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October 31, 1998  –  A NATIONALIST ATTITUDE

October 31, 1998  –  DEALING WITH THE NAZI LABEL

October 31, 1998  –  FIVE WORDS AND EMMA LAZARUS




Alan Dershowitz is joining the Israeli Government and untold others in trying to get Jonathan Pollard released from his life sentence for spying for Israel. Pollard is an American citizen who was working for the United States Government, but he is Jewish, so who can object to his spying for Israel? Dershowitz has gone to great lengths to demonstrate that Pollard only spied for Israel. That makes it OK, you see.

How many other countries openly demand that their spies be given a break?

But it's OK, because this is Israel. You see, anyone who criticizes Israel is anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

Also, anyone who criticizes civil rights laws is anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

There are lots of other ways to be anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. Black New York congressman Major Owens declared anyone who wanted to reform welfare to be anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. Oh, well, by now, I've already been convicted on at least a dozen counts of being anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews, so I might as well raise Cain about Israel, too.

Actually, if the same logic that applies to Israel were applied to the rest of us, I wouldn't have much objection to the attitude we have toward that country. After all, I am all for a group having its own national state if it wants to. But liberals and respectable conservatives agree that this right is only to be allowed to Jews. What is absolutely outrageous is the fact that so many of the same Jews who insist on their right to Israel demand that everybody else be jammed together in a melting pot. I am sick and tired of American Jews being allowed to have American and Israeli passports, while the same Jews, as liberals, say Southern secessionists are traitors to the United States.

Liberals and respectable conservatives and Southern Crawlers all agree Israel had the right to displace the Arab inhabitants of Palestine and set up their own state. At the same time, they all agree that the South has no such rights. Why? Because our minorities might not like it.

In fact, every objection to Southern patriotism and separatism is not given a split second's consideration when it is applied to Israel.




My attitude toward any group, be they Jews, Moslems, Orthodox Christian, or whatever, is always: "What's in it for the South?" Today, this attitude is expected of blacks or other minority groups. Any black who fails to respond on any issue "from a black perspective," i.e., in terms of black interests, is instantly branded unnatural and evil by liberals, and therefore by respectable conservatives and the good old Southern Creeps.

If you ask my attitude toward "Jews," my question will be "Which Jews"?

Are you talking about the first two Jewish senators, Yulee of Florida and Benjamin of Louisiana, both firmly proslavery antebellum Southerners? My attitude toward them is good. Are you talking about Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law scholar and one of the best friends repeat offenders ever had? Do you mean Dershowitz and similar Jews who make their group identity an excuse for attacking everything I care about?

My attitude toward them is not good.

Lake High pointed out that the late Cardinal Bernardine was a product of Columbia, SC. A reporter asked him about his youthful experiences with anti-Catholic bigotry in his youth down here. He said he didn't have any such experiences.

Naturally, the reporter thought the good Cardinal had gone deaf. He pressed Bernardino, telling him, as Yankees will, about the realities of the place he was raised in, and how bigoted it was against Catholics. Bernardine told him a little story: When the future cardinal was a boy in Columbia, he and two other guys had gone to lunch together regularly for years. They found out, when they were about to finish school, that one of them was a Protestant and one of them was a Jew. Over the years, the question had simply not come up.

I am willing to bet that, if one of them had been a Yankee, they would all have known it from the word go.

By contrast to this very Southern concept of accepting different groups, the Southern Crawler feels that the South will only be a true modern society when it replaces the Confederate flag with a sign that says, "Kick Me."




Nobody dares call a liberal a "Communist" anymore. But Southern Nationalists are going to be called Nazis all the time. This is because respectable conservatives and Southern Crawlers are weenies. Whereas no liberal allows himself or any other leftist to be associated with totalitarians or mass murderers like Stalin, Southern Crawlers and respectable conservatives routinely allow leftists to use the label on rightists.

The reason Stalin was evil was not because of his economic ideas. He was a totalitarian and a mass murderer. Likewise, it was not Hitler's racial ideology that made him a Nazi. It was his dictatorship and his mass murder. But whereas liberals do not allow people to accuse leftists of being Communists because of their economic ideas, they know, and insist, that it is the means, not the ends, that make the difference.

Respectable conservatives and Southern Crawlers care about nothing but pleasing leftists. They are happy to agree that all nationalists and all racists are Nazis. Jefferson was a Nazi, sure! The segregated United States Army that invaded Normandy was Nazi, sure!

Do not allow anybody to do this to you.

And do NOT allow them to subject you to any kind of an ideological test to prove you are not a racist. The minute you give them the right to approve of your views on nation and race, you have lost. The entire issue here is not your aims, but the fact that they are accusing you of advocating violent revolution, dictatorship, and mass murder, and you will not stand for it. Point out immediately that they are saying that Jefferson was a Nazi, that all those who wrote the Constitution were Nazis, because all of them opposed racial intermarriage. This is outrageous. Nazism, like Communism, is a matter of means, not of ends. All socialists are not Communists, and all nationalists, nor even most racists, are Nazis. KEEP ON TOPIC! If they accuse you of being a racist, say that is a code word for "Nazi," which it is. Keep them on the defensive. Until we do this, the Nazi Scare will keep us as impotent as respectable conservatives and Southern Creeps.

The Nazi Scare is one of two standard attacks all nationalists have to deal with. The other, which is related, is the argument that no separate countries should be allowed because they might not treat their own minorities right. Respectable conservatives and Southern Crawlers allow the leftists and centralizers to use these tactics without challenge.

Respectable conservatives and Southern Crawlers are the best friends tyranny has.




A little while back, Dr. Rolandi sent out a copy of an email from a leftist who declared neo-Confederates to be traitors, I found one particular line fascinating:

"Our group, by studying the neo-Confederates and realizing their hostility to the Statue of Liberty, the Declaration of Independence, and American democratic values in general have also come to realize one thing. RACISM=TREASON."

What is there about the Declaration of Independence or the Statue of Liberty that we are supposed to be hostile to?

Is this anti-Confederate saying we denounce the thousands of words directed against King George in the Declaration? Clearly not. Is he saying neo-Confederates object to the mention of God in the Declaration? Clearly not.

That is almost the whole Declaration, and we have denounced none of that.

What he means by "the Declaration of Independence" is actually a grand total of five words: "all men are created equal."

What he means by The Statue of Liberty is not the representation of a white woman inviting Europeans to come to America. He is talking about the inscription on that statue written by Emma Lazarus, a dedicated Zionist. Emma was giving away a country inhabited by goyim, while she dreamed of a homeland reserved for her and her fellow Jews.

If one denounces Emma Lazarus for giving America to any of the goyim who wanted it, while dreaming of her own land for Jews only, one is being "unpatriotic."

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