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March 20, 2004 -- Shock Jocks: Should the Government Control Radio?

March 20, 2004 -- Making Your Living From Pure Dawgy Poop

March 20, 2004 -- Fattening Lawyers and Starving Justice

March 20, 2004 -- Legal Procedure is Pointless

March 20, 2004 -- Commentary on Recent Concerns That Both Democrats and Republicans Have Begun Attack Ads So Early in the Presidential Campaign


Fun Quote:

Some people say "anti-Semitism" is the wrong term for being against Jews because most Jews are not Semites.  They are Ashkenazim.

Can you imagine trying to keep a straight face while you discuss "anti-Ashkenazimism?"


                               Shock Jocks: Should he Government Control Radio?                          


During all the talks about “shock jocks” like Howard Stern, people keep saying, “The government shouldn’t be in the radio business.”   They say the government should keep its hands off because radio stations have rights.

Well, what about MY rights?   I got my first amateur radio license over fifty years ago.*   This gives me the right to use the airways, but I can operate only on amateur radio frequencies.

But I could just turn that old output dial around to a broadcast frequency and I would be a radio station.   WhitakerOnline would be WOL, and I could easily broadcast to a population of a million people from right here.

Only one thing prevents WOL from going on the air today.   That one thing is the fact that I would be arrested.   Howard Stern would approve of my arrest.  All the Free Speech advocates would cheer as I headed off to jail.

Commercial radio stations make billions of dollars each year using the broadcast frequencies.  The government protects them by jailing anyone like me who tries to use those frequencies.  Commercial radio owns them, courtesy of the government..

Isn't that government intrusion into the radio industry? I've never heard anyone complain about THAT.

Radio stations don’t want the government to stay out of their business.  They just want all  the rights and none of the responsibilities.  

* My call sign was K4ACV.  Only another ham radio operator will realize how OLD a call sign like that is.


                                  Making Your Living From Pure Dawgy Poop                                     


A documentary on  a cable channel showed the following real-life scene from a monastery in Tibet:

Some young monks come up, one by one, in front of a group of Older Wise Men.   Each young monk shouts something like, "What is the meaning of humility?"

The Wise Old Sage shouts back something like, "the lotus grows in green pastures!"

Each young monk then shouts out, "Thank you for your valuable answer!"

This happens over and over.

Since these men are all Orientals, the documentary took all this seriously.

If the men had been white, we would have said, "Good Lord!  I can't believe grown men are doing this!"

I find it all embarrassing.   Just because these guys are Oriental does not make them animals to me.  But that rule does not apply to the guys making the documentary.

And every person making the documentary says he is a complete anti-racist.

If a bunch of white people were doing this crap in California, we would all get a good laugh out of it.

There is another difference between this retarded behavior in Tibet and the same childish nonsense occurring among whites in California.  In California it would be a fad.  In Tibet this is a full-time job.

In California nutcase garbage like this is harmless.  Whoever does it pays for it.  Tibet is starving.  These well-fed Great Wise Sages are eating food denied to hungry children, as do the young monks.

                                            Fattening Lawyers and Starving Justice                                   


The American justice system is exactly like that Tibetan monastery.  Well-fed lawyers and judges trade pointless prattle while real justice starves.

For every underpaid cop who is out there protecting us, there is a judge and several lawyers who get good money to go through procedures that do nobody any good.

The dumbest creature on the Planet Earth is the guy who thinks he is Really Shrewd and Realistic.

One of the things a Shrewd and Realistic Guy loves to say is, "Justice is for sale in America."

Sounds realistic, doesn't it"

Sounds Tough, doesn't it.

Like about everything the Shrewd person says, it's childish.

The rich do not buy justice in America.  The rich buy ACQUITTAL in America.  If justice were the same thing as acquittal, we could all have justice just by abolishing the police force.

Justice does not mean more appeals or less appeals.   Justice does not mean more acquittals or less.

Justice means balancing the safety of citizens against the legal rights of those being tried.   Let the wrong one out, and somebody dies.  Has the law ever executed an innocent person?  You bet it has.   Every time a violent criminal goes back out  on the streets and kills somebody, the law has executed an innocent person.

I say a person who is killed by a released violent offenders is the same as if the state had executed an innocent man.   Those who worship The Law say that the life of a crime victim is nothing compared to the life of an innocent person who is executed by The Law.

                                 Legal Procedure is Pointless                                                     

As we follow the big trials, Lee Malvo, Martha Stewart, Kobe Bryant, and the Robert Blake murder trial, we hear legal experts talking about the complicated and expensive procedures and other legal experts criticizing what the first set of legal experts said.

Everybody involved gets good money.

But does justice get anything out of this, or is real justice being starved by these Wise Sages the way children are starving in Tibet?

The important point about all those experts is that they don't matter.   They do nothing for justice.

In court, the same silly-ass nonsense we saw in that Tibetan monastery is played out by white people.  They are not called Wise Sages.  They are called judges.

A judge can have fifty years on the bench, but none of it makes any real difference.

 There is no evidence whatever that legal experience does any good for justice.

 There is no evidence whatever that anything in American precedents or all the Latin or all the procedures mean a damned thing.   There is a myth that if you have an endless number of lawyers saying an endless number of legal things, more justice results.

 No way.

All that talk in the courtroom, all that experience, all those motions, none of them mean any more than that silly-ass shouting in the Tibetan Monastery.

But when white people in California sit around saying "OOOOM!" or shout crap to each other in the Oriental Mystical Way, it's just silly.   Nobody really gets hurt.

But all that crap we pay for in court is covering up a desperate situation.  We need real solutions, and all we get is more lawyers using bigger words.

 The lawyer shouts, "Your Honor, Your Lordship, Your Majesty, what is the True Meaning of the Law?"

And the judge shouts, "The precedent in Wilkins versus Wiley shows defendant gets ten appeals instead of nine."

 "Thank you Your Honor for your valuable information!" the lawyer shouts back.

No lawyer knows or cares whether another appeal will free the innocent or get one more innocent person killed on the streets.  Lawyers and judges just get paid to talk to each other, and nothing is supposed to come our of it but more pointless "precedents" and technical objections.


          Commentary on Recent Concerns That Both Democrats and Republicans Have Begun      
                                Attack Ads So Early in the Presidential Campaign                                           


Politics is a rough game.

Live with it.




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