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May 15, 2004 -- Iraqi Prisoner Scandal, Oh Boy, Now We Can Tear the Grunts' Hearts Out!

May 15, 2004 -- Who Else Can You not Go After?

May 15, 2004 -- More People Who Are Above Criticism


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           Iraqi Prisoner Scandal, Oh Boy, Now We Can Tear the Grunts' Hearts Out!         


Finally we have a scandal we can deal with!

It's been years since the big scandal was the destruction of the life savings of thousands of small investors by big corporations.   Nothing has been done about that because the guilty people are worth at least a hundred million dollars each.

The big corporate scandals are being handled exactly the same way the Clinton scandals were.  His Attorney General kept saying she was investigating them, and nothing happened.  Then Bush and his Attorney General came along and buried them completely.

The government is still "investigating" the corporate thieves.  Gosh, it's complicated when you go after rich people!

And not just rich people.  The next big scandal involved Catholic bishops.  They convicted a few small-time priests of personally raping little boys, but no one will ever make any trouble for any of the bishops who caused far more such rapes by helping out the priests committing them than any single priest could have caused.

No decent person dares point out that any bishop who was not fully aware of little-boy-rapes in the 1970s was a complete idiot, and that you don't become a Catholic bishop if you're not smart.

No decent person will mention that obvious fact, so I will point it out.

But these guys are bishops!  Going after them is worse than going after a billionaire!

Praise the Lord, those who were cruel to Iraqi prisoners are just Army grunts!  Them you can kill!


                                        Who Else Can You not Go after?                                             


We all know that Simon Wiesenthal and the United States Government are still spending huge sums of money to go after every twenty-year-old German who was assigned to guard a Nazi concentration camp, even if they are eighty years old now.

What that German kid should have done was walk right up to the SS officers, the guys with the skulls on their hats and the guns at their hips, and tell them he was not going to follow their orders.

Tens of millions of people were killed in Stalin's Gulag in Siberia.  Not one commandant or guard in any of THOSE camps has ever had his pension threatened, much less his life.  Wiesenthal would never demand such a thing.

Jews were known to go to their deaths like sheep.   They never defied the SS the way those German kids were supposed to.  But like Catholic bishops versus Army grunts, that's a whole different matter.


                                          More People Who are Above Criticism                                     


One of my drinking buddies in college was a Jew who had spent his early childhood in a Nazi concentration camp.  Often at about the third pitcher of beer he would tell me what a wimp I was because I wouldn't condemn certain Jews.

This is not a criticism I often encounter.

Ole Bob openly hates the Israeli domination of American Middle East policy.   That alone makes me anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionsjews.   Nobody denies a word I say is true, so "Nazi" is all they've got.
I declare that the present policy aimed at ridding the earth of whites is straight genocide.  Nobody denies that, so they call me a SuperNazi.
I keep repeating the fact that Fox Cable News suddenly and without explanation spiked a major expose of Israeli spying in the United States.  Certainly nobody is going to mention that, much less deny it, so they call me a SuperNazi squared.
When you have been called such a wild anti-Semite that it would embarrass Uncle Adolf himself, being told you are a wimp about Jews is a memorable experience.
What my drinking buddy was bitching about was my reaction when he kept saying that Jews turned his family in.  He also insisted that Jews turned almost everybody else in the concentration  camps over to the Nazis.
According to him, the Nazis could have honestly said that some of their best friends were Jewish.
I said those Jews were few.  He went ballistic.  I said those Jews probably did it because they were threatened.  He went "ballisticker".
Now that the World War II generation no longer controls information, we are beginning to hear what he meant.  Jewish leaders at every level shamelessly cooperated with the Nazis.
But here is the point: I have never heard of one single Jew ever being criticized for this, much less pursued for the rest of their lives.  If Wiesenthal were ever asked about this, and he won't be, he would say those Jews 1) were threatened, and 2) they "made a mistake."
No twenty-year-old German was ever threatened.  No German ever "made a mistake."
The simple fact is that mentioning any of these Jews who were the Nazis' best helpers would pollute Wiesenthal's whole story of pure evil white gentiles persecuting helpless heroic Jews.  The World War II generation might start being questioned about their protection of British and especially Communist war criminals and peace criminals.   It would pollute their whole story of Saving the World.
So let's not talk about the tens of millions of Communist killings.  Let's not discuss Jewish crimes against Jews or bishops who helped priests rape little boys or felonies by billionaires.
Let's just lynch the grunts.



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