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May 1, 2004 -- Liberals are the True Conservatives

May 1, 2004 -- Palestinians are Asking for Their Birth Right, not a "Right of Return"

May 1, 2004 -- My Blog


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If Royal Crown doesn't work, I'm giving up.


                                               Liberals are the True Conservatives                                      


Dru Sjodin was the lovely young blue-eyed blond who was kidnapped and murdered by the repeat, "Level Three" sex offender recently.   He was able to kill her because lawyers and judges put him back on the street.

Radicals like me want people like that executed or at least locked up and not let back on the streets.

The biggest liberal lobby in America is the Trial Lawyers' Association, which wants to stop radicals like me from changing the legal game that killed Dru Sjodin.  They make their living off of that legal game.   They say I am a radical and an extremist.

So they call me a conservative.

The Soviet Empire never had better friends than American "liberals."   But now those in Russia who want to bring Russia back to Communism, the Russian Communist Party, are called "the conservatives."

Respectable conservatives make their living by opposing the political left in ways that the political left approves of.   If they are to appear on the media, conservatives must earn that "respectable" label, and they get it by pleasing liberals.

One of the rules every respectable conservative must obey is to say that a debate is fair if it includes someone called a conservative and a leftist.  Jess Jackson says that is "Both Sides."

So if you are opposing a person who calls himself a "progressive," you are a "conservative."

But liberals are the ones who insist that things remain exactly as they are right now.   They want the tax-deductible foundations they run to remain tax-exempt.   They want no change in the legal system.  They want colleges to keep their government-sponsored monopoly so university tuitions can go higher and higher and liberal professors can be paid to push their agenda in the name of "academic freedom."

Listen to the debates.  You will notice that it is the liberals who are the conservatives, and anyone who wants to change things as they are is called a conservative.


                  Palestinians are Asking for Their Birth Right, not a "Right of Return"          


President Bush has given more Palestinian land to Israel.  He has recognized the right of some Israelis to settle in the West Bank.   That is the first step.  Eventually America under either party will recognize more and more Israeli rights to more and more of Palestine.

The United States has also firmly recognized the right of of any Jew from anywhere to settle in Israel and it has vetoed any right of Palestinians who were born on the land that the state of Israel has taken over to go back home.

Commentators are saying that Palestinians who were born in today's Israel are demanding a "Right of Return."

That is not true.

If you were born in Britain and many other countries, no matter what citizenship you now have, you have a "birthright" in Britain.   A "birthright" means that you can always go and live in Britain, no matter what citizenship you now have.

A person’s Birth Right to go back to the  land where he was born is recognized all over the  world, outside the United States.  In this Nation of Immigrants, if your family has been been here for over three hundred years, as is the case with most Southerners, you are lucky the government lets you live here at all.

In the United States the only difference between a person born here and an “undocumented worker” is documents, pieces of paper issued by the authorities.   In a Nation of Immigrants, no one who is born here has any special right to be here at all.

It is no wonder that Americans do not understand the difference between a universally recognized “birthright’ and the purely Israeli term “Right of Return.”

A birthright is entirely different from this "Right of Return" that Old Testament fanatics invented for Jews.   The "Right of Return" means that if your family converted to Judaism before you were born, you are now a Jew, so you have a right to drive Palestinians off of land to which THEY have birthright.

Most of today's Jews probably are the descendants of a tribe in Russia called the Khazars and other converts over the past two thousand years.  Even in the time of Jesus, most of the six million Jews in the Roman Empire were almost certainly converts.

So the real "Right of Return" has nothing to do with the return of the children of Israel to Israel, even if it WE'RE right to drive Arabs off the country they were born in in the name of religion.  The facts of the Old Testament fanatics' argument for this "right of Return" are wrong.

More important, the "Right of Return" is entirely a matter of religious fanaticism.   It has nothing to do with the Birth Right Palestinians are demanding.

                                                                My Blog                                                                  

A "blog" is a personal web page where you just write down whatever you damned well please and put in public for people to see. 

If you have an idea, you can put it on the public record by putting it on your blog.

If you have an invention, you can put it on the public record by writing it on your blog.

If you are like me and your best ideas cannot be published, you put them on record in your blog.

A blog is usually a kind of public diary of your thoughts.

My blog is more like a diary than it is like a web page.

My blog is not written for the reader, but you are welcome to read it until you get so bored you can't stand it.


Do not expect the blog to be nearly as professional as my writing.  I am talking to me, not to you.

You are listening to the meanderings of a person with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.  That makes real writing hard work.  My blog is not going to be hard work, so it is going to be a bit scatterbrained.

You are welcome to tell me anything my blog makes you think of.

I have been confidential advisor to everything from mercenary soldiers to alcoholics and drug addicts to the President This list could go on a long, long way.  I have learned to think like a host of people.

So my blog will be an exercise in writing from inside the skin of a lot of other people besides me.

I can try to think like a Klansman one day and like a Communist the next.   I've known plenty of both, and I have given advice to both, free of charge.   I respect and will give PERSONAL  help to any honest person, wherever that honesty leads them.

That attitude is part of my own personal Bible Belt heritage, "Judge not that ye be not judged."  But it has repaid my efforts many, many times over, not least because I can walk in a lot of people's shoes.  

 If this doesn't give you the warning you need, you need to go back to Kindergarten.

If you are the kind of person who permanently rejects someone because of one wrong thing he said, I don't want you near me anyway.

I warn you, that kind of person is not worth knowing.  Get away from him!

I realize my blog is public.  So I won't identify people in it or give information that would allow anybody to identify them.  Trust me, I've had to do that all my life.

After I have said all this, if my blog infuriates somebody, that person is a fool.

And I am retired, I have all the money I want, and I have done enough in my life so that I need to impress nobody, so I don't give a damn.

If that sort of person reads my blog, he will reject me forever.  That would be a favor to me.  If the blog gets rid of people like that, that alone would make it worthwhile.

A blog never ends, so if you want to take a look now, do so.  But it will be there a long time, and it will get longer and longer.   But remember, WhitakerOnline is written for you, Bob's Blog is written for me.

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