Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  November 13, 2004

November 13, 2004  –  How to be an Original Thinker

November 13, 2004  –  Clinton's Very Suspicious Heart Condition

November 13, 2004  –  Cheap Tricks

November 13, 2004  –  The Excuse Masters

November 13, 2004  –  It's Got to WORK

Fun Quote:

Why do they call them waiters when we do all the waiting?


How to be an Original Thinker


Bill Clinton is far and away the greatest fund-raiser the Democrats have. He could have given the Massachusetts liberal Kerry a big boost by being a visible Southerner.

Bill got heart trouble. Hillary disappeared.

If you spent your life in politics as I did, you tend to be a bit suspicious. If you insist, as I did, that the last thing Bill and Hillary wanted was the election of Kerry and especially of his running-mate John Edwards. I was astonished that the Augusta Chronicle published two of my Op-Eds on this subject.

This astonished me. I lost count of the number of big-time Op-Eds I wrote for others that got published, but nobody publishes one under my name.

For some reason, I'm not considered respectable.

But this one was so unique and so obviously true that the Augusta Chronicle had the guts to publish it under my name. I thank them and I congratulate them. I am surprised they are still in business.

As soon as the election was over, I heard a commentator announce the exact same point. Like so many people who repeat what I said long before, he got credit for a novel and ingenious idea.

My wife used to get terribly upset at this, bless her. But I told her, "My ideas were made to be stolen. That's the only way to get them out."


Clinton's Very Suspicious Heart Condition


I said last week I would look into the reality of Bill Clinton's heart condition. This quote represents the consensus of the medical opinion I got:

     "It just seems odd to me that Clinton had no chest pain at all, and was leisurely transferred to NYC after several days in Chappaqua area."

     "After this several days' delay, then the operation was done after some days of preparation."

     "All this can be standard medical practice, but it doesn't fit the story of a heart attack requiring urgent surgery (a contradiction in terms). It does make possible a contrived story that excuses the leader of the Democrat Party from campaigning for the presidential candidate of the Party."

     "It might also provide a cover for explaining why he might not have been asked to campaign for the ticket."

     "Incidentally, it is said to be possible to have a heart attack without chest pain, but in a healthy young man, it is not something I have seen in 50 years of practice."

I have some personal experience with this. My last heart stint was elective. They were going to go into my heart anyway, so I said, "I'm going to need another stint eventually, so stick it on in."

Don't confuse a heart condition with a heart attack. Clinton's heart procedure was absolutely perfectly timed. It took him right out of the campaign.

On the other side, Bill Clinton would look you straight in the eye and say, "I did not have an elective heart procedure with that doctor."

No doctor can tell the public the truth without Clinton's agreement. That's why you have to sign all those papers to get your medical records released from one doctor to another. Nor would a doctor do it anyway if he had a major-league client like an ex-president.


Cheap Tricks


Speaking of Clinton reminds me of the whole subject of fraud.

So let me explain to you what "is" is.

Fraud may cost you millions of dollars, but it is still a cheap trick. It is called a cheap trick, not because a lot of money is not involved, but because it makes THE PERSON WHO DOES IT cheap.

All cheap tricksters are equal. He can be called "Guru Macadamian" and wear jewels, or he can be a shabby tramp who robs the man who gives him a free meal. He can be a Pope or a Great Theologian. He is routinely a full professor at a major university.

He is still a cheap person, a LITTLE person.

You notice I said a cheap trickster professor is as small a person as a tramp who steals from somebody who gives him a free meal. You may confuse the word hobo and tramp. What I am talking about was the exact difference between hobos and tramps. Hobos would not ask for a free meal. They would ask to WORK for a meal. They were as shabby as any tramp, but they prided themselves on the fact that they exploited nobody.

Old-fashioned Americans like me understood what a gigantic difference this was. Tramps were cheap little men. Hobos were honest men. How much money they had in their pockets or the clothes they wore had absolutely nothing to do with it. I would much rather trust the average old-fashioned hobo than I would the average modern clergyman.


The Excuse Masters


Today's cheap tricksters, like Clinton, depend on their big titles to make them not sound cheap.

I repeat, all cheap tricksters are equal.

When I say I would rather trust an old-fashioned, shabby hobo than I would a modern clergyman, I mean it. Modern clergymen all BELIEVE their cheap tricks are higher class than the same dodges by people who have no degree and no coat and tie.

If you believe that someone is not just one more cheap trickster because he wears a coat and tie or a bishop's robes, you are what the frauds call a sucker, a shill, a mark.

In other words, you're a stinkin' moron.

A cheap trickster takes and offers nothing in return.

You come to a doctor with a pain. If he deals with that pain, he is a doctor. Throughout history, people took their pain to cheap tricksters. The cheap tricksters would then tell them "pain we have always with us, suffer, my son." And the guy with the pain would pay them money. The last sentence is the important one.

A friend who comforts you is a friend. A friend who comforts you for money is not a friend.

I make one critical reservation. If a person who offers you nothing for something actually BELIEVES that what he is offering you is worthwhile, it is not fraud and he is not a cheap trickster.

But I make one critical reservation to that reservation. If a person says he is a Wise Man, he is supposed to KNOW his nonsense is nonsense. In fact, most cheap tricksters get away with it precisely because they think they are being Wise. If you sell Wisdom and you can't face the fact that you are a fool, that is fraud and you are cheap -- robes, ordinations, titles, degrees and all.

If you SELL Wisdom, you have no right to be a fool.


It's Got to WORK


Modern religion HATES the idea that if you promise Wisdom and you are wrong, then you are a fraud. They do not take their religion as seriously as that. They believe all religions are equal. They believe all religions are worth paying for, so, while they don't really BELIEVE "all that stuff," they have a right to get paid for preaching it.

A Revelation is either a true revelation or it is fraud. That is exactly what the word "Revelation" means.

When your product is Wisdom, and people pay for it, you've given up your right to be wrong.

Every single claimant of Eastern Wisdom is a damned fool. He is babbling away and sometimes he says something smart. I have never met an old man of average intelligence who couldn't do a better job of that than the Great Oriental Philosophers.

The East talks. The West delivers. Nobody in the East wants to live the way the PEOPLE in the Great Civilizations they are blubbering about did.

Put up or shut up. That is Occidental Wisdom.


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