                Kerry's Two Fatal Problems                                             

I explained to you before how Bill Clinton sunk Howard Dean:

March 6, 2004 -- Did Clinton Destroy Dean?

You will read that NOWHERE else.
Now let me explain to you the real reason Kerry was so desperate to get John McCain to be his vice presidential nominee.
Kerry knows that it will be a miracle if he is elected in November.  First of all, trying to convince people that anyone with the title "Massachusetts Democrat" is not a bug-eyed leftist is like trying to explain that a person who is an active member of the Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan will appoint a Jewish Secretary of State.
Everybody knows that.  But that is not Kerry's biggest problem.  If Bush stumbles so badly that Kerry leads in October, he faces more dangerous difficulties.

Kerry has two other factors that will kill him if he is leading in the polls in October, and both of those factors have the same last name.  To give you a hint what that last name is, I'll tell you that their first names are Bill and Hillary.

If Kerry is leading in October Bill and Hillary will be up there arm in arm with him, smiling and speaking his praises.  In the background, Bill will destroy him.
Bill and Hillary wouldn't mind so much if Kerry himself won in 2004.  Hillary can wait until  2012, and the extra four years would give her a more solid reputation for political experience on her own.  What the Clintons are worried about is having a vice president elected with Kerry in 2004 who will get the Democratic nomination in 2012..
The vice president elected in 2004 will be heir-apparent for the Democratic nomination in 2012 whether Kerry wins or loses in 2008.  The last person the Clintons want Hillary to battle against for the Democratic nomination in 2012 is John Edwards.  Edwards is a young Bill Clinton -- Southerner, moderate, optimism and all.
John McCain would have been the perfect vice presidential running mate to save Kerry from the two fatal problems named Clinton.  The Democrats would not nominate him for president in 2012 and he would be too old anyway.
If Kerry didn't get McCain as his vice presidential running mate, John Edwards would be the obvious choice.  He has the geographical appeal Kerry needs, he has the light-hearted humor and optimism and personal appeal Kerry lacks.  And every one of those advantages is exactly what will make the Clintons destroy him and Kerry if they run together.
Now that Kerry can't get McCain, he may still not choose Edwards because he knows the Clintons will fight to the death to prevent their election.  If he does choose someone besides Edwards, the press will wonder loudly about why he didn't.
Now you know.
You won't see this anywhere but on whitakeronline.ORG because damned few people know it but Bob Whitaker.
Professional political analysts in the media get their jobs because they say the right thing, not because they know anything about real politics.

                          Beasley Vote Exposes Fake South Carolina "Christians"                     

David Beasley is leading in the race for the Republican nomination for United States Senate from South Carolina.   He got 36% of the vote in the primary and is shooting for a majority in the runoff.

Beasley's plurality shows that the South Carolina Republican Party is beyond redemption.  And I mean that literally.

In 1998 Beasley won the governorship by a narrow margin because he demanded that the Confederate flag that flew over the capitol building since 1963 be allowed to stay there. There was a big movement to take it down, and a huge movement to keep it up.

But even before he was elected in 1998 there was talk about his getting a cabinet post if Republicans won the presidency in 2000, and even getting the vice presidential nomination. 

It was generally felt Beasley could not get a national post if he did not denounce the Confederate flag. But he had to have that Confederate flag vote to win the governorship in November of 1998.

 Everybody always says to Republicans that "Conservatives have nowhere else to go," so it was taken for granted that if Beasley dropped his support of the flag as soon as possible after he was elected governor in November of 1998, he would be in a position to get a national post if Republicans won in 2000. 

Since "conservatives have nowhere else to go," it was assumed that by his reelection bid in 2002, flag supporters would have forgotten that he had abandoned them, and they would have nowhere else to go anyway.

But if flag supporters were to forget Beasley sold them out by 2002, he had to do the sellout as fast as possible after he got their vote in November of 1998.

To be considered for a national post if Republicans won in 2000, Beasley also had to abandon the Confederate flag as soon as possible after his election in November of 1998.

So in December of 1998, governor-elect David Beasley announced that he had spent the entire night on his knees, and God had told him to switch sides on the Confederate flag.   Bill Schneider, the political analyst on CNN, gave Beasley "The Political Play of the Week" for this perfectly timed switch.

Not "The Religious Play of the Week."  The POLITICAL Play of the Week.

Schneider did not mention that God Almighty had been the political advisor who dictated this Political Play of the Week. It never even occurred to him to believe that.

I was the only person in the State of South Carolina who even mentioned that this was blasphemy. Pro-flaggers thought Beasley was great. Anti-flaggers thought he was awful. But only I discussed this blasphemy in whitakeronline.ORG.

South Carolina is chock full of people who scream that their politics were "Of the Lord", that they speak only "Of The Lord" and they speak only "For the Lord".   Yet I, who never says he speaks for the Lord, was the ONLY one who mentioned Beasley's open blasphemy.

Bob Jones, the Fourth or the Eleventh, or whoever it is who owns the Bob Jones religion business now, had never thought the flag had offended anybody until all the business leaders and Republicans went against it.  When that happened Bob Jones, the Whatever, decided the flag offended blacks and switched with the tide.  He never mentioned Beasley's convenient blasphemy.

He never will. 

                    From Bob's Blog: Religious Leaders Routinely Sell You Out                           
June 18, 2004

One reader asked me how I could be so optimistic about a future in which whites are a threatened minority when the Afrikaners have made no resistance at all to black violence when they lost power in and are now a whiny subject people.

Here is my reply:

To start with, we South Carolinians DID toss out the black majority backed by Federal troops under Reconstruction after we lost power in he Civil War.

We South Carolinians did not follow our leaders like lambs to the slaughter.  Afrikaners VOTED to turn their country over to the blacks!  I was there, warning them.  They are followers.  Their Calvinist Leaders told them to give in, so they did.  Now their Calvinist Leaders are getting Nobel Prizes, Board of Directors jobs, and getting the hell out of South Africa.  Their followers are getting what all blind followers get in the end.

Preachers and politicians will always sell you out the minute they smell a profit in it.

Afrikaners now see themselves as Damsels in Distress, pure as the driven snow types who trusted in promises and were betrayed.

You can either learn from this that All Is Lost, or you can learn that we must dump our trust in leaders right now.

And, to be frank, they sound a lot like you, "Oh, God, it's all HOPELESS!  You can't prove to me there's any hope.  All us tough, practical types can do is surrender!"

For me, the Boers (even the ones who live in Johannesburg call themselves that) present white optimists like me the same problem that the Chernobyl disaster did for the American nuclear power industry.  It is simply not the same thing, but that is very hard to explain.




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