Whitaker's Weekly Articles  –  September 25, 2004

September 25, 2004  –  The Ordained

September 25, 2004  –  Ordination is Only as Good as the Ordainers

September 25, 2004  –  The "Conspiracy" Dodge

September 25, 2004  –  Every Self-Selected Group is Liberal Today

September 25, 2004  –  Conspiracy Theory or Common Sense?

Fun Quote:

Trust is freedom's worst enemy.


The Ordained


Everybody knows Dan Rather and every other big-time anchor man and television executive is hard left politically. When he was called "The most trusted man in America," Walter Cronkite regularly made statements so partisan that, if anyone else had made them, his claim to be non-partisan would be laughed at.

The one statement I remember (roughly) was in the 1970s, when Cronkite said publicly, "There are stories about the military having shortages. We don't report those."

ALL of the major media are a solid bloc of liberal anchors and liberal executives. But when someone says Dan Rather lets his biases run his reporting, everyone goes into shock as if the Pope had been accused of being a Methodist.

Only a saint is capable of talking in public for hours each week and not allowing his biases to influence what he says. Yet everybody takes it for granted that big-time "journalists" are, in fact, saints.

We are back to comparing anchor men and television executives to saints. How did the title "journalist" give a person the same status in the press that a priest gets in the church?

In other words, who canonized these saints? Who ordained our national priests who are called "journalists?"


Ordination is Only as Good as the Ordainers


We know how priests and preachers get ordained. They get ordained by other priests – a bishop is also a priest – or by other ministers of their particular religion. But does that make them right or objective?

Of course not. Tens of hundreds of thousands of little boys got raped by priests because people had the idea that a backwards collar automatically makes a man as pure of heart as Dan Rather.

Let me tell you a little secret about human beings. If you give any group a cover like Top Secret or a backwards collar or a title like Professor or "journalist" they will use that against the public.

The Bible of Free Enterprise is Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. But the man businessmen regard as their patron saint said in that book that businessmen are simply incapable of getting together without their meeting becoming a conspiracy to fix prices or otherwise cheat the public.

Nobody in the press would say that about the press. Nobody in the intelligence service ever says that about Top Secret. No professor says that about "academic freedom" at public expense.

So who made everybody but businessmen saints?


The "Conspiracy" Dodge


Where did this ridiculous idea that newsmen can be trusted or professors can be trusted or priests can be trusted come from? No group of people on earth can be trusted if they are allowed to judge each other, with no outside interferences.

Somehow we have gotten the idea that if we say newsmen and professors and preachers hide each other's errors, we are saying there is some kind of Giant Conspiracy.

In other words, if I say Dan Rather is not a saint, I am saying there is some kind of Media Conspiracy.

In other words, if I assume that media bigwigs act like human beings, I am a Conspiracy Theorist.

In order to make his living in the media, every conservative has to pass the "respectability" test. He must be sure that no liberal can call him one of the Fatal Names like racist or Conspiracy Theorist.

If a conservative had said exactly the same words Hillary Clinton did, "vast right-wing conspiracy," but had said "a vast LEFT-wing conspiracy" he would be excluded as a serious newsman or commentator from all the national media.

Every conservative says that Hollywood is hard left politically. But that same conservative has to hurry and say there is no discrimination in Hollywood against rightists. Every conservative has to agree that Saint Dan the Rather is a Great Journalist who just "made an honest mistake."


Every Self-Selected Group is Liberal Today


You will be accused of being a "Conspiracy Theorist" if you ask the following question:

What are the statistical odds that between 90 and 100% of the people who are qualified to be college professors are liberals?

What are the statistical odds that 90% of the people qualified to be Episcopal priests, Methodist ministers, Hollywood actors and every other group of self-selected people are political liberals?

The other answer is the one we see on every college campus: liberals exclude all non-liberals.

If anybody puts this statistical question into plain English, it is devastating. That's why anybody who puts this question into plain English has the words, "Conspiracy Theorist!" shouted at him.


Conspiracy Theory or Common Sense?


If normal human bias is a conspiracy, then I admit to being a conspiracy theorist.

Remember that the entire anti-trust law in America is based on this kind of "conspiracy theory."

My father was in the brick business. If he went to a brick business convention and even MENTIONED the price of brick there, he would be subject to imprisonment under the anti-trust law.

Remember the best friend businessmen ever had, Adam Smith, said that they could not even gather without forming quote, "a conspiracy," unquote, to fix prices. Would any of the people who insist that Hollywood, television networks, actors and producers, Episcopal and other mainline religious seminaries, and all the universities are totally unbiased also say we should get rid of anti-trust laws on business?

But anti-trust law is based 100% and without reservation on a conspiracy theory.


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