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January 4, 2004 -- A Man With a Memory Looks at the "Stop Dean" Movement

January 4, 2004 -- It is Time to Strike at the Enemy's Homeland 

January 4, 2004 -- Making Life Hard for Liberal Professors

January 4, 2004 -- Why Leftism Always Fails yet Demands More Power

January 4, 2004 -- This is a Demand for Revolution

January 4, 2004 -- We Have Allies in the Enemy's Homeland


Fun Quote:

"All things come to him who waits, provided that he worketh like hell while he waiteth."


                A Man With a Memory Looks at the "Stop Dean" Movement                         


The big political news of January 1, 2004 is the “Stop Howard Dean” movement.

The political news of January 1, 1964 was the “Stop Goldwater” movement.  Goldwater got the nomination.

In January 1, 1968, Richard  Nixon  was the only candidate left standing., and everybody was looking for an alternative.   Nixon got the nomination.

The big political news on January 1, 1972 was the Stop McGovern movement.  McGovern got the nomination.

On January 1, 1980 the big news was the Stop Reagan movement.  Reagan got the nomination

Buchanan tried to stop the Bush nomination.   Bush got the nomination.

In 2000 the big news was McCain’s Stop Bush, Junior.  Bush, Junior got the nomination.

I have never heard of a Stop Somebody Movement ever succeeding.  But I am also the only person who notices things like that.


                                    It is Time to Strike at the Enemy's Homeland                                  

It is time for us to attack the enemy base.  I have been working on my new book, "Why Johnny Can't Think," for over two years. I have done fourteen, I said fourteen, complete rewrites.

One publisher accepted it and then not only changed his mind, but wiped all reference to this dangerous attack on academia from his computer!

"Johnny Can't Think" is actually about to be published.

This is very, very important book, or I would not have exhausted myself on it.  "Why Johnny Can't Think" uses the one weapon leftists cannot deal with.


"Why Johnny Can't Think reveals something else that no respectable conservative ever shows:



                                     Making Life Hard for Liberal Professors                                       

Many college students would like to give their professors a hard time.    "Why Johnny Can't Think" is written so that an intelligent person can read it and use it.

This is a short book that makes the case that a student needs to make life impossible for his leftist professor.  I have been doing that for almost fifty years, as a student, as a professor, as a debater and commentator, and as Director of Oversight of the House Education and Labor Committee.

When it comes to tearing leftists apart in their power bases, the universities themselves, I am a past-master.  One copy of "Why Johnny Can't Think" in the hands of one student will affect a hundred students.

                        Why Leftism Always Fails and Yet Demands More Power                         


"Why Johnny Can't Think" is forty thousand words dedicated to a tiny, consistent range of topics. It shows that leftism just means, "Professors should rule the rule."  It then demonstrates why each totally inbred generation of professors chooses a new generation of professors that is even more inbred and leftist.

"Why Johnny Can't Think" shows what actually happens when college graduates and their professors actually try ruling the world through socialism, through criminal "rehabilitation," and through the New Education.

Whatever they call it, socialism or environmentalism or multiculturalism, each leftist program just means that professors should rule the world.   And every time they try,  it is a disaster.

But college graduates keep pushing new leftists policies..  that what they learned in school.

That's what we pay professors to teach them in school.


                                          This is a Demand for Revolution                                                 


 "Why Johnny Can't Think" is not just the usual conservative criticism of liberal policy.   We want action.

We want affirmative action HIRING of rightist professors.   They must be the very people today's professors hate.   We demand affirmative action FIRING of today's professor, who is a product of an insane inbreeding and the author of endless human misery.

As in all movements, it will be an astonishingly tiny number of people who stick to the subject and make the university revolution. 

Once those few get the fight going, allies will pour in.  The enemies of Political Correctness are now legion.

There are thousands of solid right-wing professors we could hire, and they can help in taking this fight to the enemy.   Our enemies are using hundreds of billions of dollars for their purposes.  

We want a major portion of that money for our people. 

It's called the spoils of war, and this is a war.

Our aim is to take away the real base of leftist power, the universities.   We will not hesitate to use their money and power against them.


                                 We Have Allies in the Enemy's Homeland                                          


In "Why Johnny Can't Think," I give example after example after example of how professors have lined up to testify in favor of one insane liberal proposal after another.   Then there is a quote you can use:

"If leftists need frogs to have hooves, ten thousand professors will line up tomorrow to testify that frogs have hooves."  And I proceed to give yet more examples.

If professors want to rule the world by imposing a worldwide plan to prevent global warming, ten thousand professors line up to insist that global warming is coming in fast.  If leftists want global freezing, ten thousand professors will line up to testify to that.

If you want to have a job on any campus, you have to testify to anything liberals want said.

This doctrine rules over every field of study, from sociology to physics.

All the chemists and meteorologists and geneticists and other hard scientists must say anything social scientists want if them to say.  They must also divert huge sums of research money into pure social science drivel.  Schizophrenia is primarily biochemical, but for every dime of research that goes into biochemical study, a dollar has to go into totally discredited research in psychotherapy.

The anger of hard science against social science is building steadily.  Our enemies have made lots of other enemies.   Many in the hard sciences are getting sick of this oppression.

"Why Johnny Can't Think" is an attack on the enemy homeland, something no conservative has attempted.   There are plenty of allies right there in the enemy's homeland, from bored students to hard scientists.  But nothing less than a call to revolution will allow them to act. 

It will take time for the ideas in "Why Johnny Can't Think" to filter down, but I have done this sort of thing twice in my life before, and the effects were stunning.

Conservatives have respectfully criticized the leftists' iron rule on campus for long enough.  It is time for revolution.

"Why Johnny Can't Think" is the call for that revolution.



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