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February 28, 2004 -- The Book is Out and I'm Scared Half to Death

February 28, 2004 -- Bob's Written Books Before, Why Was This One So Hard to Get Published?

February 28, 2004 -- This is the Easiest Book to Read That Ever Was Written

February 28, 2004 -- Uncle Bob Needs YOU!!


Fun Quote:

"I am grateful for God's gift of human procreation.  I only wish that He had given us a less ridiculous way to go about it."  

--Martin Luther


Buy Bob's Book "Why Johnny Can't Think" from Amazon here!


                                 The Book is Out and I'm Scared Half to Death                               


My book can also be ordered at any book store.

"Why Johnny Can't Think" is now ready. I need BUYERS and I need promotion, and need them BAD!
Please contact your local talk show and ask if I can get an interview. I have done dozens of these on the phone.

Yes, Old Bob has stage fright. Humiliation scares me more than death does. I know one man who worked hard writing a good book and sold SEVEN copies!

I know you're busy. This book is dedicated "to the readers of WhitakerOnline.ORG.". The people who like Whitakeronline are busy and productive people who have lives of their own. Most of you are already doing your part in the fight. But I need your help anyway.

To give you an example of how busy the people are who help me, there are two men who started WhitakerOnline and who did the work on this book.

One is Rick Rowland, our webmaster and a highly successful businessman who is on duty 24-7 (I know, I've called him) and has a young family. The other is in security work day and night and is now being sent abroad and can't even afford to have his name mentioned here.

I am proud of our group, but it is times like this that I wish we were like leftists and neoconservatives. They are geniuses at getting grants and full-time jobs that pay them to push their causes full time. Every reader I have has a perfectly good reason for NOT helping me out on this book.


           Bob's Written Books Before, Why Was This One So Hard to Publish?                  


I have published two books, one was put out by the third biggest publisher on earth. Both Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus, though they hated what I said, admitted that I as a damned good writer. The Library Journal even recommended both books for purchase!

William A. Rusher, the first publisher of National review who remained its publisher for over twenty years, wrote the Foreword to my first book. Not only did he do it free, but he gave me a lifetime subscription to National Review for writing it!

I even made some hard criticisms of National Review in that book, but Bill Rusher just took them in stride.  He felt my message overrode all that.

As I bragged before, Joe Sobran did the Foreword for "Why Johnny Can't Think!"

People like that don't work for lightweights.

This book, "Why Johnny Can't Think," is no more politically radical than the other two. But the only publisher who accepted it came back a month later and said he not only was backing out on it, he was destroying all reference to it in his files!!

An Australian reader wrote and asked what was going on.

The answer is that "Why Johnny Can't Think" could RUIN a publisher.

There are two reasons that "Why Johnny Can't Think" would ruin a publisher.

First, this book is an attack on everybody who controls book-buying in this country.

And I don't mean some kind of giant, secret conspiracy.

"Why Johnny Can't Think" attacks not only liberals and leftists, it jumps on neoconservatives and respectable conservatives like National Review, and it absolutely crushes social science professors.

It makes leftist actors and "artists" look silly. Not just wrong.  Silly.

That is also a list of the people who control book-buying in America, and everybody knows it.

But what really made this book almost impossible for a publisher is HOW I go after all the people who control publishing in this country.

My basic theme is that a liberal ( or a neoconservative) is just a person who has not outgrown his freshman year in college.

Everything leftists say and that neoconservatives and respectable conservatives take seriously is just plain predictable and stupid. They don't mind being called names. But when somebody calls them the lightweights they are, it is unforgivable.

Have you ever seen a television discussion a conservative just laugh out loud at some ridiculous remark a liberal makes? Nobody laughs at them and gets invited back.

As Joe says in his Foreword, "Bob has long since stopped being invited back."

                     This is the Easiest Book to Read That Ever Was Written                           

About the longest chapter in "Why Johnny Can't Think" is Joe Sobran's Foreword, which is about three pages long and, like anything else by Joe, is fine work.

What I have to say is the simple truth. It took me TWELVE rewrites to do it, but I say what needs to be said and quit. One page or three pages, each chapter makes a point and quits.

If we can get this book to young people and to parents of college students, it will be devastating. The one thing an intelligent young person asks is not to be BORED. "Why Johnny Can't Think" moves fast, but it is understandable.

"Why Johnny Can't Think" is wonderful ammunition to use on campus. Professors will HATE it.

One thing I think young people might appreciate about "Why Johnny Can't Think" is that it is so obviously honest. It is not written to impress anybody, and it is not written down to anybody.
If we could get "Why Johnny Can't Think" off the ground and selling, the result would be an intellectual revolution on campus. That is the home base of leftism.

I have never asked for your money before. But I can't do the buying. There is no substitute for your BUYING a copy.

You are also the only promotion I have.

I need you personally to help me out personally.


                                                   Uncle Bob Needs YOU!!                                                      


A lot of e-mails I get on the book start with, "Why don't you ..."

Let me explain why I don't " ...."

Now that I have no publisher who can get my interviews and do my publicity, I realize how many things an author cannot do for himself.  If the author pushes his book himself, he is immediately ignored as unimportant small fry.

In fact, you can do things for me even a publisher cannot do.  Nothing sounds as good as someone who has nothing to gain from a book but who pushes it because he thinks it's worthwhile.

I need readers to give "Why Johnny Can't Think" rave reviews on Amazon.com

I need you to call your local radio show to get me an interview.

I need you to buy copies and give them out, especially to parents of college students.

I need you to ask for reviews of "Why Johnny Can't Think" in local newspapers.

Gang, I have a "to do" list as long as my arm.

Getting a book off the ground is hard work.  I need your persistence. 

I need your help and I need for you to KEEP IT UP.   "Why Johnny Can't Think" is a long-term project.  Getting it off the ground will take time, but we are calling for a revolution here.

Please buy it, read it, and help me promote it.

If we get "Why Johnny Can't Think" off the ground, every leftist professor will hate you for it forever.

That's a goal worth working for.



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