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April 24, 2004 -- Damn It, Cut Off the Water!

April 24, 2004 -- The Subtle Approach to Making Intelligence Agencies Share Information

April 24, 2004 --Another Reader Makes Me Think

April 24, 2004 -- A Man With A Memory Looks at Iraq

April 24, 2004 -- McCain and the "Christian" Right

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"Street smart" is one variety of what I call Shrewd.

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                                               Damn it, Cut Off the Water!                                               


I have never before used a curse word in WOL, and I don't plan to do it again.  But this is an infuriated cry from the heart.

Both the pro-war neo-cons and the anti-war left are horrible people. Liberals are not anti-war.  They are anti-American and therefore pro-UN and pro-France.  I hope those two groups eat each other alive.

The real war is not in Iraq.  It is here in America.

But when it comes to sending our troops to fight, I have a short fuse.

First, our soldiers are in there in combat but they are supposed to worry about mosques.

 To hell with mosques or churches or Buddhist temples.  On the battle ground, you fight everywhere.  If the enemy is in there, you blow the place to Kingdom Come without hesitation.

Or you get the hell out.

There is a truce for some kind of negotiation going on about things like the mosques as sanctuaries.   Only Americans are observing it because we think that will charm Iraqis.

But we are now being told by the bureaucrats in uniform that the minute the truce ends we are sending in American troops to take the cities the other side controls..

Troops will have to be sent to fight in the streets because we won't just cut off the water supply to the cities.


That wouldn't be nice.

So some American troops get killed.  So what?

The bureaucrats with the stars on their shoulders tell us that cutting off the water would seriously inconvenience innocent Iraqis in those cities.

So cutting off the water would lose the real battle, which is for the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese.... sorry, I mean the Iraqi, people.


           The Subtle Approach to Making Intelligence Agencies Share Information             

I have spent many years knee deep in intelligence work.

On Capitol Hill, my boss was Ranking Member on the House Intelligence Committee.  Under Reagan,  one of my areas of responsibility was all civilian clearances in the entire Federal civil service.

Before I got to Capitol Hill, there are many blank spaces in my resume.

So let me address the Deep and Intractable Question everybody brings up when they discuss what happened on September 11, 2001:

"How can we get the FBI, the CIA, and other agencies to share information?"

Let me tell you how you do that.

The FBI knew the names of the terrorists who got on the planes to attack the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.  They did not tell the Federal Aviation Administration about those people.

That got three thousand people killed.

That is criminal negligence.

Bureaucratic games got three thousand people killed.

The difference between stupidity and criminal negligence is luck.  If you drive drunk and don't get caught at it, you did something stupid.  But if you smash into another car and kill somebody, you go to prison for criminal negligence.
When the FBI and CIA don't share information, it is bureaucratic games as usual, stupid, childish, unprofessional and unpatriotic.
But when that business as usual, stupidity, childishness and lack of patriotism causes three thousand deaths, it is a criminal matter.
That is the rule every driver must live by.  That is the rule intelligence agency bureaucrats must be made to live by.

Rule One: Someone has to go prison for that.   The only question is who.  The buddy system in intelligence would break down fast as went down the list of possibly responsible people: this is your area, so if you don't go to jail, who will?   Believe me, once you declare that, bureaucrats inside the FBI will tell you all about what happened.

Someone goes to prison.  From there on, you will get that cooperation everybody says is so complicated because of the "culture" of the agencies.

From the time that person goes to prison, you will be amazed how well all the agencies will be sharing information.

That is the only way to do get intelligence agencies to share information.

There is no other way to get intelligence agencies to share information.


                                             Another Reader Makes Me Think                                          

A WOL reader reminded me that the Iraqis look upon us as occupying their country.

He compared Iraq to the situation in the movie, "Red Dawn" when the Soviets were occupying America:

I watched "Red Dawn.". It was Patrick Swayze's first public exposure.

I was very upset that, in the movie, they kept playing "John Brown's Body" as the Resistance Song.  

That is an anti-South hate song.

I was in DC when Reagan was inaugurated, and I wrote an article in the Southern Partisan bitching
about that song being played at  Reagan celebrations. Thurmond's office read my article and it
stopped at once. I am a real SOB, but I am a very effective SOB.

Back to your point.

We ARE occupying Iraq.

Even on September 11, 2001, I made it clear that I understood a lot about the Arab's point of view:

September 11, 2001 - MY ARAB SYMPATHIES  

If I were an Arab,

I would want the Americans out of my heartland.

So why don't we get out?  Bush and Kerry agree we will be there for many years, all for the good of the Iraqis, of course.

The so-called Iraqi nation is a joke. It is cobbled-together province of the old British Empire. You know that.

Iraq is a multi-ethnic state.  All multi-ethnic states end up with an authoritarian ruler to hold them together.   Yugoslavia was doomed the minute Tito died.  Iraq will have another Sadam or it will come apart.

America demands that Iraq be free and united.  Where did this nutcase idea come from?

                                     A Man With A Memory Looks at Iraq                                            


Everybody has agreed to forget that a few years back, French judges on the Olympic Committee took bribes for their votes.

There was a UN-administered program which made an exception to the UN boycott on Iraq.  The UN was to accept the sale of Iraqi oil in international markets if the money was used for food and medicine..  Saddam pocketed part of the money and the rest as used to bribe UN officials.  The children in Iraq starved and went without medicine.

The UN is a third world government without any pretensions to respect from anybody.

The Security Council and NATO decided that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction.  The Great Diplomat, Colin Powell had the Europeans lined up to take action when he went to Paris.  They screwed him to the wall.

Colin Powell is a Rockefeller Republican who has never been right about anything.  But heís black and he was a general, so respectable conservatives worship him.

So last year, with American troops on the ground to attack Iraq, Europeans played games.   They are silly little people.

So the United States attacked, alleging weapons of mass destruction.  The UN had said the same thing.

There are no weapons of mass destruction.  Our job is over in Iraq.

So where did all this crap about giving Iraq a democracy come from? 

We all know the answer to that, though nobody says it.   We didn't find WMD's.  Now Bush wants some reason for his invasion, so now we are there to impose democracy.

Thatís insane.

Liberals want to impose their form of "democracy" on everybody.  So they can't laugh outright at the new Bush's new New World Order.

Liberals can't say we fought this war for the Israeli lobby.  So they said we were fighting for cheap oil.  Nothing liberals say ever works out.  Oil prices are skyrocketing.

So will anybody ever ask where the hell this business of making the so-called "nation of Iraq" a democracy came from?

Of course not.


                                          McCain and the "Christian" Right                                            


When Republican Senator John McCain was mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate with John Kerry he indicated he might accept it.  That caused a some surprise among conservatives.

I can't see why.  McCain was elected as a conservative Republican, but he carries liberal water for them all the time.   He says he is against gun control, but he has joined with liberals in fighting for as much gun control as they can get right now.

"Christian" conservatives do the same thing for liberals.  The British Broadcasting Company recently bragged that there would not be a single fair-haired, blue-eyed, fair skinned person on earth in two hundred years.   But to achieve this goal, the left needs to get non-whites into areas which are at present almost impenetrable for them.

The mountains of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina contain huge pockets of white people.  So "Christian" conservatives have begun a massive campaign to get families in those areas to adopt children from the third world.  Like McCain, "Christian" conservatives can do things for the left that the left cannot do for itself.

If you want to make your living as a Conservative Spokesman, you must be declared "respectable" by the liberal-dominated media.

Respectability has a price, and the conservatives who call themselves Christians, like John McCain, are eager to pay it.



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