Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  November 6, 2004

November 6, 2004  –  Bush Should Thank Europe

November 6, 2004  –  The Clinton Factor

November 6, 2004  –  Slapping the Red States in the Face

November 6, 2004  –  How Did the Democrats Get So MANY Votes?

November 6, 2004  –  Liberal Seminaries Nominate, Minorities Elect

November 6, 2004  –  America is Not Lost, But Democracy Is

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Bush Should Thank Europe


If Americans were whooping and stomping for a French president to be thrown out of office, he would win by a landslide. But no one has even mentioned the fact that our media was constantly full of European attacks on Bush, European polls where everybody over there said they wanted Kerry, and American celebrities being cheered when they insulted Bush.

To make matters worse, Kerry kept talking about appealing to "our allies" and everybody knew he meant France and Germany. Then Kerry talked about how America needed to pass a "world test" to go to war.

It's a wonder Kerry didn't get beaten worse.

See September 18, "One America, Two Europes"


The Clinton Factor


I said that Kerry had danger in his lines in the form of the Clintons. I wrote about that on August 7.

See "Can the Clintons Stop Kerry in 2004?"

Hillary was mostly out of sight the whole time. Bill had heart surgery at just the right time. It may have been legitimate. It may have been something he could have put off. I am still trying to get the story on that.


Slapping the Red States in the Face


Looking back, we all see that the Republicans had a fit of insanity when they nominated Bob Dole for president in 1996.

In 2000 everyone looked at the political map in which there were "red states" and "blue states." The northeast and the far west were hard-left "blue states."

No one has mentioned why they didn't make the leftist states the "red states." But I think we all know.

Heartland America, what the liberals condescendingly call "flyover country," was a solid mass in favor of Bush, and they were colored red. That map was everywhere right after the 2000 election. Political pundits have talked about "red states" and "blue states" for the last four years.

Obviously if the Democrats were going to win in 2004, they had to get some "red states," heartland America.

So in 2004 they nominated a liberal from Massachusetts.

Now take a look at The REAL Reds.


How Did the Democrats Get So MANY Votes?


The Democrats made themselves the Party of Europe. Faced with a map of red and blue states, they nominated a liberal from Massachusetts. If there was anything the Democrats didn't do to lose the 2004 election, it isn't because they didn't try.

The question is not why the Democrats lost. The question is why the results were so close.

There is a very simple answer to that question:  The minority vote.

Any Democrat presidential candidate starts out with two places in his pocket, Washington, D.C. and California. A brown skin is a Democrat vote.

No one is allowed to say that so bluntly. If you say a brown skin is a Democrat vote, you are called a "bigot."

But in every election the Democrat Party bets tens of millions of dollars on the fact that brown skin is a Democrat vote. "Getting out the minority vote" is a Democrat theme. That is not philanthropy, and nobody thinks it is.

The Democrats put their money where the "bigot's" mouth is.

And every year the publically-financed liberal seminaries we call colleges put out leftists.



Liberal Seminaries Nominate, Minorities Elect


So while Old America, the heartland, went for Bush, hard-left liberals who were indoctrinated at our universities are moving farther left. The college-indoctrinated leftists control the Democrat Party and the media. They nominated Kerry.

Meanwhile, their faithful colored companions are dominating more and more states. The story of this election is not that Bush won, but that the Democrats came so close.

In 2008 there will be a LOT more brown skins in America, and we will have financed the indoctrination of millions more young people at our colleges and universities.

And until we begin to look at


you can scream and yell and stomp and talk about another wonderful conservative or conspiracy book all you want, but until you get to


and chop out the root of the problem, you are not accomplishing a thing.


America is Not Lost, But Democracy Is


No multi-racial country is a democracy, and no multi-racial country ever will be a democracy.

The future is pretty obvious. If we stay obsessed with today's news and don't attack the enemy bases like the universities, the left will use minorities to run the country into the ground.

Leftists are good at taking power, but everything they do is ridiculous. The same thing happened with Reconstruction after the Civil War. The same thing happened in Germany after World War I. The same thing happened in the Soviet Empire.

The worse things get the more extreme the reaction will eventually be. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

What will happen, as usual, is that the left will take power, make life intolerable, and cause a rightist reaction.

This election showed the white vote, especially in the South, moving steadily to the right. There is no longer such an animal as the "Southern Democrat." The last one was Zell Miller. Whites are no longer feeling guilty about being on the opposite side of the minorities. They are beginning to see that there is much more at stake here than polite disagreement.

Eventually they will begin to understand that their very SURVIVAL is at stake. But for now, the fact that they are beginning to vote as a bloc and moving to the right is a positive sign.

We could eventually end up with a white nationalist system like the segregated South. I was raised there, and it was a lot better for me and my descendants than the present situation, much less what is coming in the near future.

We may have to go through a period of outright dictatorship. It depends on how far we allow the left to go before we FINALLY go after their power base. Without their university power base, the left would collapse. Like the Reconstruction carpetbaggers, university-trained leftists have their foot on the neck of America. They march their minority vote to the polls the same way the carpetbaggers did.

We must destroy the liberal factories of leftism.



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