Bob Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  February 12, 2005

February 12, 2005  –  If You Are Unarmed, Don't Advertise It

February 12, 2005  –  A Civil Libertarian Suppresses Freedom of Speech

February 12, 2005  –  Incident in Moscow

February 12, 2005  –  My World, and Welcome to It

February 12, 2005  –  Dershowitz Defines the Yuppie Fashionable Opinion

Fun Quote:

If we spent half the time fighting our enemies that we do correcting our friends, we would win.


If You Are Unarmed, Don't Advertise It


One of my sisters got very rich and moved into a very high income neighborhood. She then got the fashion from her neighbors that having a gun in the house was a veddy veddy lower clahss attitude.

I pointed out to her that I had worked in prisons and prisoners talked about areas that had guns and places that did not have guns with exactly the same professional detachment that insurance salesmen talk about sales prospects.

A rich neighborhood that was proud it had no weapons was exactly what they were looking for. My sister told me she knew better because her neighbors had told her so.

One day two black thugs walked into her house, beat the hell out of her and her husband, and robbed the place.

Her attitude about guns has changed.


A Civil Libertarian Suppresses Freedom of Speech


Alan Dershowitz is a famous "civil libertarian" lawyer and a professor at Harvard. On one program a man pointed out that Dershowitz had dedicated his life to getting professional criminals back on the streets, which is true.

Dershowitz, the Great Civil Libertarian and Protector of Freedom of Speech, replied, "If you say that you had better put your house in your wife's name."

The guy backed down. Dershowitz had said that if he exercised his freedom of speech, Dershowitz would ruin him.

Dershowitz could initiate a lawsuit against him for defamation and force the man to hire lawyers he couldn't afford. Win or lose, the man would be ruined.

No one mentioned that this Great Civil Libertarian had just threatened someone who was exercising his freedom of speech.

As always, no one noticed it but me.


Incident in Moscow


Some years back I was walking with my nephew in Moscow when we came across a dead man lying in the street who had been shot by the Russian Mafia.

I pointed out to my nephew what a professional job it was. The man was dead before he hit the ground, which took a calm shot.

Obviously the world I was familiar with was not the world of my sister or Alan Dershowitz.


My World, and Welcome to It


I went to a lot of very bad places. People like Alan Dershowitz and my sister's wealthy Fashionable Attitude neighbors are bringing those places here.

My sister has changed her attitude about guns. She now realizes that for people to say, "We are a very rich part of town with lots to steal, and we have no guns" is not a smart thing to say. But I think she regards most of my other common sense ideas as rahther lowah clahss.

Dershowitz considers professional criminals to be his allies against the white gentiles. He keeps warning Jews that we are out to destroy them.

So he defends professional criminals and, like all three of the major Jewish Conventions, Reformed, Orthodox and Conservative, he demands that America's borders be opened to the third world so we white gentiles can't be united to destroy Jews.

I am not joking. Read their official statements. Go read them.

I have been in those prisons. I have been in the third world.

A lot.

Enough so I know what a professional kill looks like.

No one dares say what I just said. So now that world is coming here.

I'll be right at home.


Dershowitz Defines the Yuppie Fashionable Opinion


Now here is the connection between my sister's attitudes and Dershowitz's.

All the people my sister associates with got their opinions of what an educated person should think in college. Their parents got their ideas of what an educated person should think in college.

But all the professors who told them what to think were at Podunk U. To their professors, the ones who told them what to think, a Professor at Harvard like Dershowitz was one step above God.

All the Fashionable Opinion my sister listens to comes from the sheep who were the sheep of Dershowitz's sheep.

I remember some of these Fashionable Opinion Sheep were astounded that "some people in the 29204 area" – the Fashionable Area – by which they meant Lake High and me, were leading in the fight for the Confederate flag!

NOBODY in that nouveau riche area was for the Confederate flag! That was TACKY! Harvard professors said so, their Podunk U. professors said so, and The State newspaper said so because the New York Times said so.

And it is tacky to say those hard-working third worlders should be kept out because the masters of their Podunk U. professors said so.

Dershowitz and the Fashionable Opinion Sheep said that opposing immigration was lowah clahss. To them, for someone to say, "We do not need those hard-working third worlders here," is retarded.

Meanwhile, you have to be a real retard to say, "This is a rich place with no guns. Come and get it."

You have to be a real retard to say, "We need those hard-working third worlders here."

In other words, these people are retards.

And they're going to pay for it, big time.

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