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February 14, 2004 -- The Next Stage of Civilization Will not Come From Asia

February 14, 2004 -- Russia: First World Complexion, Third World Attitude

February 14, 2004 -- Heredity Sets the UPPER Limit on What You Can Do

February 14, 2004 -- We All Need Russia to Come Out of its Communist Stupor


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The one thing no one does with a personal computer is compute.

                       The Next Stage of Civilization Will Not Come From Asia                             

When the average American thinks of Oriental Wisdom, three pictures flash through his mind.  

One is the 1970s television series called "Kung Fu," where David Carradine took the great Chinese Wisdom and fighting ability he had learned as a child in a Kung Fu academy in China into the American West.

Actually, Kung Fu was introduced to China by a man whose BLUE EYES supposedly burned a hole through a wall, according to the legend.  His name was Bodhidharma, and he is mentioned as "the blue-eyed devil" in the quote below.

Another thing we always see in the Orient is the Buddha, whose statues are all very Oriental-looking.  Actually, Buddha was an Aryan who lived and died in India.

As one Buddhist puts it,

"We're all prepared to visualize the Buddha's blue eyes. He was an Aryan, of European descent, a nobleman in a societal caste system that did not ‘officially' intermarry with native populations. The rigidity of the system can be seen even in further generations. Nearly a thousand years later, Bodhidharma, another Aryan descendant, was called The Blue Eyed Demon by the Chinese.'"

"Also, in recent years we've witnessed the startling discoveries of three thousand year-old blond and red haired Caucasian mummies in the Takla Makan area of western China."


A third thing we Americans know about Oriental Wisdom is medical treatments we think were invented there, like acupuncture.    The Ice Man, the body of a white man found preserved in the Alps, is three thousand years old.  He has tattoos on him that mark the spots for acupuncture .

Reading a history of the Orient is like reading a history of false starts.  They invent a printing press and then lose it.  They invent a mechanical clock and then lose it.

As a human being, I am interested in where the next generation of great advances will come from.   New areas of the earth are being opened up with the fall of Communism.  But I do not look for China to produce fundamental advances.

How about Russia and Eastern Europe?

                          Russia -- First World Complexion, Third World Attitude                           

In 1776, Adam Smith noted that while China was poor, India was desperate.

Two hundred years later, India was the example people used when they talked about places that were desperately poor.  With all the world to choose from, India is where Mother Theresa went to help the poorest of the poor.

But today Indian workers often get paid better than Russian workers.

Too many Russians steal.  People I know who live there are afraid to use the mail because anything worth having will get stolen.   No one gets fired for this.

The old Communist attitude is deeply burned into the modern Russian.  He is poorly paid, so he says that is somebody else's fault.   If you want something done in Russia, you have to know who to pay.   So nothing gets done easily.   A modern economy cannot run that way.

In the Soviet Union, each task belonged to some particular person.  The buyer was the servant.  The buyer waited for whoever was providing the service to show up at his own convenience, scowl at them, and do it if he felt like it.

That economy finally collapsed.

But that economy is still in Russia.   In a bank, if the one person who handles a particular task is not there that day, someone else cannot do it.

A modern economy cannot function like that.

Russian attitudes are very much like the attitudes in the more stagnant Latin American countries.

Russia can change.  Some of it has changed.  The people whose attitudes have changed are getting rich.   Russia in general is poor to an extent the average American, even in the ghetto, cannot imagine.


                        Heredity Sets  the UPPER Limit on What You Can Do                               

When someone argues that white people are just like everybody else, they usually point to places like Russia, where white people live worse than many brown people do in underdeveloped countries.

The critical point here is that heredity sets the UPPER limit on what a person can do.  The smartest person on earth can be ruined.   You can take a congenital idiot and a person born with a genius IQ and put them both side by side in a cellar at birth, and when they are ten years old, both will be totally ignorant and helpless.

While the rest of the world was advancing like never before, Russians spent seventy years in a Communist cellar.

If you want to do business in Russia or in the third world, you have to learn some of the stupidest, most childish rules imaginable.  That is fine for you, you are just following the rules countries use that keep themselves mired in poverty.   But as long as those countries do things their way, they will remain desperately poor.

But the parts of Russia that break free of this nonsense can contribute to our world in ways we cannot yet imagine.   Japan adopted Western methods and rapidly reached our level, but there they stopped.   I do not believe that Orientals are capable of finding AND KEEPING new levels, the way the white man does.

An ignorant white man is like any other ignorant man.   But his UPPER limit is much, much higher than that of other peoples.


                              We All Need Russia to Come Out of Its Communist Stupor                

We all know that if you want to be a college professor, you have to swear that race does not exist.

We also know that, like all required beliefs, the idea that race does not exist is silly.

We also know that if you want an academic job or academic grants or academic prizes, you not only have to swear that whites do not exist, you have to hate whites, too.    See

September 20, 2003 -- If Hitler Hated Jews, Then All Our National Spokesmen Hate Whites

By demanding that third world populations pour into ALL white countries, and ONLY into white countries, the world has a program to eliminate whites completely.

But everyone wants the progress only whites have ever produced.  That makes white populations like those behind the former Iron Curtain particularly important.  Only a tiny proportion of the world is white, and a major portion of that remaining white population is in Russia and Eastern Europe.

A major portion of the earth's remaining white population wasted decades under a sterile Marxist system.   It is important that they come out of the that Leninist stupor and help human progress as only whites can.


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