Press Release   -   January 18, 2005

January 18, 2005  --  Firing of Las Vegas TV Weatherman


The firing of the TV weatherman in Las Vegas for a slip of the tongue makes it ever clearer that Martin Luther King's birthday is the true Holy Day of America's state religion. Move over Jesus. Martin Luther King is now the god of America's state religion.

In my book Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor Priesthood I have a chapter titled "Who Is The God Of America's Established Religion?" I explained that it was Hitler. Now I'm claiming that it is King. Am I contradicting myself?

Not at all.

In order to get Christians and those shaped by Christian values in America to change their religion, the left couldn't immediately take them away from the worship of the good Christian God to the evil leftist god Hitler. No, they needed a "good" leftist god. That god is Martin Luther King.

Jesus taught that we were to worship God not in word, but in deed. Jesus did what He taught, He "practiced what He preached." He was a living example of His teachings.

Martin Luther King was also a living example of his teachings. Namely, that it doesn't matter what you do, if you articulate the right ideology.

The Pharisees worked tirelessly to catch Jesus in one little contradiction so they could destroy Him. The friends and promoters of MLK write openly about his sordid life. FBI and other government files on MLK's private life were so embarrassing that they were officially sealed for fifty years and will probably never all be released.

G. K. Chesterton once wrote that making people accept in practice what they reject in principle is a form of religious persecution. What else is Political Correctness? None of the tenets of Political Correctness work. They have all proven disastrous over and over again. But not even the slightest deviation from PC orthodoxy is allowed from anyone.

Every day it seems, someone is being fired or attacked for the slightest gaff. A TV weatherman in Las Vegas for a slip of the tongue. Prince Harry for wearing a swastika to a costume party.

This is nothing but the meanest and most small-minded religious persecution ever witnessed on the face of the earth. The slightest infraction results in immediate damnation and eternal penance. Even Shylock would have been shocked by the mercilessness of the cult of Political Correctness.

This is the predictable result of giving college professors complete control of our educational system. The seminaries for the religion of Political Correctness are called Universities and Colleges. Every member of the media, every government school teacher, every government bureaucrat, and every corporate executive MUST attend an approved seminary and be blessed by its Priesthood.

Professors are the Priesthood of Political Correctness. The blessing bestowed is called a diploma. Academia is a completely isolated and inbred system that becomes further and further removed from reality. That is because they are not held accountable by anyone. No one demands that what they teach actually works in the real world.

Professors are tyrants. They create and bless little tyrants with diplomas, who then spread this system far and wide. We must cut it off at the root. We must DEMAND an end to the teaching of the religion of Political Correctness NOW. We PAY for these universities. They are accountable to US.

If we don't, we will get more of the same. Early Americans held the Boston Tea Party to protest a much less preposterous outrage. Why don't we learn something useful from our history for a change?

Robert Whitaker

TV weatherman fired over racial comment on air
"Martin Luther 'Coon' Day gets TV weatherman axed"

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