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January 31, 2004 -- Shouting Out the Truth

January 31, 2004 -- Freedom Requires Discrimination

January 31, 2004 -- The Patriot Act is a Triumph of Nondiscrimination

January 31, 2004   -- The Right Wants Everybody to be a Child, the Left Wants Everybody to be a Criminal


Fun Quote:

In 1680, under the rigid Puritan laws governing Massachusetts, one was not allowed to buy more than five quarts of beer per day.

This stringent rule was made tolerable by the fact that you could purchase all the opium you wanted.


                                                Shouting Out the Truth                                                        


A Supreme Court justice once said, "Freedom of speech does not include the right to shout ‘Fire!' in a crowded theater."
I must have heard that piece of hogwash a thousand times, and every time the person quoting it thought he was being Truly Wise.
But what if there IS a fire in a crowded theater?   Am I supposed to walk quietly to the exit and let everybody else cook?
What scares me is that I am the only person who has ever brought that up. 

In Britain, the question I just posed has been answered.  Joseph Pierce was sentenced to a year in prison for "inciting racial hatred."   The court admitted that everything Pierce said was factual, but it also declared (The Crown versus Joseph Pierce, 1986) that "The truth is no excuse."

So if there is a fire in a British theater and you see it, walk to the exit and keep your mouth shut.

America has not degenerated to that extent yet.

Another Truly Wise quote is, "Freedom means you have the right to do whatever you want to, so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else."
In other words, I can say anything I want to say, but only so long as not one person is offended by it.
A slave has that much freedom. 

Please see March 17, 2001 - HARMLESS FREEDOM IS AN OXYMORON


                                              Freedom Requires Discrimination                                  


Right after the September 11 attack, they began strip searching grandmothers at airports.    The reason for that was that the Feds didn't want to discriminate.
The Secretary of Transportation was a Japanese-American, and Japanese-Americans had been mistreated during World War II.   So he didn't want Arabs discriminated against.   He didn't want profiling because of a sixty-year-old grudge.   He insisted that everybody be treated like a potential terrorist.
Lawyers love to say that a repeat criminal who lives outside the law has just as many rights as you and me.  What they don't mention is that that means that you and me get treated just like repeat criminals.
If everybody is treated like a terrorist, there is no freedom.  If everybody is treated like a career criminal, freedom is a myth.  But I have never heard anybody mention that fact.
If illegal aliens are just "undocumented workers," that means that you and I are here only at the pleasure of those who issue those "documents."
If illegal aliens have all the rights of a citizen, that means that you and I are without a country.   They have Mexico, we are in the United States only because we are "documented."
Allowing the Secretary of Transportation to oppress all of us because he has a sixty-year-old grudge is insane.   Treating everybody like a repeat criminal is insane.  Saying that you and I only have a right to reside in the United States because those who issue documents let us stay here is insane. 
And insanity as national policy has consequences. 

                                The Patriot Act is a Triumph of Nondiscrimination                             

Under the Patriot Act, everybody is a potential terrorist.   The FBI can search your house randomly, because if the law said anything else, it would be discriminating.   Some people have found this shocking..  They shouldn't.
Once you accept the idea that everybody should be treated as a career criminal, you have given up your rights.   Once you accept the idea that potential terrorists cannot be profiled, you have declared that you yourself should be treated as a potential terrorist.
Once you accept the idea that illegal aliens are "undocumented aliens," it means you are only in this country because those who issue those documents, the Federal authorities, let you be here.
So those who let you live in this country, the Federal Authorities, have a right of search and seizure which is unlimited.
You cannot limply accept each stage of the process and then suddenly get upset when the logic you have accepted turns into the Patriot Act.
And if everybody is a potential terrorist, if everybody is a criminal, if everybody lives here at the sufferance of those who issue documents, how can we be free?


  The Right Wants Everybody to be a Child, the Left Wants Everybody to be a Criminal 

The right wants to censor the Internet.   They say they are all for freedom, they are just concerned about the children.
The right says that children can get into adult movies, so there should be no adult movies. 
That means that any communications medium children can get access to should be treated as a medium for children.
If you treat everybody like a child, you don't need a dictatorship. 
The right wants to censor the Internet in the name of the children.  The left wants to censor violence.   Any citizen who owns a gun is regarded by leftists as being the same as a repeat criminal who has a gun.
When it comes to guns, the left often uses the right's excuse.  They say that the National Rifle Association wants to hand out guns to kids.
There is a coalition for censoring the Internet.  Leftists who want to treat everybody like a criminal are making common cause with the rightists who want to treat everybody like a child.



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